Guest stories


By Toran's soft

Looking to you I dare to wonder where does this joy come from that cradle's my heart
Why is it that flames of pure ecstasy fill me
At the thought of a touch whipping life upon my skin
As the fire of you is building drawing me closer to the edge
Through your love growing - learning my surrender
As you reach for me from afar a silent promise of your desire
Shadows licking the walls of our shared dreams
Sacred and guarded
By the one who holds my soul
Breathing warmth into it
Where does this path lead me with its palms open wide
Silently I yield to you - seeing clearly I find my answers
I have only so many ways to tell you
You are my breath
The blood raging through me
Your kisses bless me
As they caress my heart and cloak me in your love
Releasing my private passions
Your hands strumming me teaching me your song
Silent tears shimmer on their journey
As our hearts and minds
To possibilities of each other
Spirits drifting closer - we connect while we're apart