My Genital Piercing

By morningstar (Warren)


Some 20 + years ago i read the Story of O. There were many things in that book that caught my attention, but the one that has stayed with me over these many years, was the piercing. i have spent many nights dreaming what it would be like to have my genitals pierced.

Time passed and the tides shifted many times over the years, but finally i had come to a point in my life where the idea of being pierced took on almost a life of its own. This was what i wanted! My Sir was taken with the idea - oh the daydreams He had (i am sure) of the bondage that could be done through well placed rings. BUT .. as with anything that alters my life.. the decision had to be mine! One would think that after so many years of daydreaming and wanting… that final decision would be an easy one. But it wasn't. There were many factors i had to take into consideration. The main one being, how secure was i in my new life, collared to a Sir but not 24/7 and with little chance of ever becoming 24/7?? How would i handle the clit piercing if (god forbid) i was ever released?? Only time could answer those questions, so it took many months for me to turn to my Sir and say "i would like to be pierced Sir"…

Now the decision was made and agreed upon, i had to find a piercing studio that would meet with my criteria. i posted on the net many requests for information on clit piercings, and did lots and lots of research. Mainly i was researching care and healing, and styles - vertical or horizontal. i talked to more submissives and a few Dominants re piercings… and i have to admit to being very fortunate to have submissives willing to open up and share with me their experiences.. the do's and don'ts. i learned a lot in the months i researched !!!

Finally the decisions were made.. i would have a vertical clit hood piercing and it would be done at the Black Sun Studio in Montreal. i selected the Thanksgiving weekend… thinking to give myself an extra day to heal before having to return to work.

It seemed a good omen.. Thanksgiving weekend dawned sunny and warm.. Indian summer. The streets were full of sun worshipping happy Montrealers .. delighted to be able to steal one more Saturday on the terraces of St Denis Street. It was a party mood as W/we walked down the street to Black Sun. i almost could forget what i was there to do. Despite everything, i was extremely nervous. Yes i have been known as a "pain slut" .. but i was concerned this pain might be more than i could handle. The down side of talking to lots of people to get feed back, one gets the good as well as the bad.

The studio more than met with my stamp of approval for cleanliness. And the staff were wonderful; friendly and more than willing to take time to answer any last minute questions. Finally, after signing waiver forms, and reading all the literature in their lounge, Pierre my piercer came to take U/us off to the piercing room. To say my knees wobbled is an understatement - today i cannot tell you how i managed to walk down that short hallway. In the room, i sat in what could have been a dentist's chair.. it swivelled and tilted.. my worst nightmare!! i HATE dentists !!! couldn't they have had a nice bed????

The time spent selecting jewelry… watching Pierre lay out the instruments… felt like hours … no wait… felt like a lifetime. Never before have i been so skittish… if my Sir and Ma'am had not been positioned on either side of me.. i may have fled the room!!!! thank goodness for Sir sitting by my side…. i could feel the strength and quiet calm from Him. Ma'am was designated the official photographer for the event, so that i would have pictures to cherish for years to come.

Finally everything was ready…. my skirt was hoisted up over my waist.. the soles of my feet were resting together so that my clit was nicely exposed (god how i blushed!!) the chair was tilted wayyyyy back and Pierre carefully and concisely told me everything he was doing as he did it. First he inserted a tube under the clit hood…. and announced i was nicely proportioned for the piercing (joy oh joy like i needed to know that??!!) This tubing felt cold and awkward.. but before i could focus too much on that. Pierre told me that i was going to feel a sharp pain…. but that when i did feel that, the procedure would be over! AND i was to try very hard to resist moving when the pain hit. Pierre, i discovered, does not lie. Pierre had me take 2 big slow breaths, and on the second exhale the pain that hit was something that one cannot describe! i tried VERY hard not to move, but involuntary muscle reactions are not something i have any control over! In my head i kept saying "it is over, it is over". Then Pierre carefully attached the silver balls. Et voila .. it was done! The jewelry i had selected was a simple silver ring, with a small silver ball attached, to this ball was attached another slightly bigger ball and slightly bigger ring. The piece was called The Bondage Ring, which was very appropriate as Sir and i are very into bondage.

W/we left the studio and walked back into the glorious Montreal sunshine, one very happy pierced submissive with her Sir and Ma'am.

5 Weeks later

Well it has been just over a month since Thanksgiving and my piercing. And now the first rush of the event has passed and i have had time to reflect.

First of all i have to say, one of the things that i researched was vertical versus horizontal piercings. W/we opted for a vertical clit hood piercing for a number of reasons…… friends who had been pierced warned me of horizontal piercings pulling and twisting and just being plain uncomfortable. Pierre the piercer told U/us when W/we arrived that He would not do a horizontal piercing for all the reasons that i had been told. They are basically uncomfortable, frequently twisting and pulling. He recommended a vertical piercing as it would lie more naturally against my body, not get caught as frequently in clothing, and would not twist or pull when i moved. Not having any horizontal piercing to compare with …. i can only say that i love the vertical piercing. i hardly know i have it … it doesn't twist or pull unless of course my Sir is doing the twisting and pulling J

Secondly i want to talk a little bit about the healing process. Pierre told me that for the first 3 weeks i was to soak the piercing twice a day in a solution of sea salt. After the first 3 weeks i could go to once a day for the last 3 weeks. For the first week or so, i took full sea salt baths - as i needed to turn the piercing to ensure that the salt water was moved through the puncture and cleaned it out.
After that week i went to using a shot glass filled with the sea salt solution, and with some practice became quite good at fitting the glass over the piercing and creating a vacuum that held it all in place for the 5 minutes. i will admit to being skeptical at how well this routine would work. But after 5 weeks i have to say i have never ever healed as quickly and as painlessly as i did this time. i now have a huge bag of sea salt stored in the house for any and all wounds that need disinfecting. It was amazing!!!!!

Thirdly and finally, i want to talk a little bit about the emotional side of being pierced. i had talked with submissives who had been pierced only to please their Dominants. They talked of a painful long healing process. They talked of hating it, and feeling that their bodies had been mutilated. In the back of my mind was a small worry that i would experience the same reaction. BUT, on the day of the piercing i couldn't wait to see it, couldn't wait to turn it and play with it. i loved not only the piercing but also the jewelry. However, the first week was a long lonely week. Every time i sat down i sat down gingerly, being careful to ease myself into chairs. Once i forgot, and sat down with a, shall we say, "bang" and immediately felt the jewelry banging into my already sore and aching clit. It was not something i quickly forgot. For the first three days, i guess, i held on to the thought that this was something i had always wanted! Pleasing my Sir hardly, if ever, came to mind. On the four day i was tired of the discomfort, tired of sitting gingerly, tired of my clothes rubbing on it … just plain tired. The six week healing period seemed a life time. i was discouraged and feeling a bit down. That night i sat and thought how proud my Sir was of the piercing, and of me! i remembered the look on His face while He watched the needle puncturing my skin and the jewelry being put in. i remembered His arm wrapped protectively around my shoulders, and most of all i remembered His quiet words "I am proud of you!" At the end of my reminiscing i was comfortable again and happy i had decided to be pierced.

Miraculously the next day i hardly noticed the piercing. i moved freely with little or no discomfort. i jumped up and down out of chairs at work. And that day when i reached home and stripped down to my "subbie uniform" i actually felt the jewelry move and swing. What an amazing feeling!!!!!

After 3 weeks the piercing felt virtually healed. It turned easily, it pressed ever so nicely on my clit. And when Sir played with it, the only phrase i can use to describe what i felt was…. ELECTRIC !!! After 5 weeks i will say it is everything i had hoped for…. if not more!! i love my piercing and am already planning on having my labia pierced next summer for the 3rd anniversary of my collaring !!!!