Guest stories

Christmas In The Dungeon

By Aurey

she is kneeling in the middle of the dungeon on a straw mat,the straw biting her knees the longer she kneels there,the draft coming through the walls causes her to shiver and her nipples to harden ,she is not sure why she is there only she knows that her Mistress ordered her to be there,she can not think of anything that she has done to displease her Mistress but then she has been rather cheeky lately towards O/others that her Mistress no doubt knows and she has probably been reported

she is wearing a short pink skirt that her bare bottom peeks out of,her white top clings to her supple breasts,the material so thin one can see the darkness surrounding her hardened nipples,which press against the fabric causing her even more tingles which trigger her clit to start swelling and the moistness to form between her legs,she knows her Mistress will be pleased that she is ready for Her,even if She is displeased about something else
she thinks back on the last time she was in her Mistress' Dungeon,it was a very erotic event,T/they had had company that night when her Mistress ordered her to the dungeon,she glances over at the steel table and remembers the cold steel warming to her body as she lay there with her legs tethered to the steel poles,she didn't know then what was going to take place either,,that was the night she was shaved clean by her Mistress,she saw the flash of the metal razor but yet felt no fear as she trusted her Mistress completely
she feels her Mistress' presence before she ever sees or smells Her scent,she knows She is near but she dares not look up,her neck starting to ache slightly from being bowed for so long,,how long had she been there waiting,she doesn't know but with the straw now biting her knees and her neck sore she knows its been several hours,but feeling her Mistress near she knows it wont be much longer in this position,she chuckles to herself wondering if maybe this position wont be desired later,,
she senses that her Mistress is even closer as she can smell the scent of Her as the draft caresses her body and the shivers run up her spine,her wetness increases in anticipation and her breathing becomes deeper,she forgets about the discomfort and she can feel her body craving any touch from her Mistress,she strains to hear the clicking of Her boots on the stone floor,faintly she hears them until the sound is clear and she visibly trembles,she hears the handle creak and knows that her Mistress is standing in the doorway watching her body
she greets her Mistress in a solemn tone making sure not to sound impatient as her Mistress does not like that infliction in her voice,,unsure if she is in trouble she stays still waiting for her Mistress to stand in front of her or give her other instructions,listening for any signs to tell her the mood of her Mistress,she hears the air being cut with the flogger before she feels it,,biting her lip as the tears spring to the corners of her eyes she holds back the moan that dares to escape,
"Who owns you girl? " her Mistress states loudly
bowing her head a little further she softly but proudly replies "You do Mistress"
"Who do you serve,girl? "
"You,Mistress" her face growing crimson as she now knows what this is about,earlier in the week she served Another a meal and then cleaned up after Them,she was only being kind as that Lady did not have Hers with Her,she really hadn't flirted with the Lady,had she?,,but apparently it had gotten back to her Mistress and now she would pay
she quickly rose to her feet a bit off balance as her knees were weak from kneeling for so long,she kept her head bowed,clasping her hands behind her back,her body trembles as her Mistress slowly walks around her,inspecting Her girl
she feels her hands grasped and pulled up behind her one at a time and then dropped ,she clasps them again
" your nails are too long,girl "
" yes Mistress,they will be clipped " she stated quietly
she can feel her Mistress' breath on her neck and can not help but to softly whimper,her Mistress chuckles
" you know you are in trouble,girl, yet you desire Me to touch you? "
her breath catches as she replies "always Mistress " and the blush returns to her cheeks
her Mistress is now standing in front of her,how she aches to gaze into those mystic eyes that capture her very soul
the flogger kisses her right thigh and leaves its mark,she slightly flinches
"Who owns those thighs,girl? "
"You do,Mistress" the tears tempt to leave her eyes
the flogger kisses the left thigh with her response,the pink already rising before she can finish speaking
a sharp sting on her belly tells her the flogger found its next spot
her Mistress walks behind her,as she hears her Mistress speak,she feels both hands sting
"Who do those hands serve,girl? "
she feels the kiss of the flogger several times on her back and shoulders,she knows her Mistress can weld a harder swing but it seems that she is not in for a beating just a reminding,
her Mistress is standing on the girls left side now,
Her fingers trace Her girls jaw and tenderly glide down her neck,the girl leans into her Mistress' touch,She smiles as She pulls the flogger back and rains it down on Her girls ass,leaving a criss cross pattern.She then leans forward and tenderly kisses Her girls neck using Her teeth to leave little marks on the girls sensitive flesh,She truly loves Her girl and knows Her girl loves Her,but She would not be a good Mistress to let Hers do as they pleased when they pleased,this girl must learn this lesson
she has tears streaming down the sides of her face as her cheeks are on fire from the flogger,before when she used to say "kiss my ass" this is not what she ever had in mind,but yet she loved it just the same as it was her loving Mistress that applied the kisses with the flogger,she knew that she must receive this lesson as she learned quicker with a firm hand,she was grateful that she had a patient Mistress,,One that would give her the lessons in the form that she needed
"Who owns that ass,girl?"
"You do Mistress"
"Does that ass wish to please E/everyone,girl?"
"no,Mistress,only You"
"Then why do I hear that it does?"
she knows that this is the question where the answer will be her downfall,she speaks carefully
"i only wished to represent You well,Mistress,to show off what You owned and had trained " softly smiling to herself as she knew this was a good answer and her Mistress would be pleased,,she was wrong,,her Mistress saw right through her answer and the flogger bit into her breasts,two strikes to each one
"Now tell Me again,why did you serve Another,in My absence? and be quick and not so smooth about it,girl ! "
"i was only being kind,Mistress,as Hers were not present " she stuttered,holding back the sobs
her Mistress grabbed her by the Collar
" you have consented to wearing this precious Collar of Mine,you will serve NO Other,without My permission,EVER ! " She hissed at the girl,
her Mistress leans forward,grabbing her jaw and turning so She may look into Her girls eyes
"EVER!" She whispers while clenching Her jaw muscles
Her mouth clamps onto Her girls lips and searches for her soul,holding her head between both of Her hands the flogger falling to the floor
she can not stop melting her head growing fuzzy with just the kiss of her Mistress,she knows she will not forget this moment as she feels herself lifted up into her Mistress' arms and carried to the steel table
the table is always so cold but the coldness was never felt,her ass still burning from the flogger warmed the spot she was in quickly,her wetness dripping onto the table as her Mistress secured her legs and arms,she softly whimpered
" you have said yourself,you are Mine,you have said you serve Me,now you will show Me "
She softly caressed Her girls body,still clothed,but not wearing any panties,She smiled to Herself as She could see and smell her girls desire for Her
she felt the metal of the scissors against her flesh as her clothes were cut away and the chill of the dungeon air surrounded her naked body,a firm smack on her thighs reminded her where the flogger had kissed,her Mistress went across her body leaving Her hand print on top of the floggers kisses,she no longer felt any pain as the fuzziness had enveloped her mind,each swat felt warm and loving as she softly moaned,her own desire increasing,
She could see Her girls eyes get that glaze and knew she was ready,
She went to Her cabinet and took out a few of Her fondest accessories,walking back over to Her girl She knew that first She must have a taste of this wonderful creature,She knelt forward inhaling the musky scent of Her girls heat,and had to restrain Herself from diving into the passion and dying right there
She allowed Herself to drink from Her girl for several moments,feeling the girls hips rise across Her face,She slapped the hips with Her right hand to still them,as She knows this only increases Her girls passion and She was rewarded with a whimper from Her girl and an increase of nectar,which She lapped up greedily,careful not to touch the swelling berry that She knew ached to explode on Her tongue,,quenching Her desire for the moment She rose to the head of the table and kissed the lips that belonged to only Her,letting the girl taste the wonderful flavor of herself,
backing away from the table She stripped Her clothes off quickly and stepped forward within the girls reach and pushed Herself onto the girls hand, she moaned getting a handful of her Mistress' juice but unable to take it to her mouth to taste,she felt her Mistress' tongue wrap around her fingers and she moaned knowing they were licked clean so that even later she would not get to suckle them and taste her Mistress,,
suddenly far away it seemed there was a pounding,she heard her Mistress curse loudly and felt the ropes quickly untied,
"get cleaned up girl and dress W/we have company already " her Mistress ordered
"This will be finished another time"stated her Mistress quickly leaving the dungeon,,,