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The Circle

By Maître Pierre

Chapter 2:


The next day, Keysha is downtown, at a restaurant where many "working girls" go. She is waiting for someone. Having ordered a coffee, she is not worried that the person she is supposed to meet is almost an hour late; she knows she will be here, eventually.

The door of the restaurant open. A lady, well, calling her a wreck would not be nice, so, let's say a lady in rough condition, enter the restaurant. She is obviously not at her best. She is thin, her complexion is almost yellow, her hair dirty and messy and her makeup would make a clown ashamed. The dress she is wearing is, well, in good condition for a mechanic who needs a rag for an oil change. She looks like she is sixty even if she is barely in her forty's. Keisha looking at her and registering her condition smile, not one of those "good" smile.

"Good!" she though. "She is in need of her shit, good for me!"

"Hello Louise!"

"The wreck looking at Keisha, with a disgusted face, answered:

"Why the fuck did you call me last night, I was working!"

Keisha, not answering but thinking "of course you were working bitch; you were working on your high after shooting. I know this because your pimp was looking for you!"

But all Keisha said was:

"Oh sweetie, I am, sorry, I didn't want to bother you at work!"

Louise registering the sarcasm, decided to not answer the insult.

"What do you want?" Louise asked angrily

"I need information about something." Keisha said.

"What!" Louise said.

"I know that "before"....."

Keisha was thinking that the "before" met; before Louise became a drug addict, she was a very successful Dominatrix and she made the mistake of "liking the buzz of dope" too much. So much, that she lost all, her clientele, her business....her life, and now she was just a wreck that was in a daily quest to "get her next high", working for a pimp that treated her worst than he treated his dog.

"....before" she said with a pause, "before you used to be a Dominatrix, right?"


"Yes! so!"

So...." Keisha said, "So, I need you to give me some pointers about what you use to do!"


"Why the fuck I would do that for!" she said angrily.


"Because....!" and opening her fist, she showed Louise a small clear plastic envelop with white powder in it. Louise seeing what it was, open her eyes, very pleased that her next high was so close, but when she reached for the envelop, Keisha closed her fist with the envelop inside her fist and said:

"Not before you give me my information."

Louise, dismay, looked at Keisha through watering eyes.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Louise said, tears starting to drip from her eyes.


"I am not doing anything to you, I just need this information from you and I know when I will give you this, you will not be in the mood to talk to me, so.....sing!"

A pause from Louise.....

"Ok!, What do you want to know?"

Keisha, with a big smile that would make a man eating shark proud.......slowly said:

"I want to know everything!"

After a pause, where she looked at Keisha surprised, Louise started to explain the way her business used to be structured. How she would recruit clientele en Fetish nights in clubs and with her website. She explained to Keisha what her "services" where and how, because there was no sex involved, how she did not get in trouble with the police despite the fact that she was so active and public about her services. Keisha, listening to this, is amazed about how clear and precise, Louise can be in her explanation. Keisha found herself thinking that "Louise must have been a hell of a business woman at the time before she got bitten by the snake of drugs!".

Louise went for a while, lost in her memories about her old "business". Than, slowly, she started to talk less, her eyes fixed on Keisha's fist. Keisha, having experience with her own clientele just opened her fist and gave Louise the envelop

"There you are, but if you want more, tomorrow, be here at the same time and this time, don't let me wait for you!"

Louise, without a word, just grab the envelop with her shacking hand and ran toward the exit.

Sipping her coffee, now cold, Keisha is thinking about Louise information, wondering.....

The next day, Keisha is sitting at a table in the same restaurant. This time, Louise is not late and seems to be in better shape.....yet, she seems to be in a foul mood.


"Hello sweetie!"

"Fuck you!" is Louise answers.

A small smile on her lips, Keisha des not answer.

A silence....

"Not in the mood to sing today, sweetie?" Keisha ask?

Louise spit more the word than she says it....


Keysha, rising from her chair:

"Well, if you are in THAT mood, I should just be going than....!"

Louise, trough teary eyes......

"Ok, ok, I'll sing.....what you want to know!"

Keisha, sitting back down on her chair. She look at Louise and simply says, separating the letters clearly:

"B.D.S.M......what is it?"

Louise, surprised look at Keisha!

"What do you mean?"

Keisha, her voice a little more intense, spelling clearly the letters:

"What is B.D.S.M.?"

Louise, surprised and unsure.....

"Well..... it is about exchange of power, bondage and S&M....."

Keisha, cutting her off:

"I have read the brochure, don't waste my time! What the hell is B.D.S.M?"

Louise, obviously dismayed, pauses for a second. Than, her face lighting up, she says:

"You know what I used to do to my clientele?"




"Well some people do this for fun with willing partners."

Keisha, puzzled:

"For fun????? They beat the crap of each others for fun????"


"It is not like that! For some people, BDSM is a way of living, a lifestyle! Before I started my pro-Domme service, I used to do it for fun too!"

Keisha, repeating Louise words:

"A way of living, a lifestyle? " than looking at Louise suspiciously: "are you fucking with me?"

Louise, dead serious and a bit delighted that she "got" Keisha back....:

"Nope, I am serious!"

Than, Louise started to explain to Keisha the nuances of a relationship based on exchange of power. How she used this knowledge to better her business and make it grow and the difference between a relationship based on exchange of power and a relationship for a Pro Domme, this how she called it, "A Pro Domme".

Louise went for almost an hour, Keisha not interrupting her except for some details. Then Louise started to quiet down, her hand on the table shacking a bit.

Keisha, smiling, without a word, put the clear envelop on the table, close to her coffee. Louise was gone, Keisha didn't even saw Louise take the little envelop, but it was gone too, so, Keisha assumed that Louise took it.+

This strange conversation went for the better part of a week. Keisha would be at the restaurant and Louise would arrive more or less in time. Keisha would ask questions, Louise would talked for a while and then, the little envelop would be drop on the table where, mysteriously, it would disappear.

Each time, after having her little conversation with Louise, Keisha would go home or at the store where she "worked" and would do more research on the internet, using Louise daily information to get more information about BDSM and about that "Circle" place.


More to come!