Lies And Deceptions In BDSM....Or Hope?

by Maître Pierre

Again, I have found copies of some of our articles stolen by other websites and MSN communities. It is sad that such a beautiful lifestyle is ruined by people who use it for deception. A BDSM relationship is based on trust, honesty and love. Yet, lies, theft and betrayal are common in BDSM.

Not long ago, in the light of the stolen articles, I was wondering why I should pursue all the work in this website. Over time we have more and more visitors making the financial aspect of running the website a heavier problem. Why should I continue the work, the research and writing for articles just to have them stolen from us by people with little honesty. We are in the middle of renovations and as the provider of my family, I should put more time and effort to make my family's home better and not this website!

Not long ago, I had a talk about this with my partner katy. She listened to me carefully. She patiently endured my venting where I told her about my anger and my sadness.

All she said was:

"I will follow your decision about the site Maître.....I trust you!


I believe you should continue for the future Bill and Judy's of this world......!"

Bill and Judy's!!!!!

The year 2004 has seen numerous suprising events in our adventure. From the "Kink" show where we were part of many of the thirteen episodes, to all the new people we have met. I cannot name all the new friends we have met because they are too numerous to name. Among these new friends......we have met Bill and Judy. Bill and Judy are BDSM'ers who believe in their own type of BDSM and yet, Bill and Judy represent everything we love and believe in BDSM because they respect other points of view that are different from their own. We know that they are great admirer of Us....like we are of them. We may have been on TV, but Bill and Judy represent the ideal in a BDSM relationship and we think that they are the real heros of BDSM because Bill and Judy are the perfect examples of what regular people are, with their qualities, faults and dreams.

Bill and Judy have changed our lives because they are true to themselves and honest with each other and their friends.

Bill and Judy are friends of ours.

And yes, we are huge fans of Bill and Judy.

This is strange; katy is my sub and I am the "provider" of our couple and yet, katy is Mistress Catharine and sometimes, Mistress Catharine just blows my mind away with her wisdom.

Yes katy, you are right, and we should continue our efforts for this beautiful lifestyle which is BDSM....because of past and future friends we may meet through our adventure involving this website.

You have probably guessed that Bill and Judy are fictional names to describe our friends. I have to use these name because for every bad person that we meet and create problems for us....we meet one new Bill , one new Judy or even a Bill and Judy couple.

We hope that 2005 will be as wonderful as 2004 has been to us and we hope that YOU will all meet Bills and Judys that will bring you the same joy that they brought us.

Thank you Bill and Judy, you know who you are.

I love you Catharine, just remember how magnificient you are and how beautiful you are in my eyes.

BTW.....this website is here to stay. The credit for this goes to you all. Keep writing us!

Pierre and/et Catharine/katy