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Hello all!

The poll section doesn't work anymore …..


For a number of months, we have been trying to fix lots a new problems with our Host. Do not get me wrong here; our web host is amazing, but to survive in this very active and aggressive market, he has to change and improve his service, which he is doing in a flawless manner. The problem is on our side and our lack of time to keep up!

Already, regular life has been busy for us. We had sickness, death and family tragedy around us that took a major part of our time (regular stuff that happened when you grow old and everybody around you grow old too!). When we started this website in 2000 on another host, things were very different and we were younger too! Believe it or not but right now, we are putting a lot of time to prepare our early retirement….yes we are at that point in our life!

We are trying to keep up with the usual demands (personal ads, emails…) but we are spending much time just to figure out why some part of our website does not work anymore.

(For those of you who have knowledge of web programing; this is one of the many reasons why we always refused to migrate on anything other than HTML, because when your host changes his version of PHP (as an example), you often have to change stuff on your page to make it functioning again. )

We are aware too, that the way people use the net is changing. Because we are not certain of what the future hold in this aspect, we are just trying to maintain these pages while trying to read the crystal ball of what the future will bring.

Remember, this website is NOT our BDSM nor is it anything close to it. Despite everything happening, our BDSM with our partners in our small dungeon is where we put our efforts. We deal with the website when we can. We have a number of articles in various state of writing and translation where we address many new topics. This material will eventually find its home on our website.

All the stories received in the past, stories that we have not had time to put up will, with all the rest of the material we have, be up on the site eventually.

For now, the website is alive and active despite the appearances of being sleepy. This will takes months to changes, but it will happened.

Keep visiting and writing us.



It is weird that a world threat like a virus give us time to work on our site…..

So…. A story in French that was sent to us in September 2018….yes, we are that late!!!!

By Regis:" The story of a submissive husband."

A new author who sent us 3 stories in French in December 2018: "Fais Moi Peur", "L'Étrange Journée De Barbara" et "Un Dimanche En Suspension".

Many years ago, when we created our website; a friend of ours had sent us a story "the Rope" and its second parts "the rope2". These stories have been translated in French with "La Corde" (translated in 2001), "La Corde2" (transleated last year) and "The Luncheon" with its French version of "Le Repas", all translated by Rose Mimbo with all our thanks.

Rose Mimbo has translated many stories from English to French in January of last year. Of course, with our crazy last year, we never had a chance to put them online.

Here they are : "Houston (in English)" a story from Sweet Christie sent to us in 2009 is now available in its French version "Houston (in French)", "La Transformation En Esclave partie 2" which is a French translation of "The Making Of A Slave Part 2" from Latexluvr; "À l'Hotêl"; the French version of "The Hotel" by slave samara,"Un Steak Pour Le Diner", the French version of "Steak For Diner" by toran's soft,"Les Contes De Fées DEVIENNENT Réels" French version of "Fairy Tails DO Come True" by Sir Styker .

This man has been dreaming about being cockold. This is his story, in French: "Mon Cocufiage" by Odette Magique


Long live The BDSM Circle!

Maitre Pierre and Mistress Catharine.