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BDSMcircle Events


In the past, this page was offer to promote BDSM events all over the world. After some sad experiences, we decided to stop offering this free service for organiser and BDSM adepts.

Now, these pages will be for all the events that, we of the BDSM Circle, organise or participate to.

The goal is simple; create events where friends and guest can meet other friends and guest in BDSM situations or not.

    (A secret for you; don't tell anyone, only you know this,….but, we really organize or participate to these events for pure selfish reasons: we want to meet new friends and new people just so we can have great conversations with them. Remember, shhhhhh! Don't say anything to anyone that we have a secret agenda!!!!)


Here are the events where we and our friends, organize or participate:

    - Saturday August 20th, 2016 at noon, we are holding a BDSMunch Circle. For more details...."BDSMunch Circle".

We hope to see you!


Pierre and Catharine