Who We Are

Why A Website

Why a web site?

Yes, W/we know there are numerous websites about the subject. W/we don't want to reinvent the wheel here, but, there are many reasons, why, W/we felt the need for a web site.

Catharine (katy) with her experience, has been helping new people in the lifestyle, in the US and around our beautiful Canadian Country, for a while now. Often she wished for a web site with the material that she had needed to help these wonderful people. Yes, there are some websites for newbies, but many of those don't have exactly what she would wish for. Maître Pierre, has been, in the past, playing with a sub from France. They were playing by way of stories they would exchange over the net.

Maître Pierre loves to write stories, but for many reasons, He had to stop His play with this French sub. Now, Maître Pierre plays with His beautiful katy, and He wants to use this site to put His new stories on.

To the best of O/our knowledge, there is not really a website that unites the French and English bdsmer. W/we hope this website will be like a "bridge" between both groups.

The ideas and beliefs put in this web site, are NOT "THE ONLY TRUTH" about BDSM. W/we A/all know that the approach about BDSM is personal and unique to E/everyone, but these are OUR beliefs and VIEWS on this wonderful subject.


Update (October 18th, 2003)

We've been online for almost 3 years. O/our BDSM adventures and the website keep surprising U/us. Amazingly, W/we have over 10 000 unique visitors per month!!!!! In the worldwide French community, "Le Cercle BDSM" (The french side of BDSM Circle) is fast becoming a fixture and a reference site to many french sites about BDSM.

And most importantly, thank you A/all for visiting U/us, this site is an ongoing project and product of O/our love of the BDSM lifestyle and YOU make it worth all the trouble!

Pierre and Catharine / katy, owners of bdsmcircle.com, bdsmcircle.net and cerclebdsm.com