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BDSM Glossary "B"



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Ball Gag:

Toy used in BDSM play to prevent a sub from speaking. Mouth pieces are usually made from a rubber ball that is jammed between a submissive teeth and secure in place by a strap or a little string. Could be made of plastic or leather too.

The name "ball gag" and "gag ball" seems to be interchangeable.


Ball Stretching:

It is by definition a moderate S&M game, but could be considered a DS game.

It is done on men's genitals with a special device called "A Parachute" that suspend weight on the genitals (balls) hence; "Ball Stretching".

See parachute



Refer to Bondage and Discipline play (see Bondage).



Name of a lifestyle shared by many people. The word BDSM is a combination of 3 acronyms, BD for Bondage Discipline, DS for Domination and Submission and SM for Sado Masochistic. Considered either like a grave deviance or a and healthy sexual game/orientation by the medical institutions, people who share this lifestyle believe in having a relationship where one of the people by mutually agreed upon conscent is in a position of power/domination (DS) often by using means of bondage discipline (BD) and Sado masochistic (SM) over the other person in this relationship. This relationship could be for a brief moment (a play) or for a longer period of time (permanent relationship).

To know more about BDSM, we have an article at:What Is BDSM?


Beating (Being Beaten):

In the BDSM context, it is a general term for S&M play. It could be "hard" where the "beating" brings lots of pain or it could be "soft" where the "beating" is more about a fetish or a role play where the context is more important.


Biting (Being Bitten):

S&M play where the Dominant, using his(her) teeth is bitting part of the body of the submissive.



In bondage; device used to block the sight of the submissive. It could be made out of clothes, leather, vinyl or even metal!.


Blood Play:

Type of play which involves blood. Considered a fetish.



Type of play which uses restraints which could include handcuffs, ropes, shackles etc. Considered a fetish.

The bondage can be done on the whole body or part of it (wrist, ankle, breast....)

The bondage can be light (wrist attached together with a silk scarf), or it could be heavier (chain, padlock, tight roping)



In a BDSM relationship, the "Bottom" is the same as a the "Submissive" In some more specialized relationships, the "Bottom" is the one who gives up control (For instance, in a pure Sado Masochistic relationship without Domination Submission or Bondage Discipline, the one who receives the pain is the Bottom)



Putting a mark on someone's body using a red hot iron (think of branding a horse)


Breast Fucking:

Masturbating using the breast of a woman (hence breast fucking)


Breath Play:

See Asphyxiation


Brown Play or Brown Shower:

See Scat.


Butt Plug:

A butt plug is a dildo specially designs for usage in the anus. Can be called anal plug.





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