Dungeon of Julianne and Jules

By Pierre

When you go to a BDSM or fetish club in Montreal there is a good chance that you will meet Jules.

Jules is famous in Montreal, a lot of BDSM furniture you find in Montreal clubs has been build by him. He does amazing leather work too. Often he performs doing shows in the fetish scene. But Jules is mostly recognized for one thing.....he is just a nice guy!

Julianne is Jules' Mistress. Julianne is a very strong minded Mistress who gets people respect. The relationship between Jules and Julianne has been documented by the "Kink" documentary, the same documentary that we were part of.

Julianne owns a building where she decided to build herself a nice dungeon. Of course, Jules helped her to transform the place into a very well equiped dungeon where he brought some of his marvelous toys and equipment.

Allow me to guide you through Julianne and Jules dungeon.

This is a very big room, about 25 by 50 feet (1250 sqare feet) The ceilling is about 12 feet high. The walls of the room are made of re-enforced concrete. It actually used to be a huge safe for fur storage.





The door of the dungeon is a very beautiful "jail" door.






In the middle of the dungeon, you will find as a centerpiece, Jules's "infernal machine"


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