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BDSM Glossary "C"

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A Bondage play. There are numerous type of cage, all more mischievous than the others.


Type of toy used in S&M play. Usually made of flexible material like bamboo. Used for percussion play and designed to be used lightly for S&M play.


S&M plays that use a cane or a flexible shaft of wood.

    A few years ago, there seems to have been different style of caning, but today, any reference to these styles seems to have vanish from the web (i.e. English caning, sensation caning...)

See Cane

Catherine Wheel:

In BDSM. A Catherine Wheel is the equivalent of a St-Andrew's cross but with a shaft in the middle that allow it to turn, bringing the submissive attached to it upside down. It may be in different shape.


Catheters are used during medical plays. A catheter is a little pipe design for special purpose to be inserted in different part of the body. The most popular are the catheter use to be inserted in the urethra of the penis or the urethra for women (both catheter are design differently).

Catheterization is the action of using catheter.


Dictionaries describe cerebral as using logic and not emotions. Strangely, in BDSM, many adepts describe the mind games as "cerebral' despite being emotions perceived by them.

See Mind Fuck


Used in bondage. If used with snap hooks or pad locks, chains are an easy way to tie up a submissive. The sound of the chain being drag on a floor (wooden or other) is always a nice sound too!

Chastity Device:

A belt specially design to cover genital parts to prevent the wearer from the ability to sexually stimulate themselves.


Driving (being the chauffeur) your Dom(me) around town in a car.


Action of chocking the submissive during a scene. Could be part of a "breath play" or not.

See Asphyxiation

Chores (Domestic Service):

Often, the submissive will do some domestics chores (washing clothes, dishes, dusting...) for the Dominant

Chosen Clothing For:

The Dominant chooses clothes for the submissive, like dressing a doll. It could be for the time of a scene or for a longer time.

Chosen Food For:

The dominant chooses what food the submissive will eat. It could be for a short time (a scene) or for longer.


Toy used in S&M play. kind of clamp like clothespin, to pinch areas of the body (for example: the breast).

See Nipple clamp


Yes! Regular, cheap clothespins are a cheap, very popular and amazing S&M toy!


-A toy made of material, leather or metal, which goes around the neck of the submissive to show his or her belonging to a Dominant.

-An accessory made of leather or metal, used in bondage play

-Term used in the BDSM to say that someone is "collared" to a dominant (means that the person wearing the collar belongs to a Dominant).


Written agreement, usually on paper, about a negociated relationship based on power exchange.

For example of contracts: Examples of contracts


Originally, the corset is an undergarment design in a way, that lady would have a body shape of the era (ex. Victorian era). In fetishism, the "role" of the corset ambivalent; for some, the corset represent the power of the female Dominant, for others, it represent the femininity of the female submissive.

-From its design, the corset is not an easy undergarment to wear, some, even believe the corset to be a bondage gear! Naturally, the corset, with stockings are possibly some of the oldest fetishism clothing and had have "admirer" for quite sometime!

In DS, there is an activity called "corset training" where the male Dominant will have his female submissive wear a corset long enough as a result, the body of the female wearer will have some of her inner organ displace by it, allowing her to wear tighter and tighter corsets.


Toy used in BDSM play and S&M play. Originally, crops were used to control horses. Now commonly used to inflict pain in S&M play and often used to control the submissive in BDSM play.


In BDSM, a cuckold is when a submissive. Usually male, has to watch his Dominant partner having sex with another man and cannot join in or have any pleasure from it (masturbation).


Toys used in bondage play to restrains either arms, wrist, legs or ankle from moving. Could be made of leather or metal.

Those in metal are usually design specifically for a part of the body. The ones that are the most popular are:

    - Cuffs for wrists (handcuff)

    - Cuffs for ankle (ankle cuff)

    - Cuffs for the thumbs (thumbs cuff)


Mean to make oral sex to a Dominant woman's vagina.

Some have called this; "homage with tongue" in a BDSM context


See Knifeplay.


See Online.