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The world of BDSM is often describe by an "alternative" world because the rules used in this philosophy are different from what we consider the norm.

These articles are here to help you to learn about this and are group together by theme.

Domination and submission

WhatIs BDSM?

By Catharine

Just what is BDSM mean and what does it mean.

Type Of BDSM

By Pierre

A beginning to understand your own type of BDSM.

Type Of Players

By Pierre

Which one are you?

Finding A Partner

By Pierre

Tricks and Tips On How To Find A BDSM Partner

The BDSM Relationship

By Pierre

The DS relationship.

Tips for a successful BDSM relationship

By Pierre

A sucessful BDSM relationship, is it possible?


By Pierre

Is negociating is the delivery of the ''grocery list''?


By Unknown

Examples of contracts for couples in the lifestyle

Successful BDSM Relationship.

By Pierre

It is so simple and yet, so many fail at it!

Beginners In BDSM

By Pierre

The original title was ''The curse of the newbie''. Curious?

The 9 Levels Of Submissions:

By Diane Vera

This is a well known document which we believe is a good reference outlining descriptions of the different levels of submission.


By Pierre

What is switching, how to do it.

Confidence Of A Submissive

By kia

A submissive's story, from abuse to glory

TPE or Total Power Exchange

By Traci

What is TPE?

The Five Qualities Of A Submissive.

By Pinky

What are the values of a good submissive. this article is a good start to find out.


Alternative sexuality

Parents And BDSM

By morningstar

If Y/you are a parent, here are some pointers from a child expert about how to deal with the kids concerning the subject of BDSM.

Domestic Violence In a BDSM Household

By morningstar

Is your relationship with your Dom, BDSM or domestic violence?

My Genital Piercing

By morningstar

Genital piercing point of view from a submissive who did it

The Pleasure of Pain

By Marianne Apostolides

An article from Psychology today about SM. Very interesting!

Massage Therapy and BDSM

By Jago<

A Discovery of BDSM through Massage Therapy

Why I Became A Transvestite

By sabine

The journey of a man discovering his feminine side

Fetishist One Day, Fetishist Forever

By Julie Pelletier

We disagree with part of the content of this article but believe that this article represents well what the ''medical establishsment'' feels about fetishism.

How To Convince My Spouse To Become BDSM

By Pierre

Is It possible?

The Younger Side

By Traci

The new generation in BDSM

Tell Me How To Do My BDSM

By Pierre

Don't know how to do your BDSM..... why don't you know?

Is BDSM A Fetish?

By Pierre

What is a fetish?

How BDSM Can Empower Women

By Deborah Smith

According to the author; women are changing their perception of their own sexuality

The Shocking sex Trend That will Leave you brethless

By Briony Smith

An article from "Flare magazine". Young adults are interested by extrem sex.




By Catharine

An informative and comprehensive guide on ''Safewords''

Nuances Of Safewords

By Pierre

More about the safeword!

Safety For BDSM Beginers

By Pierre

Safety is VERY important when you are searching for a partner in BDSM.

BDSM And The Internet

By Pierre

Doing research about BDSM on the internet.

No Hits Zones And Pressures Points

By Pierre

Introduction to the concept of "No Hits Zones And Pressures Points".

No Hits Zones, part 2

By Pierre

Experience and intelligence in no hits zones.



BDSM Checklist

By Catharine

A BDSM checklist for the use of Dom/sub negotiations.

Public Play

By Catharine

Places where it is possible to play in public.

Etiquette For Public Play

By laynie

What to do and what not to do in a public play..

How To Look Good In Public Plays

By Pierre

Looking good (and safe) in public plays.

Pain In BDSM

By Pierre

Do you think that you are aware of all the facettes of pain.

Formal Dining

By Toran's soft

The details in ''formal dining'' when organising a ''protocol diner''

Make-Up For Transvestites

By sabine

sabine is part of our stable. she is a transvestite. Catharine who is very much into femming, wanted an article about the approach for make up for transvestites.

Latex Care

By Marc Trudeau

How to take care of your expensive latex garments.

How To Install A Removable Eyehook In The Ceiling

By Pierre

An Eyehook for suspension play that can disappear when vanilla company is coming. How to build it.




By Pierre

A series of articles on the building of our own dungeon.

Julianne And Jules's Dungeon

By Pierre

We vist the wonderful dungeon of Julianne and Jules.

Mistress Zyra And Malcolm's Dungeon

By Pierre

A dungeon.....simply amazing

Jules' Play Space

By Pierre

We visit Jules' new play space.