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By Maître Pierre

Years of being in BDSM have showed us the fact that many people have their own take on a subject, being a technic, a way to do something or about a philosophy in BDSM.

We have to make this clear:

A BDSM contact is:

    -Is just a way to create a beautiful feel in a BDSM relationship. Yet, the same contract can be used to describe limits and likes about BDSM (from a good negotiation)

    -Making sense and is logical. If it demand things that are impossible, the relationship will fall apart.

    -Something that have to be negotiated again from time to time. People change, the contract should change to reflect that. (Put a time limit on a contract (weeks, a few months, a year at the most).

    -Having part where the rules that must be followed by a submissive (or a slave), but should have a part where there are rules for the Dominant too! (the examples of the contracts we have on our site (found on the net) are a bit short on this aspect!)

    -NOT VALID legally in most country! This type of contract is based on "honor". If one of the partner of the relationship decide not to follow the rules, the contract is no longer valid philosophy wise.

A BDSM contract is not:

    -Something that force a submissive to be abused against his or her will.

    -That force a submissive to be taken advantage of.

    -A way to make someone unhappy.


Here are examples of contracts with various levels of severity. Feel free to download and use them, making whatever changes you see fit.

Dowloadable version of the contracts (.doc and .txt) are available at the bottom of each page.

DS Contract:

Male Dom Contract

Female Domme Contract

Master (Mistress) and Slave Contract:

Male Dom and slave

Female Domme and slave


These examples of contracts have been used by many websites.

Maître Pierre