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Interested in posting an ad?

It is IMPORTANT that you read the following. If you don't, we will NOT put your ad on the site.

This web site is NOT on a free host. We pay for space and traffic. We want to keep this site free so there are no charges, and we expect you to go by our rules:

To send us an ad, you just have to read the following to understand the rules and send us an email with all the requested informations.



    - We do not endorse ANY ads.

    - Any ads that are racist, political, or considered by us to be in poor taste will not be accepted.

    - Any complaint from someone answering an ad will be investigated. If we find that the poster of the ad is dishonest or lying, the ad will be immediately removed. If we have any suspicion that a sexual predator is using an ad to find a victim, the ad and all our information about that person will be send to the proper law agencies.

    - Sorry, no pictures or graphical enhancement.

    - No phone numbers or url allowed on the ad.

    - We reserve the right to remove any email without warning.

    - We do not translate ads. If you want a bilingual ad, it is your responsibility. (Only French and English ads are accepted) Good grammar is YOUR responsibility (We only do a cut and paste operation with your ad)

    - We do NOT give out any emails or refer to people looking for a partner, this ad section is there for that. We have many BDSM friends and they are our friends because we do not push on them requests from people looking for a partner.

    - Ads can be any length but if you want to send a story, we have a section for that

    - No ads for professional Domming services or any paying services are permitted. You want to exchange links, it will be our pleasure to do so.


After your ad has been sent to us; here is the way things work on our website:

    - When we receive an ad, an email will be sent to verify that the email address is valid and the owner of that email has requested an ad to be put on our website.

    - We usually take just a few days to put any ad online, but, we still say that we need between 2 to 4 weeks to do so. It is just a question that sometimes, we do not have access to our computer for a while.

    - After about a year, an email will be sent to the owner of the email address to ask if the ad should be extended for another year or so. If we do not receive any acceptance within a reasonable amount of time (between 2 to 3 weeks), the ad will be removed. Only one email will be sent.

    - Ads will be group by countries. English and French ads are on the same pages.

    - Remember, by putting your email on an ad, some groups using specialized software are going to pick up your email address to send you spam. We cannot do anything about this. Be prepared!


Here are the informations we need from you in your ad:


    Since the ads are grouped together, the title must make you different from others. A title like "Male Dom looking for a female sub" is a waste of space and time. Be imaginative, be different!


    You are a: male,female,TS or couple and you are a: Dom, Top, submissive, bottom, switch, curious... looking for: male,female,TS or couple that are: Dom, Top, submissive, bottom, switch, curious......

    Type of relationship (Real life, email, cyber, friendship, discussion....)


    Country, Province or State, City


    We have discussions with folks from all over the world. This website is fully bilingual (English and French), so state what language you speak and desire to correspond in. (It is OK to put another language other than French or English for correspondence but ONLY French and English ads are accepted!)


    Describe what you are looking for (or what you don't want). Again, be imaginative and creative.

I am / We are:

    Describe yourself physically and "inside"

More details:

    You can travel or you can only play during week nights, or anything important that the interested person needs to know about you.


    You would be amazed by the number of emails we receive without a name

Email to:

    The email will be checked! (NO phone number!)

Date of ad:

    We take care of this part. This is the date that the ad has been put online and, later on, the date when the ad has been last check for validity.


This is your chance to be noticed!

Don't blow it!

In your ad, be interesting and colorful!

Using humor or any way to make your ad interesting is very good.



Finally and most importantly, in the email you send us with your ad, for ethical, philosophical and legal reasons, you must include this line:

"I am an adult, I have read, I understand and I accept the rules explained to me on the BDSM Circle website about my ad"

If this line does not appear in your email, the ad WILL NOT be put on the website.


To send us your ad, just email us!


Pierre and Catharine