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Using Material From The BDSM Circle Web Site



This website is protected by means of copyright. We did the necessary to protect the original content of it legaly.

BDSM is for us, a passion. If some of our material or pictures are good enough for your own website or workshop, to use them, just put a caption with the author and url where the material comes from (Maître Pierre, Mistress

Better yet! Tell us that you are indeed using our materials, there's a risk that we will offer you an exchange of links, just for the pleasure of sending you hits......:) !!!!

For obvious reasons:

We have the right to refuse to other people the usage of our materials, the Berne treaty about the copyright laws protect us.

We only used this right once to disallow the usage of our materials in the past, to a .......pedophile website!!!!


For people into piracy....:

If, for you, using materials without posting the origin of it is hardly a problem, just rememeber that tools like Google makes it easy to find our material on the net.

2 possible outcome:

- We have a good reputation and even a bit of notoriaty within' BDSM communities on the net. People do reconize our material, so if someone use them without a caption about the origin of the materials on their own website, visitors will know EXACTLY to whom they are dealing with!

- When we do find some of our material used without the proper aknowlegement, we usually email the owner of the "faulty" website. If we do not have any "understanding" from the owner, a protest email, with copy to the host of the "faulty" website is sent. We had very good result so far with this technique!



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