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"Passion" on CJAD AM 800 (Montreal)

In 2013

With Doctor Laurie Betito



The BDSM Circle is at the radio of CJAD AM800.

Us at CJAD during a show


Febuary 6th, 2013. Were back!!!

    Keeping her promise, Doctor Betito invited us back again. The subject was the questions and comments of the listeners.

February 2013

lenght: 41 min 23 sec


March 6th, 2013. Safety and fantasy rape.

    We chatted about safety and the topic about fantasy rape was touched, which brought many listeners to comment.

Sorry, no podcast for this one!


April 3rd, 2013. Interview and CBT

    Interview with the author of the "Market" series who just wrote her first BDSM murder novel! ...More fun with doctor Betito when Catharine was explaining what "CBT" stands for and how we do it!

April 2013

lenght: 44 min 27 sec


May 1st, 2013. Our dungeon

    This month, the topic of our dungeon and what happend in it seems to intrigue Doctor Betito.

May 2013

lenght: 42 min 01 sec


June 5, 2013. Questions on telephone

    Callers called to talked and comment on many topics.

June 2013

lenght: 40 min 59 sec


July 3rd, 2013. Cross dressing

    The news about some political figure, being reveal as a cross dresser brought that discussion.

July 2013

lenght: 39 min 36 sec


August 7th, 2013. A bit of everything

    This is the summer, people are vacationing and, well, we feel lazy, so we answer phone call and questions..

August 2013

lenght: 41 min 19 sec


September 11th, 2013. What is a BDSM relationship, how to get into one.

    Emails received in the last month brought this topic..

September 2013

lenght: 44 min 01 sec


October 2nd, 2013. What are fetishes.

    A request from a listener.

October 2013

lenght: 37 min 50 sec


November 6th, 2013. BDSM Relationship.

    A bit of everything.....

November 2013

lenght: 39 min 52 sec


December 4th, 2013. Some fetishes fascinate people.

    The conversation with Dr. Laurie was supposed to be about fetishes in general but, tge golden shower has directed us to brown shower because of comments and discussions from the listeners.

December 2013

lenght: 34 min 05 sec




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