Who We Are

Rules and Warning

Here, B/both of U/us pledge the following:

W/we want to use this website to share stories, experiences and ideas about the lifestyle.

W/we want to help beginners and maybe, more advanced players in the lifestyle. The BDSM approach is personal and different for E/everyone. W/we tried to stay matter of fact in this website, but, sometimes, WE WILL share O/our personal views on some of the subjects. W/we want and appreciate any input or discussion from O/our beloved readers and visitors. Hell!, W/we are still learning about the finer things in the BDSM world, and W/we know that W/we always will be learning, so, the chance for U/us to learn new things with this website is very appealing.


W/we believe that ANY discussion has to be done in a polite and well mannered way. W/we will NOT tolerate people who will try to use this website, to bother any group. NO racist, sexist or any negative remark about an alternative group will be tolerated.

In the same fashion, You may not agree with some of the content of this web site. If this is the case, W/we will enjoy any input from O/our beloved Visitors, and even print them on the site, if they are relevant, but again, W/we won't tolerate any abusive language.

Some of these stories may be extreme in their content, but, W/we will not accept any stories or emails from people such as pedophiles, or sexual predators. In fact, WE WILL help any representative of the law, by giving them any information, W/we may have on these predators, to have them arrested.

So, for your information, this is where we draw the line:

-No stories involving kids

-No stories where someone died from play.

If W/we feel that a story or an email from A/anyone is verging on bad taste or dangerous, WE WILL NOT print it.

Because W/we love so much the lifestyle, W/we will print anything within these rules. Any stories, comments or emails; futuristic, Gors, archaic, different in any fashion, WILL BE WELCOME..

But please, keep Your writings in good taste.