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The Circle

By Maître Pierre


To this day, we have been dealing with the media (radio, magazine, television) for more than 20 years. (I have been with Catharine for more 18 years now, but my dealings with the media had begun in 1998…) Our dealings with the media have brought us many new "adventures" and meeting fascinating people. You can imagine that we love it!

This fictional story is the result of one of these adventure with a TV producer. A while ago, we were approach to be "actors" in a soft porn movie about BDSM. They were producer of soft porn movies for a French television who had a late Saturday program for adult with blue movies being shown. When we met the producer and his crew of writers and directors, I had an idea and we agreed to meet 2 weeks later so I could work on a "basic script" to present to them.

Two weeks later, we met. The director and his gang were extremely open minded about my suggestion and we started to exchange ideas about how to sell the series (a thirteen episode series) to the financial backers.

Everything went well, until when we were called for an emergency meeting. When we got there, everybody had a long face. We simply thought that the finance was not allowed and our project was dead, but we learned that the television chain had been sold to a new owner who had very different values about shows he wanted on. The producer and his gang had all lost their jobs!

Since then, I had been juggling with ideas about that story, writing here and there some paragraph for it.

The first time it was written, it was written in a way that it would not be expensive to shoot (the action being almost always in the same place). Now I am rewriting it with a bit more "outside" action since it is now just a story.

We hope you like it. The structure and grammar of it the writing is a bit weird; after all, English is my second language and I hope you will forgive my mistakes.

Oh! And, because we had dealings with some people in the media……this story is protected under a copyright and is a translation of my French story "Le Cercle "( copyright that we bought then and have been maintaining since!. Don't believe me, look at the original copyright in the picture!).

Maître Pierre from


The Circle; Chapter 1