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BDSM Glossary "S"

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Smart Ass Masochist. Usually a person who by means of "smart talk" puts himself or herself in "trouble" on purpose, to have a punishment from his or her Dominant or top. A derogatory term.


Person who likes to inflict pain on others and gets sexual excitement from it. There are different type of sadists. Beware, not to confuse a bdsm or S&M enthusiast with a person who just wants to beat someone else in a non consensual setting... such as a wife beater.


Some confused the safe call with the safeword, A safecall is phone call to someone for security reasons (meeting a stranger for the first time).

To know more about the usage of the Safecall, we have an article at: Safecall.


Means by which a submissive or bottom person can warn the Dominant person or top that during a play, he or she has had enough (pain physical or mental) or has reached his or her limits.

To know more about the usage of the Safeword, we have an article at: Safewords.

Saran Wrapping:

Using saranwrap (like the one we use to keep food fresh) for bondage.


Type of play which uses excrement. Also called brown play. Consider a fetish by some. Called "shit play" by some others.


Two definitions possible:

- The BDSM "scene": or belonging to the BDSM world or BDSM communities.

- A BDSM scene : refers to a BDSM session or a BDSM play.

    Medical scene; which include fetishist medical type of action.
    Outdoor scene; scene that are done outdoor.


Using scratching the skin for S&M (using nails, object)

Sensory Deprivation:

Is to block a submissive from hearing and seeing using appropriate accessories.

Serving as a Maid:

Serving during meals. (which can be a simple meal when the Dominant eats or even during a formal evening between Dominants).

Serving as Furniture:

The Dominant may order the submissive to become a foot rest, a lamp in the corner or a piece of art to admire (ex: after a bondage…).

Serving Other Dom(me)s (supervised only):

This must be negotiated between the Dominant and the submissive prior this demand. In this case, the Dominant order the submissive to play with another Dominant but under supervision, which mean that the negotiated limits are respected..


Another word for session is a "play" or "a scene". A "session" can last 10 minutes to many days.

Sex play with other submissive:

Having sexual plays with other submissive for the pleasure of the Dominant.


We are referring about shaving the pubis fur and genitals.


Some consider a slave to be exactly like a submissive and others consider a slave more extreme in his or her submissivness. There is a lot of interpretation about this word in the BDSM lifestyle. Many who call themselves "slave" are in reality less submissive than others who call themselves subs.

Slow words:

Like a safeword, the "slow word" is used to warn the Dominant that the submissive has ALMOST reach his (her) limits during a scene.

We talk about the Slowword in our article at: Safewords.

SM or S&M:

(Sado Masochistic) Type of play which uses pain. Considered a fetish by some. Part of the BDSM lifestyle.

There are people not interested by other aspect of BDSM but only interested about S&M itself. Often, they refer of themselves as Top and bottom, not as Dominant and submissive.


Type of S&M play where pain is being applied to a subs body (usually the ass) by the use of either the hands or any kind of toys.

Spanking Bench:

A bench design and used for restraining and/or bringing the submissive at the right position and height for spanking play.


A medical device to open orifices like the vagina or the anus. There are plastic ones (one time use) and the stainless steel one that should be sterilized after each use..

Speech Restrictions:

What, when. Training the submissive to say what is required of him(her) and when.

Spreader Bar:

A bar of any kind of material (usually wood or metal) used to keep two body part (legs or wrist) away from each other. Used in bondage play.

St-Andrews Cross:

A type of cross, usually in the shape of an X, used for bondage purposes.

Stable (Serving with other subsmissives):

Like in a farm where there are many animals; in BDSM, a stable mean to be part of many who serves the same Dominant(e).

Standing In The Corner:

Type of discipline use in DS.


Bondage equipment. Stocks have a long history as a torture equipment through the ages. It is not surprising to find them in people's phantasm ….. and their dungeon.

Strait Jacket:

Bondage equipment. The strait jacket is used in mental health if a patient is dangerous for himself or others. It can be made of thick cotton like material (originally), PVC, latex or leather. For some, it is a fetish.

Strap On Dildo:

Used in sexual game. Belt that has a phallus (an object in the shape of a penis), usually used by a female Dominant on female submissive (oral, vagina or anus) or on a male submissive (oral and anus).

Subs and Submissives:

Within a BDSM relationship, person which by mutual conscent, gives up the power/control. Could be a man or a woman.


Type of play used in BDSM play. Play based on being controlled by a a Dominant. Considered part of the BDSM fetish.

To read more about submission, we have an article at: The 9 Levels Of Submission by Diane Vera.

Sub Space:

Stupor cause by the rush of endorphins (the body's natural pain killer) in the brain when pain is being applied. The concept of subspace is often misunderstood as a purely mental and not a physical/mental condition in the BDSM lifestyle.


Being suspended by bondage.


A person who plays both "sides" in the BDSM lifestyle. This person, according to his or her own belief and values, will choose to be either Dominant or submissive in different plays. The concept of "Switch" is contested in by part of the BDSM community.