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Saturday, March 9th, 2019



Hello all!

We cannot hide the fact that time is lacking for us to makes update on our website.

Since September; our vanilla life has been taking all our time. Sickness, death of people close to us, work…….. The little time left, we keep it for us to do our BDSM when we can.

This winter, we are hoping that things will be quieter allowing us to make all those needed update on our website.

Pierre and Catharine

The new stuff:

If you haven't read them yet:

Information and tips:

Hello all!

- We have a ton of stories received in the last few months that we could not put online because of lack of time. Slowly, we are doing so right now:

- We welcome a new author; Max Blitz with his "Damsel in Distress"

- At our February visit at "Passion" with Dr. Betito, we had a chat about common misconceptions about BDSM Podcast Passion February 2019

- Our next visit on passion will be April 3rd, 2019 at 10 pm (in theory).

For more information about our visit to Dr. Laurie's show: "We are on radio"

- OUR POLL! 2 questions to be answer.


- Here are the three last podcasts from "Passion", Dr. Laurie' show on CJAD AM800 ( for the months of October, November and December.

- On October, we chat about the origin of the need for BDSM and fetishes: "Passion October 2018"

- In November, we discuss the need for a dungeon to have BDSM (spoiler alert...the answer is NO!): "Passion November 2018"

- December is about what someone needs to do to become a BDSM adept: "Passion Décembre 2018"

- In January 2019, Dr. Laurie's show was fully booked with guest, so we had a little vacation"

- We have a new author "Ballet Boots" with his stories in French: "Suspendu à un fil", "Cyber punition 1" et "Cyber punition 2"

- A return author; Esther Langlewich, with her French story: "La Posture de L'Araignée"

On our "D/S Lifestyle" section, we cover a lot of BDSM and SM topics!

Long live The BDSM Circle!

Maitre Pierre and Mistress Catharine.