Learning The Basics Again.... And Again..... And Again!

by Maître Pierre


We've never hide the fact that we were BDSM, my partner Catharine and I. In the same fashion, I have never hide the fact that BDSM, for me, is a tool to meet, know and learn from all kind of people. You see; because we are always talking to and meeting new people, we are always questioning our belief and the way we do our BDSM. I could easily say that I am learning the basics of BDSM over and over again, and you know what? It is great!

Sometimes I have been fortunate to witness workshop done by amazing BDSM people. Most of the times, these workshop are about advance topics in BDSM like bondage, S&M and DS. Often people are interested by these advance topics and yet, after all these years, my own interest are about the basics, the "why" people have these needs and do what they do and even after all these years, I still learn so much about the basics of BDSM from people who are into their own discovery adventure about themselves.


But now, all this is taking a surprising and very personal twist for me. After many years of search and being in pain, the doctors have finally figure out what sickness I suffer from. Don't worry, it is far from life treatning but it is now a huge part of my life and I have to learn again how to do simple tasks. Just for your information, age, medical familly history and, of course, my own stupidity have for result that some of the joints of my right arm are completely destroy. Too much drum playing without proper warmup, carrying heavy sound equipment without thinking about my body have done the job. Of course, others joints and surrounding tissues are now attack and, in my bad days, I limp so much that I need the usage of a cane (the word fibromyalgia has been said by the doctors!). This actually one of the reasons why we've been a little quiet in the public lifestyle here in Montreal for a while.

I am now learning again about everyday stuff, I have to learn again to play my drums...and I have to learn again, how to do my own BDSM. The real twist about this is, after years of learning how to inflict the "good" pain on the subs, I now have to learn how to deal with my own physical pain that is a constant companion in my life. Trust me, that pain is not "the good kind" and it is damn frustrating that, during a S&M scene I suffer more than the sub at the receiving ends.

I have to learn the BDSM basics again, changing my ways to adapt it to my new realities. I know I will succeed in this because I have 2 secret weapons;

My own quest for the knowledge of basics. Learning all the time, how and why others do there BDSM already give me all the tools I need.

But my best weapon is called Catharine. She is always helping me to question my own belief as she is always questioning me about my own physical limitations. When I had to stop playing drums because of the pain, She assured me that I would play the drums again. Now, I am slowly learning about pain management, new ways of doing everyday choirs. My drums have been store out of the way for a while now but I am thinking of new ways to play them again..... and She is suggesting ways to adapt our BDSM to the new situations.


I am starting a new life but I am keeping the best of my "old life".......Catharine!

Sorry all, but you may think that your partner is the best but you are all wrong!

I have the best partner and She is all Mine!

Message to Catharine:

Thank you love for the best 8 years of my life and I am looking forward for at least the next 8 years!

I love you Catharine.

Maître Pierre