Doing BDSM Without Having BDSM Needs!

by Maître Pierre


This month's update is a nightmare!

We have been working on different articles since a long time. Believe it or not, we have to put them aside to address more urgent BDSM topics....... BDSM is it a need or just a temporary fad!!!!!!! Do you have BDSM fantasies?

For me (Pierre), I have been talking and exchanging discussion on the net about BDSM since the mid 90's. Since 2000, I have been more "public" about my own BDSM and I have given workshop about BDSM, interviews to different medias but, Never, I had to deal with this type of topic!!!!!!

I still believe that BDSM is different for everyone and must be respect as a personal choice. But since about 2 years, the emails we received in our inbox are quite hard to answer, sometimes, impossible! In a way, it is easy to understand; for most topics, we either have an article already on our site or a prepared answer on our hard drive. But how to answer a topic like "how should I do my BDSM?" when they answered to my first question which is "what is your favorite erotic fantasy you base your need for BDSM" with: "I don't have erotic/BDSM fantasies....."


I know for a fact that BDSM is a changing word. People change, the way they do their BDSM change and, maybe, in my ideal little BDSM world that I share with my beautiful Catharine, I may be a bit out of touch! But being in an alternative sexuality without having a need??????????????? Yes, I am very puzzled!

But, now you know, that we are currently working on these topics and we should have a few new articles about this in future updates.

Maître Pierre