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"Passion" on CJAD AM 800 (Montreal)

In 2016

With Doctor Laurie Betito



The BDSM Circle is at the radio of CJAD AM800.

Us at CJAD during a show


January 6th, 2016. Beginings

    With the begining of the year, we decided to talk about begining in S&M and BDSM, Dr. Laurie being in vacation, it was fun to see Kelly Alexander again, who replaced Dr. Laurie.

January 2016

lenght: 41 min 35 sec


Febuary 3rdh, 2016. Mistress Eris pinky's interview.

    Our thanks to Mistress Eris to allow her submissive pinky to be part of our show.

February 2016

lenght: 40 min 15 sec


March 2nd, 2016. A bit of everything....

    We answer many questions from listeners on different topics

March 2016

lenght: 41 min 04 sec


April 6th, 2016. Handicap people and BDSM

    Many handicap people can do anything that a "non handicap" person can do, yes! Handicap people do BDSM too!

April 2016

lenght: 38 min 52 sec


May 4th, 2016. Weird show!

    Yes, this is a weird one. It was actually 2 show in one!

    A friend of Dr. Betito was there to record the show on a cell so it could be put online on Dr. Betito's Facebook. Dr. Betito had ask us to bring toys for "show and tell" and during the commercial breaks, we would keep doing the show but, for the sake of the video.

    It was actually funny; we would concentrate on the radio show and when the "On Air" light would blink off, we would rush to the toys at the end of the table to show the toys to the camera. When we would hear the theme for the show, warning us that we would be "On the Air" soon, we would rush to our headphones and then would try to pick up the paste and the topic from where we left it!

    I must admit; we had fun….more so when people going on Dr. Betito's Facebook would follow the show live, sending us questions that we would answer on the radio.

    …..and of course, we have a copy of the video. Our thanks to the amiable authorization of Dr. Betito to use her video. (Her friend who recorded the whole hour of the show has a hell of a steady hand, the video is wonderful!)

May 2016


lenght: 37 min 40 sec


To see the video on Youtube, you must have an account for Youtube, because this video is for adults only! Click on the picture!


June 1st, 2016. Back to basics

    We had a chat about basics; how to meet, what is a respectful BDSM relationship, common sens……!

June 2016

lenght: 40 min 53 sec


July 6th, 2016. A bit of everything

    Answer to question send by text, discussion about sissyfication and more!

July 2016

lenght: 39 min 52 sec


August 3rd, 2016. M. Leather Montreal

    We meet Christian genereux who is M. Leather Mobtreal 2016. What is M. Leather Monteal... ?

August 2016

lenght: 36 min 34 sec


September 7th, 2016. A bit of everything.

    Often we enter the studio with a precise topic in mind....and then, we get lost!!

September 2016

lenght: 41 min 38 sec


October 5th, 2016. We answer questions.

    During the show, we got a lot of questions from listeners.

No podcast for that one.....sorry!


November 2nd, 2016. Topics of all kinds

    This is our first show where "Passion" is brodcast in Montreal and now, in Toronto. During that show we met a guest and all together, we talked about all kind of topics.

November 2016

lenght: 41 min 44 sec


December 14th, 2016. Interesting questions and Catharine gets angry!

    An interesting phone call. Lots of questions and comment from listeners, one comment bringing out the Domme in Catharine. (For mysterious reasons, the podcast is missing more than 10 minutes at the end!)

December 2016

lenght: 27 min 54 sec




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