Cyber Vs Real Life

by Mistress Catharine /katy

Hello F/friends and V/visitors..

Today I would like to talk about cyber versus real play… first of all.. yes.. Maitre Pierre and I are real life, 24/7.. and I personally would not have it any other way.. however saying that.. there is nothing wrong with cyber play.. and online relationships..in fact I think they can be wonderful.. it is a wonderful way for both Doms and subs alike to explore their fantasies as long as both players realize there is a big difference between real life and cyber…it is often not only disastrous, but downright dangerous not to know the difference….

In cyber the sub can always stay in bondage for as long as the Dom wants.. (there is no loss of circulation, no muscle cramps, or joints slipping out of their sockets!!),

In cyber the sub can take as much pain online as the Dom sees fit to give.. ( after all.. it is easy to read whack.. and respond with a Yes Master.. thank You Master…another please Master.. a little harder to do in real life when you begin to see stars, feel sick to your stomach and are finding it hard to even listen to what your Dom is saying to you)..

In cyber.. there is never the concern for physical limits (a human body can only take so much without permanent damage)

In cyber a rope never slips.. cuffs don't chafe, the sub isn't tired, on her period, or sick.

In cyber there is no true subspace.. now many will disagree with this.. but the following is why I say that.. true subspace is the result of endorphins (the body's natural response to pain, and it's very own painkiller) which are released into the body..endorphins create a feeling of well being… ( a little like a synthetic drug might), this is well kinda like the orgasm of bdsm.. and just as hard to describe as orgasm would be to a virgin ..suffice to say.. it feels fabulous, anyways.. I do agree that an adrenaline rush may be possible with cyber.. but find it pretty hard to buy that a sub can go into subspace…

In cyber.. it is easy to look exactly the way you want.. there is never those extra few pounds, a pimple, or a bad hair day..

In cyber.. it is easier to submit.. and to Dom.. in real life.. Maitre is always the boss.. but there are times I just don't feel like doing something Maitre wants me to do or because we are talking real life here.. just can't.. luckily for me.. I have an exceptional Master who takes my desires and opinions into consideration, now this does not mean I necessarily get my way.. but it does mean that Maitre will give some if it is not on a an issue that is particularly important to Him, it also means that He is realistic.. if the washing machine breaks for instance…. Well I may not get all the washing done that day…even though it might have been on a task list…

Now having said all that… cyber in some ways is superior… like I said.. the sub is never tired or cranky and can be as beautiful as the imagination can create.. a rope never slips.. a sub can take all the domination a Dom wants to give.. and it is a safe atmosphere to explore things we might not even like in real life, but can be awfully exciting in fantasy…

However… in cyber… I could not see the pleasure I bring my Maitre.. nor feel His sometimes soft and sometimes stinging touch… nor see the love in His eyes… guess that's why I am real life…

katy, submissive to Maître Pierre