Old doms
-Your joints crack more often then your whip

-Your safeword has gone from hungry hungry 9-1-1

-Your exotic oils and candles bill pales in comparision to that of your Muscle and joint medical rubs bill

-You are less concerned he remembers your likes dislikes and safeword then you are that he remembers Dr's name, Medicine allergies and medical info

-Shock's have become less a part of play and more a part of being able to continue...."clear pffffft"

-A resperatior is now considered your #1 nessacary toy

-The paramedics are no longer shocked by the sight of your Dungeon,... Just the sight of someone your age trying to use it

-The positions no longer excite you....But being able to get up and walk the next day after them does...

-When asked what you look for in a Dom/mes/sub your first response is " Medical Experience"

-Your Training of your sub includes " How to properly adminster CPR and Heart Medication."

-When you consider being told to open a childproof bottle as a form of punishment.

-When yarn instead of cuffs or rope is used for bondage play...

-When your Docter takes away your key to the dungeon and gives it to your in home nurse with insructions " No playing without supervision."

-When it takes longer to get up and down the dungeons stairs then the entire scene....

thanks to Sir Dragon Lee