The pictures shown next, are mostly from newsgroups. W/we believe they are not protected under any copyright. If they are, and Y/you have proof of ownership, the pictures will be taken off these pages, with O/our deepest apologies, or if you prefer they will be kept here with appropriate credit given. Thank Y/you.

I share with Y/you A/all, some pictures that My wonderfull sub katy, gave Me as gifts. They're from the web, and I included katy's comment to Me with them. I know, Y/you will enjoy the pictures (and the comments), as much as I did. But sorry! katy is already Mine :)

Maître Pierre

Mistress Catharine shares with Y/you some of Her favourite pictures often showing male subs in glorious trouble
Like it said....Miscellaneous
A cartoonist with interest....very interesting!!!!