How to install a removable eye hook in the ceiling

By Maître Pierre


The need for an eyehook arose when we wanted to transform a room into a dungeon. Because we could not use that room for a permanent dungeon, we needed to be able to hide or remove any "proof" of the real usage of that room.

Even if we now have a room dedicated to BDSM, the TD (Temporary Dungeon) gave us lots of fun. This room is now under renovation to become a spare bedroom but it will keep some of its hidden possibilities for when we have BDSM F/friends here.

The TD is here to stay....:)

Design and assembly:

I wanted an eyehook that I could simply unscrew from the ceiling. It needed to be solid enough to support the weight of a submissive but easy to undo so we could hide it quickly.

A short trip to the nearest large renovation store helped Us to find an eyehook with a bolt. The eyehook is not as big as I would have liked but it is big enough. According to the sticker on it, this eyehook is guaranteed to support up to 660 pound which is strong enough to support your average struggling submissive. (find an eyehook that can support about 3 times the weight of the submissive)

The bolt part of the eyehook is a bit smaller then what I expected. We could have it welded on a piece of metal making it easier to work with, but there was an easier way.

If we put the bolt between two pieces of 2 by 4 and jam it in the middle like a sandwich, a little grove that we made with a cisel, the size of the bolt will permit it to house the bolt. A shaft drilled through the 2 by 4 gives access to the bolt and the same shaft through the top of the "sandwich" permitting a good way of centering the sandwich and allowing the eyehook to go into the bolt.

In our case, I made the hole for the bolt almost too small so it meant that it needed to be driven in with a hammer. The hole must not be too deep because if it is, the "sandwich" will not hold the bolt and it will slip, making it impossible to screw in the eyehook...or remove it because the bolt is turning when You are trying to screw or unscrew the eyehook. Tightness is the key here!

A trick; when you actually put the two pieces together, to make it easier to align the holes, screw in the eyehook so it is about an inch out of the bolt. The alignment will be easy because the top of the eyehook will guide the hole in the top piece of the sandwich. When the sandwich is together, use lots of carpenter glue and many 2 1/2 inch number 8 screws to keep it together.


Now you have a piece of wood with the bolt in the middle. It is very easy to work with now. In our case, the sandwich will be suspended between 2 joists in the attic. 2 pieces of 2 x 4 are used to suspend the sandwich.




A metal strapping used by ventilation people is used to "wrap" the sandwich and makes the hole contraption more solid.






In the room, with a 1/2 inch bit, you make the hole where you want it in the ceiling. Then in the attic, using the light from the hole you just made, you align the sandwich on top of it. When it is centered, 3 inch nails are used to hold it in place on the top of the rafter, in this case 2 x 10. (notice the metal strapping)

When installed, you will have an screwable eyehook.






A little care in the finishing touches and you are set to play. A little experimentation have shown me that to screw 8 to 9 turn the eyehook, makes it go about 1/4 inch over the bolt hence making it solid.

In our case, we used old pieces of 2 by 4 making this project very cheap!




Before you suspend any submissive on this, you MUST test the solidity of it. I weigh about 235 pounds. I put a solid rope in the eyehook and using all My weight, I tug on the rope trying to bring down the ceiling....if the ceiling holds....you are safe!


A hook screwed to one of the studs in the wall of the closet permits us to have a good place to tie the rope. The hook is in the closet because when you close the door....it is invisible!

In the original plan, we wanted to use a pulley but eyehook + pulley + chain hook to hold all together brings the pulley too low. A 5 foot 6" submissive with arms over her head can touch the pulley when installed on a 8 feet high ceiling. If your ceiling is higher it is no problem.

So, we simply get the rope through the eyehook on the ceiling. It is a little hard on the rope but it is worth it to change the rope often.

You are now ready to play. Remember to use caution when playing. A person, even a submissive cannot have his or her hands suspended over her head indefinitely without major problems. Any kind of suspension is hazardous. Experiment but experiment slowly and carefully.

Have fun!