Guest stories

Fairy Tails DO Come True

By Sir Stryker

Each time I envision you, it is in the usual way littleone. Perhaps you have just come home from a business power lunch. you had dined on fine food and wine and brokered a great advantage for the community. The Prime Minister was dazzled by your brilliance and in depth study on the subject and wholeheartedly supported your ideas. AS a satisfied public servant, you felt vindicated for all your hard work and were a beam of excitement throughout the day. Then finally you came home to Me. your attitude changed from one of triumph to that of total submission. As you entered the threshold of your home, I was sitting in a sofa chair awaiting you girl. All of your accomplishments of the day soon faded as you say the stern look on My face. Instinctively you stopped and began to remove your clothes leaving them neatly folded just inside the door. Leaving only your stockings on, being held up by the garter belt I had you wear this morning, and your steamy high heels, you kneel and crawl toward My chair. Your head is down and your eyes stare at the carpet on the floor. The days excitement has left you now and there is a deep desire in the pit of your stomach full of only servitude to your Master. As you approach Me, you stop and lovingly remove My shoes and socks. As I sift through the evening paper seemingly ignoring you, I feel your slave tongue paying oral homage to My sweaty feet. It is Friday night, so I take the phone off its cradle as not to be disturbed. As your bear back is bent before Me, I reach down and grab a cat of nine tails. The harsh leather strikes your back. You whimper yet your mouth leaves not My feet. You wince as the cat lands again on your back. The red stripes rise up immediately. A soft moan escapes your lips. The lash lands in three successive blows and crosses your tender white back and shoulders. With the side of My right foot I slap at your face and force you onto your back. you are shocked by the sudden swift movement of your prone body, but before you can fully understand what happened, you feel my hands wrapping soaked rope around your ankles. You know better than to struggle when your Master chooses to begin another discipline session. Although you have just completed a multi million dollar civil achievement bill, now you are faced with your true calling within your home....that of being nothing more than the sex slave of your black Master. Your ankles are tied to the ends of two heavy chairs. They were much too heavy for you to move with your leg strength. And then I stand and tie your wrists above your head to the banister of the staircase. Naked and completely bound I stand above your face and kneel and slap each of your cheeks with a back hand hard. It leaves the imprints of four knuckles on your face and your eyes well up with tears. Having live with such treatment for a while and knowing full well that your Master often chooses times for such sessions, you lay there with your mouth agape and your breath comes in random spurts. There is a strange excitement which runs through you. The same excitement that runs deep each time your Master decides to use you for His strange sadistic pleasure. It is, after all your very life. The service you have not studied for in the university, nor strived for during your long week of staff meetings and power lunches. No, littleone, this is the icing of the cake of success from the business world you just waded through all week. This is the highlight of your life, your secret life which eats at the very essence of you all week. The inner, deeper masochistic side of you which you so carefully hide from your co workers and subordinates in the office. This is the side that you have only allowed, nay, fully given to the only person who can exploit, develop and fertilize and nurture in you girl. This is the side that craves attention and I am the Gardner of this craving. I alone am the one who can hoe the weeds, turn over the rocks, clear away the debris and bring out the clear dirt of your wicked being, thus after properly tilling this fertile land, create the largest rose garden within your very soul.
Standing above you now as you stare silently, helplessly up at Me I sneer down at you with seemingly disgust. You search your mind for any offense you may have committed this week. Finding none, yet knowing you must have overlooked something you resign to submit to the impending punishment session. Submit, hell, you welcome it. With a passive obedience, you lay there attempting to avert your eyes from My harsh glaze. What is mere moments of My stare to you seems like an ugly eternity of silence. I've not spoken and you fail to break the silence. Only you lay there in complete submission....awaiting the attentions of your Master. Completely in total submission to His pleasure and will.
It shall begin with My selecting a rather ominously thick rubber vibrator. I use it to slap against your cheeks. This means you are to open your lips wide and accept it yet you know not where it will be forced into. Perhaps I shall with steadfast pressure drive this intruder to the back of your mouth and even further until it bounces off the back of your throat? At times like these you really aren't sure what My intentions are. Yet one thing is a constant, and that is when ever I do force feed you this particular toy, you have always fund it best to create as much saliva as possible on it.
Just as your aching jaws seem to grow accustom to the large thick rubber cock I snatch it out of your lips. It makes such a pleasant popping sound as it leaves your sucking lips. The as it drips with your saliva, I drag it to down your chest and belly and it poises itself at the very entrance of your moist pussy lips. I allow it to linger there, slowly running it tale length of you there. I love the feel of your tummy muscles tightening and loosening in an attempt to anticipate the moment of the impending forced entrance yet keeping you off balance as again My steely coal eyes maintain strict contact with yours. I see your breath which comes in spurts, heave up and down. There is a red blush visible on your face and an involuntary gaping of your pussy lips. At this precise moment I use the strength in My arm to shove the thick rubbery intruder directly past your yielding pussy lips. An audible groan escapes your lips as you thrust your hips up to accept the deepness of the monster. It must be at least seven inches in diameter and has a length of a foot and a half. This is nearly too much to handle, too soon, and much too hard, yet you swallow any sense of resistance as you know to successfully accept this torture will gain favor with your Master. Gaining acceptance with your Master is what you secretly dream of. Being His for His pleasure, what ever He may require of you is the well that springs forth the life giving fluids which warms your bones. So you relax your inner muscles and sink back into the carpet and, as usual, accept the impaling with submissive silence. All the while secretly in the depths of your heart pleased with yourself for complying so well thus far.
Ahhhhhhh, but this is just the beginning littleone. W/we both know that on time such as this there will be more, much more to test your resolve. There will be ample opportunities for you to once again prove yourself worthy of My attentions. Oh yes, there are many others who would gladly suffer the sadistic pleasures of this Master and who crave to proudly wear His collar, His mark, and be His slave. You have already surpassed several who have learned the lesson of "Be careful what you wish for." A deep feeling of satisfaction floats past your mind as you can call the names of those lesser sluts who had hoped to use their womanly charms to distract your Master. Those who had been in a similar position as you are just now but have cried mercy soon afterwards and been dismissed. Exiled by this Master only to seek and serve some inferior One who failed to push the limits and bring them to their full potential. Yet since thus far you have met or exceeded all His desires, this night will be no different. With a smile I know this about you girl. And yet this is but another test to push the envelope of your resolve. One which I am sure you will pass with flying colors.
The rubber intruder is forced fully into the hilt and nestled against your very vulva. There is a soft grunt which escapes your throat which I ignore, knowing full well that there will soon be others.
Next a slim dildo which tapers to a thicker base is dipped into a jar of lube. I use My hand to slide the ass saving ointment downwards, slowly milking it to coat it from the tip downward toward the base. Holding it well within your view I stare at it as an instrument of desire. It is actually but a tool to be used on your slave boy girl. I gently massage it with the patience and gentleness you inwardly wish I would lavish upon you. Yet that is not to least not during this session. This night is reserved to further humiliate and teach you that all that glitters is not gold.
I know that you are not with Me for the hearts and flowers. I understand that all the accolades you need come between the hours of 9 to 5. That is were you gain the appreciation for your mental prowess. At work is where you shine and slowly advance up the corporate chain. Your office is where you have a staff, lackeys, those who kiss your ass and wish they could gain your approval, your office, or even your parking spot. That is where you make your bread and butter and perform all that you have trained and studied for. But now you are no longer at your office. Now you are tied to the floor, with a long thick rubber vibrator shoved deep and secured well inside your slave pussy. And now, on your very carpet in your own home you lay before your true Master about to feel a plastic dildo shoved into your asshole.
With a careless motion as to whether it may or may not hurt you feel your ass cheek spread and the hard plastic slick head of the dildo enters your asshole. If offers little resistance as it slides slowly at first then gains speed as it lodges itself up to the hilt of your ass. The thin walls of your pussy/asshole push against the two intruders and try to find a way to accommodate them. There is little comfort but in time they both feel as if you grew them from child hood. Until I switch them on. The thicker cunt monster begins to twist and churn in a counter clockwise motion. It bends and wiggles stretching your pussy wide. The head of it swipes off your vulva and hits the inner most sensitive spots of your pussy. Just as the harder plastic vibrator begins to rotate in clockwise motions inside the smaller passage of your ass hole. Your waist twists from side to side and lifts up and slams back down upon the carpet. At first you are attempting to squeezes the intruders out of both holes, then you suddenly find muscles you'd long since forgotten to grip and squeeze both of them hoping to maintain their probing existence. As you think one might just accidentally slip out, you find an unknown strength of control to actually suck each one back near the place where I have pushed them.
You face is flushed and your head rolls from side to side in pleasure. Pleasure of knowing that thus far you have accepted what your Master has given you. Pleasure that as your breathing becomes more controlled you are able to continue with what your Master may have in store for your slave boy next. This is your life, your real life, to take that which your Master wishes to give you. To prove that what ever this sadistic Master has to offer is exactly what you need to become the full and successful slave He requires.
No words escape your lips. Well you know that dialogue is not necessary unless initiated by your Master. It is the silence submission which pleases Him during these sessions. He cares less about the accomplishments you've achieved this day. The fact that you may have gained a new account, moved to a larger office and increased your staff by two thirds has no bearing on your current position of being bound naked to the floor with two intruders lodged into your pussy and asshole. The only thing the Master silently demands now is that you maintain possession of that which He has just placed inside your two holes. And the knowledge that there is more to come before this session ends....oh so very much more...and somewhere from deep within you, you crave it.
AS the two holes feel the intruders I stand and go to the dining room. There is what seems like an ordinary china cabinet with glass doors and various antique cups and dishes in front. Yet W/we both know that there is a hidden compartment behind them. My treasure chest of toys that I use from time to time on your lithe body.
Upon opening the inner door, I expose to your sight the implements of discipline you are quite familiar with. The clamps, the whips, the paddles, and such. With a long studying of these items I stare in wonderment. Thinking where shall W/we start this night??
Standing I select the three shiny metal electrodes. Your eyes squeeze out a tiny tear which runs down your cheek. A slight gasp emits from your throat as you remember the last time those tabs found your sensitive spots. A cool ointment now is spread over your taught nipples and another slather is spread on your exposed clit, as I pull back the hood. It is a false sense of cooling as I apply it but you know that is the extent of any pleasure. Then the metal tabs are placed and adhered to the moist spots. They attach themselves knowingly to the salve and slide not. To test their position, I grab a remote control device and point it towards your body. Mashing the top left button I hold it for three seconds. Your body jerks as a sudden nine watts of shearing pain shock your nipple to fullness. Your scream is involuntary and cuts through the room. Ahhhhhhhh you scream as the current snakes past nerves and settles into the base of your breast. Yes, the sound of submission entices Me so. The jerking of your shoulder and the flexing of your fingers alert Me that the batteries are still charge. Again I mash the top right button and the dance of pain causes your entire upper body to shake and shimmy as a pole dancer. Your hips are jutting up and down in an attempt to escape, yet not loose the two intruders down there, as your chest shakes from side to side in a failed escape to ease the pain of your nipples.
With the third center button now mashed your hips fly up off the floor as the current now zings your exposed clit. There begins a humping unknown as you twist and churn in attempts to roll over and scrape off the three tabs that are now punishing your nipples and clit. Tears fall from your eyes as I mash and release the three buttons alternately. You never know when or where the stinging zaps will land and you try to anticipate the pain, only to be fooled each time.
As the torture continues your body gives in and in a while you become accustomed to the strange pain. In fact, within a few minuets you actually welcome it and long for it. It is, after all, your very nature to accept the pain and punishment of your Master. It is a badge of courage you proudly wear to prove that you, above all else have learned to accept, nay, long for this time well spent in the pleasure of your Master. Surely you know that failure to do so would result in your being dismissed and replaced by another. This is a thought far worse than any treatment your Master could offer your body....His body. The most precious of gifts you could ever have given to Him.
For from somewhere deep inside you rests the knowledge that in a strange way He actually loves you. He needs you to fulfill His need to punish you thusly. You know that without you being here to submit to His strange, sadistic desires, He would be nothing. You know this because He's told you so in a much softer, gentler moment. You were amazed that He would actually admit this fact. Its a rare Master who will admit that the true power in any BDSM relationship actually lies in the slave, rather than the Dom. Yet in this Master, who is so cock sure of His true status, and in who He is, related this truth to you on more than one occasion. So armed with this knowledge, you fully submit to this an anything more He may come up with in order to continue to please Him. So in well trained and loving submission you offer your body to His pleasure and accept the pain.
It amazed you that One so large and strong who with one snap of your neck could cease your existence, yet through the pain, you have no fear of death. Even One as sadist as He would not dispose of such a treasure. Over and over again, at His every whim you have been tied to the floor, lashed to the cross, bent and bound over a saw horse, and beaten with various objects to the near passing out yet only to find that He somehow instinctively knew exactly where the breaking point of your pain threshold was and stopped short. This is what excites you most. The knowledge that He intends to save you and keep you for another session at another time. This is what you live for, and why you love and trust Him so.
As He sets the remote on an alternating mode which randomly zaps between your nipples and clit, He lays the remote just past your out stretched fingers. The rules have always been that if you can reach it, you can switch it off, but as usual you can't.
Next He stands and selects a flat ruler. Placing a chair above your belly He sits facing your pulsating, throbbing clit and lands quick, steady, successive blows against your swiftly swollen pussy lips. The moisture from the base of the rubber cock which still churns deep inside your pussy splashes spent pussy juices against your inner thighs. It runs down and puddles on the carpet under your well stretched asshole.
Slap after slap lands on those tender pussy lips and your hips now grind and wiggle in a new rhythm. Each time you force your pussy up, whether from the electrodes on your clip or the slap against your pussy lips, you slam your ass back down hard on the carpet. This, of course, drives the plastic dildo once again deeper into your asshole, causing a constellation of pleasures cursing through your entire boy.
Ahhhhhhhh the sweet acceptance of pleasure and pain. You soon find then one in the same. To be used and have time being spent at the Hands of your Master. Your mind is now giving way to your emotions and the feeling of submission and pleasing your Master surpasses anything your betraying body experiences. Save for the cries of pain and groans and otherwise unintentional noises your throat allows to escape, you make no sounds. You are more than content to lay bound there on the floor and provide something to your Master that many others have failed to give. Your total submission.
Soon you accept all the attention He offers and it is now becoming as welcome and natural as if you were in a warm bubble bath. This is not the first time you have danced this dance. As always it takes a little while for you to settle into it and this time is no different. The slap of the ruler against your pussy lips. The alternating zapping of the electrodes at your nipples and clitty. The two ominous intruders twisting and probing the depths of your pussy and asshole....all just another exercise of submission. It warms you to your inner being. It fulfills the dark side of your existence. You finally feel complete in the knowledge that you are truly fulfilling the needs of your Master as no one here to fore has been able to do. And you remain there, in satisfactory, triumphant acceptance.
After a while the beating of your pussy lips ends. And the power of the two intruders is turned off. You feel cheated as you have grown accustomed to those strange ministrations yet you remain silent. Only the look of disappoint shows on your face. I pick up the remote control and set the alternating zapping of your nipples and clits to a lesser, more pleasant jolt. Barely enough to alert you that they are still engaged, yet not nearly as harsh as they had been. A gentle humming at best. It's almost comforting in those sensitive areas.
I slide the rubber cock out of your pussy and it brushes against your well whipped pussy lips. This causes an audible gasp from your lips. Then the slick, wet dildo is placed just above your mouth as I stare into your eyes. I smile as you knowingly open and extend your tongue out to lovingly lick and clean your slut juice off the length and width of the warm rubber dildo.
As it is slowly pushed past your tongue and lodges itself at the back of your throat, you near gag yet soon loosen your throat muscles to accept it. A talent you have learned through continued playing of this game, and from the talented acceptance of sucking My own long black hard cock over and over again.
Seeing that you have again mastered the dildo, I snatch it out of your mouth and reach down and grab your chin with My thumb and forefinger. Squeezing hard, you purse your lips and open them knowing what is to follow. With My eyes burning into yours, I lower Myself so as My groin is now mashed against your face. My cock sinks roughly past your teeth and slides itself against your tongue and lodges near the top of your throat. I smash My course black curly cock hairs against your nose, and drag them back and forth against your face as I ride your face. With the ease of familiarity you suck and lick and swallow My steel hard black cock as it fucks your face. Again and again it slides back to just inside your lips, you sneak a breath and swallow hard before that black cock rams to the top of your throat. Faster now, stronger now, mashing your head beneath Me as all the while the electrodes cause your nipples and clit to dance to a tune unheard.
The only consciousness you are now aware of is that of satisfying your Masters long black cock. And you, as usual do so with great devotion and care. The face fucking gains in speed and you feel My bloated balls now begin to slap at your up turned chin. This is your sign that in the battle of cock sucking, you are winning. Soon I groan and grunt and grab your hair and force your face upwards, tighter into My groin. You nostrils are full of My sweat as you breath through them.
Then, as you knew it would, I begin to groan and grunt and you next taste the warm liquid you were meant to taste....the seed of your Master. The sticky liquid first shoots down the back of your throat. Your tongue feels cheated as it didn't get the craved taste you worked for but you know how to acquire that which you wish. Using your tongue on the tip of My cock head as I pull back you lap at the slit of it and then taste the warm seed of your Master. You use your tongue to swipe it against the sides of your inner mouth in an attempt not to swallow it, but rather to save it as a chipmunk might save nuts for later enjoyment. In doing so the cum from your Master fills your mouth and trickles down the sides of your lips. Not wanting to waste one drop of what you suffered and worked so hard to achieve, you again swallow, slowly as that cock now resumes pounding into your mouth.
As I feel the last drops of My cum about to subside, I pull out of your mouth and hang My cock just above your face. A few stringy drops now drip on your nose, forehead, and eyelids, marking your with My fluid. You lay there with it running down your face in true slave fashion. Then grab a handful of your hair and use it to wipe off your saliva and the remaining leaks of My cum. Leaving your hair matted with a moist mess.
I stand and leave you still bound on the floor and return thirty minuets later. You have no idea where I have went or how long I would have been gone but then you are unable to do much about it. When I do return I still speak not. I bend at your ankles and remove your heels. I know that during this session you have created much foot sweat for Me to enjoy. Ahh this is another passion I crave and you know that full well. So as I un cuff one ankle you lift your leg to My face so that I have easy access to the essence of your foot scent. This is a critical stage of this session as you full well know that if I find the scent which I crave here, all could well be for naught. For many slaves have learned to accept the pain and submission required of a Master, yet few can create and maintain the foot scent that drives THIS Master. And many more slaves have been dismissed for failure to do so. However, considering you have constantly worn these same heels for nearly three weeks, since O/our last session, you rested assured that My acceptance was assured.
As I breathed in the familiar scent of your toes and soles, I knew then that you had completely obeyed Me and My wishes. I fully enjoyed the foot scent you have created for Me and for nearly a full hour had no knowledge of your existence, save for your feet. The toenails perfectly manicured, painted slut red as requested. The shape of your feet, the wrinkles of your soles, so soft and moisturized as I've instructed you to keep them. All for the enjoyment of your Master.
Such obedience shall not go un rewarded littleone. For after I've sufficiently calmed and comforted Myself at the feet of My slave, I lift one succulent foot to My face and sniff deeply the scent of you. My long black cock once more springs to life and My hand grasps it. I pump it up and down while licking between your lovely little toes and in mere moments your face is once more coated just as your mouth was with shot after shot of hot stringy cum. I use the hardness of My cock to slap against the sides of your face, splashing cum all over your hair and forehead, nose and mouth. Your tongue snakes out to lap and lick at what it can reach and I detect a satisfied little smile cross your lips. Once I regain My breath, I too can not forestall a slight smile. A smile of approval in the fact that you have once again fulfilled Me and prove yourself worthy of My collar.
Again I wipe My dripping cock in your hair, then I remove your electrodes and turn off the remote. You whimper at the sudden stopping of the constant buzzing. I unhook your wrist cuffs and offer you a hand. Lifting you to your feet on shaky legs, I hug your well used body close to Mine and softly kiss your forehead, tasting of My own spent cum. I kiss your matted head and run My hands gently over your shoulders and down your back. Holding your tight W/we both know this is as close to admitting My approval of you as I can come. And your body softens into Mine in knowing acceptance of a session well conducted.
Breaking the hug, you now realize why I had left you along, bound for so long, as I now lead you into the Master Bathroom. I have filled the kidney bean bathtub will warm soapy water. I'd even spread rose pedals on top of the bubbles. I lead you to the end of the tub and hold gently your hand as you step in. As you look toward the makeup desk at the side of the bathroom you see I have laid out a slinky black strapless evening dress with all the necessary accessories. This alerts you that I have been well pleased with you this night and to reward you W/we shall soon be at one of My favorite restaurants where, adorned with your collar, you will be treated as the Lady you are to a enjoyable night on the town.
A satisfied smile settles across your face as you sit back and sip from the glass of wine I'd left on the other edge of the tub for you, as I walk through and close the bathroom door, with only the soft words ringing in your ears.....Well done, My Pet, Well Done!