Who We Are

We Are

W/we are both in O/our late thirty's have been living together for a while. W/we have a 24/7 BDSM relationship and W/we live in the Montreal area.

Catharine (katy) is English Canadian, and has been in the lifestyle since her early adulthood. S/she was with one Master for many years until He passed away. Now she is Maître Pierre's wonderful partner and sub. She Dommes with Maître Pierre. Her Domme name is Mistress Catharine, her sub name is katy. Note that She ONLY subs to Maître Pierre.



Maître Pierre is French Canadian. He has been in the lifestyle for years. Like many, He started His games in cyber on the Internet. He played with a French sub from France for a while, under the name of "Maître Pete". Together, T/they shared a French speaking web site, which was used in T/their plays. It didn't take long, for Him, to cross the line from cyber to real play.


Now Maître Pierre and Catharine (katy) share T/their life, and T/they know well, the problems and joys of being BDSM, on a day to day basis. Because of the long experience of Catharine (katy) and the fact that Maître Pierre has years of experience in the lifestyle, T/they know many sides of the lifestyle. They Dom together and grow constantly in this capacity to become better at what They love to do.

One thing very important must be said here. T/they both love each other very much, in everyday life, and in T/their BDSM relationship.