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"Passion" on CJAD AM 800 (Montreal)

In 2014

With Doctor Laurie Betito



The BDSM Circle is at the radio of CJAD AM800.

Us at CJAD during a show


January 8th, 2014. Not the topics we were supposed to do!!!!.

    We were supposed to tackle philosophies like Cuckold and sexual control. Questions from listeners directed us in a complete new direction........!.

January 2014

lenght: 37 min 34 sec


February 12th, 2014. Questions from listeners and Not the topics we were supposed to do!!!!.

    Many questions from listeners about "the need of BDSM" and we even talked a bit about cuckolding (2 separate topics)

February 2014

lenght: 37 min 34 sec


March 12th, 2014. Having a good time.

    Catharine, I and Dr. Laurie are just having a nice discussion about lots!!!!! This is more a discussion between friends than a radio show.....and we loved it!

March 2014

lenght: 32 min 52 sec


April 2nd, 2014. Discussion from an article found.

    An article found in a women's magazine about how young adults use breath play in their sexuality in a very dangerous way, create a discussion among us!

April 2014

lenght: 34 min 57 sec


May 7th, 2014; Poll and urethra sound

    A poll found in a "vanilla" magazine shows surprising result, and the topic of urethra sounds, just to make some submissive worried.....

May 2014

lenght: 34 min 10 sec


June 4th, 2014; Dr. Laurie interview dede, one of our submissive

    Dr. Laurie was very curious to hear from "the point of view" of our submissive. Of course, we were there to....hmmmm! "supervise" dede, our submissive!!!!!

June 2014

lenght: 35 min 05 sec


July 2nd 2014; Young adult in BDSM

    A topic of email that we often get from young adult wanting to enter BDSM prompted a discussion.

July 2014

lenght: 32 min 21 sec


August 6th 2014; Repeat!!!

    Yes, we were in vacation, so the radio station replayed an "old" recording of one of our prior show. We are not certain which one actually!!!!.


Septembre 3rd 2014; Begining in BDSM

    With the new season of brodcasting, we decided to talk of the bases of S&M and the begining of a BDSM relationship.

September 2014

lenght: 37 min 10 sec


October 1st 2014; No respect for the topic!

    We were supposed to talk about meeting partners in BDSM. Of course, we didn't and instead we had a wonderful discussion about many BDSM topicss!.

October 2014

lenght: 35 min


November 5th 2014; Jian Ghomeshi affair and connection!!!!!

    At this moment, in Canada, a successful journalist was kick out of his job because he admitted to be BDSM. Since then, things are not that clear anymore..... And an interview about furries with a researcher (no connection with the Gomeshi case since it was already booked before the case happened.

November 2014

lenght: 36 min


December 3rd 2014; Jian Ghomeshi affair, news so far, Christmas kinky gift and general discussion.

    Jian Ghomeshi has now been charged, discussion about how to and how NOT to choose kinky gift for Christmas, and general discussion!

December 2014

lenght: 37 min 27 sec




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