Guest stories

Come To Me (part 2)

By babe (LR)

He looks at her soft and vulnerable in sleep in the middle of His bed. He smiles. "Time to get up beloved", He says. She opens her eyes, slowly stretching and wiping the sleep from her eyes and sees Him.

"Master," she whispers softly, "command me. "S" Lessons," He replies, "Up little one." She rises from the bed and He takes her hand. "Come," He commands. She follows His quietly. He leads her to a door and pushes a small button on the wall. The door opens revealing a chamber lit with soft red lighting. Her eyes widen at the items she sees.

Whips, cuffs, and clamps hanging on neat little pegs or stacked on shelves. She doesn’t even know what some of the items are, much less hat they are for. He looks at her and watches her face as she looks into the room. He places a finger against her lips, silently commanding her to be silent. He moves His finger away and kisses her soft lips. "You are mine! I own you body and soul!", He instructs. "I may do with you as it pleases Me." He leads her to stand in the middle of the room. "Stand here and wait, eyes forward", He commands. He moves to a table selecting the items He wants. She hears Him returning to her. He shows her the soft black leather gloves and moves behind her, caressing her shoulder and down her arm. Slowly He pulls her arms behind her as He slides the leather glove up over her slender wrists to her underarms. He lashes the leather gloves together behind her back, leaving her breasts thrust forward. Her heartbeat begins to quicken. She feels her nipples hardening in anticipation.

"Beautiful", He whispers against her ear causing shivers down her belly and spine. Her nipples react to His one word, totally helpless she feels controlled with His Mastery of her mind and body. She hears Him moving behind her and then fells His hand cup her buttocks. He slides His hands down her thighs. Her body trembles and her body trembles.

He takes her ankle in His grasp and raises her foot slowly. He slides the soft black leather boot over her foot. The 3 inch spiked leather boots over her knees and encasing her thighs. The other boot on the other foot making her so aware of her nakedness. She feels her body react, drenching her thighs with her wetness. He steps back and looks at her, her skin pale and luminous against the black leather. Her arms laced behind her back, legs encased in black leather. He knows what is happening to her and He relishes it. He reaches into His pocket and pulls two small silver balls. Her eyes widen, as she does not know what they are. "Part your thighs, beloved," He commands. Carefully she moves her feet in the high-heeled boots and parts her thighs, opening for Him. He smiles. "You are mine," He whispers softly as He slips His fingers into her soft wetness.

"Your lessons now, my love," He whispers softly as He slips the little balls inside her.

"It pleases Me to watch you walk."

She takes a tentative step and feels the silver balls move inside her. "OH!", she gasps. Startled by the sensations they cause.

"Walk for me my love," He commands. Slowly she walks around the room, the sensations hitting her rapidly. Helplessly she moans deep in her throat."Oh Master, it is torment," she whimpers. "Yes my love," He replies. "I am on fire, please," she pleads. "Not yet little one," He answers. Aching with desire He watches as sheen of sweat appears on her body, nipples thrust outward and hard, lips parted breathless. Her body tormented with fire and need. "Yes little one," He says, "Tell Me what you want." "Oh please Master," she pleads, "take them out." "Tell me what you need, beloved," He commands. Struggling she whispers, "Please Master, I want to cum." "Come to me littleone,"He commands, "I will ease your suffering." Carefully she walks to Him, those wicked little balls teasing her with every step. "Open your legs for me," He commands. He opens His robe revealing His hard cock and reaches inside her parted thighs to remove the silver balls. Teasing her clit with His fingers

He asks, "Who is Master?" Writhing under His hand she answers, "You are Master." He grabs her hips and plunges quickly into her hot sheath, filling her, stretching her, becoming part of her. "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH," she cries out breathlessly. He leans forward and takes her nipples into His mouth biting and sucking as He moves inside her hot lush body. She cries out in pleasure as He drives into her. In and out faster and faster, building their climax. "Cum for Me my beloved," He commands. She explodes on Him, flooding Him with her honey, rocking His hard cock with her orgasm. "Master," she cries. He plunges a final time and shouts," MINE," as He erupts inside her softness, flooding her womb as He climaxes. Gathering her in His arms, He cradles her helpless body to Him and releases the laces at her back...

to be continued.....