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"Passion" on CJAD AM 800 (Montreal)

In 2017

With Doctor Laurie Betito



The BDSM Circle is at the radio of CJAD AM800.

Us at CJAD during a show


January 4th, 2017. Medias.

    Dr. Betito is curious about our website and our " story ", our involvement with media and consequence of it. And of course, we answer many questions from listeners!

"Passion January 2017"

lenght: 44 min 26 sec


February 1st, 2017. Questions and questions!/p>

    In February; lots and lots of questions from listeners.

Passion February 2017

lenght: 27 min 54 sec


March 1st, 2017. 50 shades 2nd....and questions

    50 Shades, the second part is in theather. We discuss its effect in and out of the BDSM community. Plus questions from listeners.

Passion March 2017

lenght: 39 min 10 sec


April 5th, 2017. Lots and lots of questions

    Dr Laurie was waiting for us with a ton of question from listeners!

Passion April 2017

lenght: 42 min 41 sec


May 3rd, 2017. How to meet someone in the lifestyle....and more questions from listeners

    A question was asked at the begining of the show, how to meet someone in the lifestyle; same old question..... and more questions from listeners!

Passion May 2017

lenght: 44 min 14 sec


June 7th, 2017. Alternative lifestyle; should we keep it private?

    Is it better to keep that part of your secret garden.....secret?..... and questions from listeners!

Passion June 2017

lenght: 42 min 38 sec


July 5th, 2017. Some Definitions and getting down and dirty in BDSM

    Meaning of some terms in BDSM seems to change with time, and talking about the real realities of doing a BDSM scene with a partner.

Passion July 2017

lenght: 41 min 36 sec


August 2nd, 2017. A bit of everything

    It is vacation for many, we just enjoyed chatting about the lifestyle.

Passion August 2017

lenght: 43 min 43 sec


September 6th, 2017. Various subjects.

    We had a talk about quality of toys and a question about safewords got the show going!.

Passion September 2017

lenght: 43 min 54 sec


October 4th, 2017. Fetish clubs today.

    Among many topics, we addressed the fetish club situation in Montreal..

Passion October 2017

lenght: 40 min 26 sec


November 1st, 2017. BDSM relationship, back to basis.

    How is structure a BDSM relationship, well, this is our topic.

Passion November 2017

lenght: 41 min 47 sec


December 6th, 2017. No show!

    Unplanned (much needed) vacation prevented us from being in our monthly visit to Dr. Laurie' show. (our thanks to Dr. Laurie for her understanding in this matter).




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