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The Circle

By Maître Pierre

Chapter 1:

I am dipping in my past experiences and adventures to create this story but all the places, names and actions in this story are fictional. They are from my imagination.


The city:


In every big cities, there are people living in them. Big cities often makes for people to live hectic lives, making them anonymous ants part of a big colony. Many of these big cities exist and many, many people are in these cities.

In one of those anonymous cities, some people try to make their life better by being different. For some, it could be a strand of hair witch is a different color, for others, they will get tattoos..... But for some, the need to be different is much deeper!

In big cities, the norm is usually enforced. Difference is frowned upon. The unspoken rules that makes social order, the inner working of the cities working flawlessly are extremely important and fragile. Anything that could bring chaos in this system is unwanted.

In the past, during the Victorian era for instance; people were struggling just to put food on the table. Nobody could be "different" since all were just trying to survive. The only ones who could afford to be "different" were the people with money and power. It is funny because, everybody thinks that the Victorian era was a very strict era with rules and social order. For people with money and power, the Victorian era was anything but that! Because of the power brought by money, the upper class Victorians could have gotten away with murderer. Well, according to stories, some did!

Todays' "regular" people can think of having a life that is not just dedicated to put food on the table for their family. For the longest time, we were describing the new society as "the new leisure world" to come. Now, "regular" people have other interest. Some changes their routine by doing sports, or hobbies. Some study science and arts.

And some........

The rules of society change with people changing their ways but, sometimes, society will change unwillingly. To accept the new heroes made by sports or news events, society change its way easily. Heck, even 2000 years ago, the Romans knew that to control the population, you needed to give food and games to the crowd so the society of then could run without an itch! Today, it is not different from 2000 years ago. Thanks to the modern world, everybody has food now a day. Everybody has education if they want to. And with the modern mean of communication, everybody can enjoy all kind of activities going from sports watching to acquire new knowledge, thanks to the new mean of communication like the internet.

Yet, for some, this is not enough. Their need to be different is ….. darker!

2000 years ago, the Roman elite that had these dark needs could do it because they were in power and could do anything they wanted to anyone. In the Victorian era, the rich and powerful people had a very open sexuality, contrary to beliefs, and because of their power, again, they could do whatever they wanted to anyone.

But today, even among regular people, some have darker needs and modern society is not willing to let regular people satisfy these needs. The underground alternative movement, having used the internet to share alternative knowledge since its creation, has a huge success in some crowd. Because of the changes in modern communication, we have been seeing more difference in music, the way people dress, the way they talk, the politics, their philosophy........and in their sexuality!

Modern society cannot accept these changes but, it cannot fight it either. As a relief valve, society accepts to close its eyes on the action of some of these people needing different way to express their needs. Modern society accept to close it's eyes in places that allow these people to express themselves as long as they do it silently and behave behind closed doors….in secret…….

Cities unhappily close their eyes on places like....

....The Circle!


The Circle; Chapter 1a, "Heard on the bus"