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We have opened a companion discussion bdsm list for the bdsmcircle. Please support Us by joining! It is totally free!

Since Yahoo is getting a bit more serious about censorship, it is imperative that you follow this simple rule: On your Yahoo profile, YOU MUST put your age reflecting that you are an adult. Yahoo closes discussion groups that have members without the age in their is not an idle threat! We have seen discussion groups disappears!

As for the rules for the discussion groups, like it says on the top page:

A companion list to the website, a bilingual educational b-d-s-m resource. All relevant posts are welcome, be polite and respectful, attack ideas not the person please. Fetish, munch and event listings are welcome but no personal ads here please. There is a free personal ad section on the website that has already produced some great matches that you are most welcome to use instead. You are encouraged to do a one-time intro of yourself. ADULTS ONLY! Age must be filled out in profile to become member. Although listed as an English group, French or English posts are welcome but bilingual posts are encouraged. We are looking forward to a lively and fun discussion!


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