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"Passion" on CJAD AM 800 (Montreal)

In 2015

With Doctor Laurie Betito



The BDSM Circle is at the radio of CJAD AM800.

Us at CJAD during a show


January 7th, 2015; Finding partners and what not to do to find partners.

    Since we are in the process of finding more submissives for our little stable, we are talking about some of the realities of the quest for submissives.

January 2015

lenght: 39 min 49 sec


February 4th, 2015; There was a show after all......

    Dr.Laurie was in vacation and so we were.....A late email showed us otherwise and we had to scramble to prepare for a show. We discussed, with a very nice lady (Kelly Alexander) who replaced Dr. Laurie for this show about the "pre-fifty shades of Gray" or what we expect from the movie..

February 2015

lenght: 40 min 22 sec


March 4th, 2015; The 50 shades of Grey

    With Dr. Laurie, we discuss about the movie "50 shades of Grey" and its effect on the world and the BDSM world.

March 2015

lenght: 38 min 15 sec


April 1st, 2015; No respect for topic at all!

    We did advertised the topic being "what happen in a BDSM scene", of course, events during the show made it that we didn't respect our topic at all and yet, we had fun talking with people about all kind of stuff!

April 2015

lenght: 37 min 44 sec


For May and June 2015, we are on vacation, so no show for these two months!


July 8th, 2015. Chatting about everything!

    Ususally, our show is the first Wednesday of the month, but, that first Wednesday was the first of July, Canada day, so the show was pushed the week after.

    We had in mind to talk about some more advance topics.....well, we were all in "summer mode" and of course, we just had a wonderful conversation about everything, including how Catharine and I (Pierre) became BDSM adepts..

July 2015

lenght: 35 min 45 sec


August 5th, 2015. Gtey.....or our curse of "the fifthy shades of Grey"!!!!!!

    The author of "Fifty shades" wrotes a sequel to her triology......she really must hates us!!!!! (big sigh!!!)

August 2015

lenght: 41 min 32 sec


September 2nd, 2015. Just having a good time

    General discussion on the air, we talk about toys (show and tell), BDSM on the net, self bondage.....and many other fun things!

September 2015

lenght: 42 min 49 sec


October 7th, 2015. Lifestyle Domme vs Pro-Domme....and other stuff

    Doctor Laurie brought to us an adventure about a lady listener who had to deal with a situation in an vanilla meeting site with a wanna be dom....and discussion about the difference between what is a "lifestyle Domme" and a good "Pro-Domme" services.

October 2015

lenght: 38 min 33 sec


November 4th, 2015. A bit of everything

    We went there with a clear subject......well, we tried! We kinda of had fun and, well..... we answered a few quesrions from text message, a bit if show and tell and......we (Dr. Laurie and Pierre) had a bit of fun at Catharine's expense. (payback will be a bitch!)

November 2015

lenght: 37 min 59 sec


December 2nd, 2015. We are talking about lots, including check list and being sadistic.

    The last show of the year. as usual, topics are going everywhere. Catharine is explaining what is a "checklist" and the fine nuances about being sadistic.

December 2015

lenght: 38 min 16 sec




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