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BDSM Circle News



January 1st, 2018

Hello all!

From time to time, we get emails from people who begin their message with an "I do not know if you are still keeping this website operational…."!

We cannot blame people for thinking so.

The truth of the matter is; when we firsts started this website, we were in our mid-thirties and we had more time and energy to deal with the website. Now we are approaching our mid-fifties (yes, the website is approaching having been online for 20 years!!!!) and time is a problem. Our respective careers takes a huge amount of time and energy and like we state many times, this website is NOT our BDSM. Our real BDSM with our submissive is more important to us than the site itself!

This is the reason why we cannot do regular update the way we want.

As you know, our monthly visit to Dr. Laurie's radio show and our participation on "Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center" (which is own by the biggest online porn site " takes some of our time too!

Yet, we try to keep doing update when we can.

We must tell you too that sometimes, during the year, we are overwhelm by a huge amount of incoming emails And since we always try to answer all….well, you understand our situation……

In 2018 we still have projects and topics we want to address in articles on our website. We will keep trying to do so, but remember, often we do our own research and we usually write our own material in both, French and English.

We love BDSM and this lifestyle that is ours is always changing since the people in it are always changing too! Because of this situation, we try to do updates every months.

20 years ago, the big topics were about the right for switches to be accepted by players and BDSM adepts, many claiming that the switches were not serious players. Many groups were being "elitist" and to be accepted in them, you had to be "friends" with the right crowd, which met that switches had no chance of being accepted.

Today, even if some are trying to keep their groups with "better" members, whatever this mean, there are so many groups now, that it is easy for BDSM players to find a group to which they can belong. Now people who are switches no longer have to fight to be recognize as serious players. Yet, respect for women and understanding the difference between "regular" and "kinky" sex, now a day, seems to be a problem for the young adults.

20 years ago, BDSM adepts were looking for long term relationship, now, many young adults prefer short "adventure", not wanting to have such a relationship which is based on the building of trust which is done with time. This create bad situations……

Despite some progress; players living in rural regions still have problems to find BDSM groups in their area, not to mention submissive men looking for Dominant women that are still so few in the lifestyle.

We are looking forward to have you visit our website and reading your emails. We still make new friends from talking and exchanging ideas will our visitors. This has been the reason in the past why we did this and still is the reason why we keep doing it!

We wish you all a wonderful new year's hoping for you all to fulfill your Kinky and BDSM needs and dreams.


Pierre and Catharine



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