Times are "a changing!" (Bod Dylan)?

by Maître Pierre

While I was driving, the Bob Dylan song`"Times are a Changing"was playing on the radio. The last couple of years have brought Us many new experiences and many new F/friends. The discussions with T/them over these last couple of years have been amazing! We don't always agree with each other but it is always a very interesting discussion.

What amazes Me the most is how katy and I, as well as people around Us are changing. We live in a lifestyle that has very strict rules and strong values, and yet, situations and realities are changing all the time. We have met many people who have very strong and precise opinions about things.....and then witness them change their opinions with the changes in their life.

You will say, "Well, of course, it is normal for this to occur!" but remember, people in the lifestyle are often unsually strong about their beliefs. We have met people who claim to be only interested in a particular part of the BDSM lifestyle and would never change or others that were submissive and claimed they would NEVER cross the line....


I see now, old F/friends who were only interested in a particular part of BDSM broadening their horizons, and starting to experiment in other parts of the lifestyle. We have also seen submissive friends becoming switches and crossing the line that they swore they would never cross......:)

Often T/they would claim that T/their daily realities have changed, so hence their change of heart.....but EVERYBODY's reality changes! This is part of life! Even the basic rules of the lifestyle state that everybody's limit must be pushed.....Doms included! So it means that even basic values will change! For someone to claim that This or That in their beliefs will never change is leaving T/themselves open to one day being proven wrong.

For people who know Me in the lifestyle, don't be surprised to see a small smile on my face, when I hear someone claiming during a munch or a party that "THIS is THE way to do things, or THIS is the ONLY way to be, according to their belief. We now know that time WILL prove them wrong because to evolve in the lifestyle, Y/you must be ready to accept change and learn from it. Not to accept these changes is to take a chance of being crushed by them. We have seen that happen to people who refuse to bend, to change. We all know the story of what happened to the oak tree that didn't want to bend in the wind......

To learn, to adapt, to grow and become better from experience is a large part of what a healthy BDSM lifestyle is all about!

Bob Dylan was right! Time is "a changing" So I still claim that "I am a DOM and Will Never change!!!!!".........."OH MY GOD!!!!!"


Maître Pierre