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Tricks And Rules To Meet A Partner In The BDSM Lifestyle.

By Maître Pierre


We've received a lot of mail with the same question; how to find the ideal Mistress, Master or submissive. The following articles give some answers and tricks to the bdsmer in the search of that partner.

These articles are from our experience, discussions with BDSM friends and emails we have received. If you have any more ideas or suggestions that could be added to these lines, please send them to us and it will be our pleasure to put them on the website.

We know some of the habits and values of the North American people because we share them. For geopgraphical, political or even personal value reasons, it is possible that some of these tricks and rules are not applicable to you. We didn't put any website or name of specialised magazine on these page for those reasons. People who use any of these services will not use the same service if they live like us in Montreal than if they live in a small village in England.

- The search for a partner, how to do it:

- The most important meeting in your relationship. The do's and dont's:

- How to do the first play!:

- The relationship, what kind do you need?:

How to find a partner in BDSM.

The first meeting.

The first play.

Type of relationship.

Maître Pierre