Guest stories

DS Story

By Sweet Christi


He told her when to arrive and what to wear. "Heels, no pantyhose, short skirt, no panties, and a blouse" the note had said. Re-reading the email he told her to print and bring, she followed the writing down to his exact instructions. Entering his home, she saw the chair…sitting in the middle of the room. Quietly closing the door, she looked around , noticing the quiet. Soft sexy music played in the background, obviously meant to sooth but not intrude. She slipped off her blouse and bra leaving it in a heap by the front door as instructed. It was warm but her nerves started to get the best of her and she shivered. Anticipating her fear and uncertainty, he had left a glass of white wine and a shot glass filled with an unknown liquor sitting on the table with a note that simply said "drink".
She smiled softly at the gesture and appreciatively downed the shot glass and sipped slowly from the glass of wine. Placing the still full glass back on the table, she walked to the chair. Sitting down, she took care to lift her skirt to her abdomen exposing her hot wet pussy to the warm air. She drew in a deep breath of air into her lungs and slowly breathed it out as she closed her eyes. It felt like forever before she heard him, although it was probably just minutes, allowing time for the liquor to kick in.

She knew he was looking at her but she wasn't allowed to open her eyes and it was driving her nuts. She could hear his heavy footfalls on the wooden floor…approaching her. She felt his strong hands on her shoulders…behind the chair. Another flood of fear pooled in her abdomen. Almost reading her mind, he quietly whispered in her ear, "I am so glad to see you." Then he kissed the top of her head. Letting out a breath she didn't know she was holding, her panic ebbed.

She listened intently as she heard him shuffling through what sounded like a bag of some sort. Then she felt the soft, cool feel of a silky material covering her eyes. He was blindfolding her. She breathed heavier in anticipation. Silently thanking him for allowing her the safety of her skirt to cover her stomach, knowing it would make her less insecure. She then felt him take her knees…binding them to each leg of the chair. Not allowing her even the hint of being able to hide anything from him. The heat of desire began filling her. Making her thighs moist and sensitive. Making no sound, he then bound her hands behind the chair. She continued her silence as instructed. She could hear his breathing becoming heavier…more aroused and it pleased her to know she was the cause.

Then…silence. She sat there…tied up…blindfolded…waiting. It was excruciating to her. Her mind filling with images of him sitting across the room…looking at her…stroking himself…watching her breathe…watching her shift uncomfortably as her pussy filled with fluid and slid between her thighs. The skirt hovering on her abdomen reminding her of his thoughtfulness and removing all fear.

She felt his fingers touching her thighs. Not opening them…the ropes around her knees assuring him all access and denying her any room for modesty. He slid his hand up her thigh to the heat between her legs. She could hear the wetness there and smell her own desire making her more aroused. She could hear his breath catch. She smiled, allowing her head to fall back against the back of the chair in total relaxation…only feeling what his hands were doing to her. He found her clit and rubbed it gently, her hips rising to the manipulation of his fingers. Sliding one finger…then two…then three into her. Making her feel full…he then brought his lips to her breasts. He licked lightly making her thrust her back off the chair to make sucking her nipples easier for him. But…he didn't suck her…he withdrew his fingers from inside her. She felt bereft. Tears stinging her eyes she wondered if she had somehow disappointed him. Seconds later, she felt him take hold of her breast and place something on her nipple. It was pinching her but not really hard. Just enough for her to feel it. It excited her, never having felt anything like it. He then made his way back to her pussy. But this time, he had a vibrator. He didn't slide it inside her but he pulled her lips open and let it sit on her clit. Tormenting her to a fevered pitch. She felt him licking her breasts…playing with whatever was bound to her nipples….while the vibrator drove her insane. He took her exactly where he wanted her…and she wanted to cum. Knowing she was close…he said firmly "No, not yet baby." But she knew she was too far gone. She knew that futher strokes would bring her past the point of no return. In moments…she groaned…releasing her cum into his hand.

He then removed his hand…his mouth…his manipulations. She sat…feeling badly…feeling a sense of loss. He made no sound as she sat…breathing heavily…allowing her to calm. Moments passed…time ticked on…she heard nothing. Her body feeling sated and pleased…she waited. She then felt him unbind her knees, unbind her hands, but leave the blindfold in place. He simply said "On your hands and knees!" She slid onto the floor bringing herself into the doggie style position. Then he said "crawl", she crawled slowly forward until her knees hit the carpeting. Once on the carpet, he said "Stop". She was nervous…knowing she had displeased him by cumming when he had told her not to. She felt the first sting. His hand across her bottom. And then another. And then…another. It stung a bit but he wasn't trying to hurt her. She knew this.
Then he told her "crawl" and she crawled forward…until he told her to stop. Her head was between his thighs. She could smell his heated scent. He took her hair into his fist and brought her lips to his bulging cock. Pre cum filled her tongue as she lapped at his cock. Bringing her hand up…she stroked him as she slid her lips and tongue over his manhood. Licking lower she tasted his balls. Licking them like they were made of chocolate. And then…lower…beneath them. Licking there as her hand stroked his bulging cock. She liked pleasing him in this way.

Before he could cum…he brought her up to kiss him. The kisses were not soft and gentle like they sometimes were. These were kisses of pure need…pure passion. They tasted each other. Then he drew her back down to his cock. She opened her mouth in anticipation. Licking and sucking him until he moaned…shooting himself into her mouth. Spent…he reached up and tugged the blindfold from her eyes. Knowing that he was allowing her up to wash, she made her way to the restroom. Upon returning, he brought her up into his arms as he lay on the couch. He whispered reassurances of her being a good girl…how it felt…that he was pleased. He whispered that later…he would take her in other ways…and she smiled softly to herself in anticipation…