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Femdom, Chastity Lovedreamer Academy...

By Pornie Slutsky

The lovedreamer and sex-slave academy..where men learn to become slaves..intimate diary of Pornie Slutsky


It was 2010. Adam awoke this morning with sand in his eyes.Today, his re-training as a male would begin so that he could better serve his new Female Owner Vanessa..

This story explores the psyche of submissive men men that submit themselves whole-heartedly to the superior woes, charms and the intellect of the totally free,...always superior in stature, in looks and in vision as well as in their superior domineering attitude pf their Mistresses.

Initially the innocent charm and seductive power of the young women entice the vulnerable male; generally a sexually-frustrated male past his prime or a young male too inexperienced who sees the good looking girls and women around him look down on him with their usual squirm and disinterested attitude towards him and categorically decline any sexual requests.

Sexual gratification could no longer be expected. Ersatz-sex, as it was called would be their life’s calling. Ersatz-sex usually implied a promise of giving the Mistress some pleasure in the future either by licking her ass, pussy or shiny boots. In exchange, a commitment or task was expected of the male; either to submit to surgery, reconditionning or usually to repair or renovate a dilapidated building.

Most jobs on the cleaner efficient offices or high-tech factories were reserved for Females or their Level 5 Slaves. The more druggy, the more humiliating, or disgraceful jobs were especially reserved for imbecile tasks slaves that had been conditioned to toil, to suffer, to sweat in silence and to shed no tears.

The system in place was fool-proof. Once a male was registered as a unit or slave, his course was set.

His New Female owner could decide what to make of him. The procedures put in place by the OEDIPUS program were well orchestrated and left nothing to chance. It usually assured the Female Owners absolute Control over her units.

Usually, this assured that despite ugliness in the outside world , the grace and wisdom of the ever wiser mistresses , her power grows by their sheer knowledge of their slaves weaknesses, his mental incapacity, his limited thought ability and vocabulary and access to information which they withhold to keep their submissive in the dark about everything but a limited task at hand which he was expected to perform without hesitation …

In the mid 2005, the women started a deliberate evasiveness and control program with limited access for their husbands or life-partners re Phone messages, general news, her shopping errands, then about her schedule, her friends or other life-partners, lovers , her sexual conquests, her emails, her investments and money and other things important such as travel plans, moves, new pets or new habits and lifestyles imposed on her submissive male ‘’life-partners’’ from one day to the next.. all without warning.

The submissives lives becomes more and more precarious in their position and must strive to deserve and somehow earn his Mistresses’ trust and attention daily.

Most women, even lesbians had 4-5 slaves but a well to do woman like Vanessa would have in excess of 100. The unit becomes unsure about his schedule, the time of day, the date until the box he lives in becomes smaller and smaller while that of his Mistresses will be to lead the life of a jet set socialite with her Mercedes Coupe, kept spiffy and shiny by her obedient slaves.

Woman grow to abuse, humiliate and finally betray them .. .while their Submissive enjoys the pain of pleasing their One Goddess or Mistress.. Knowledge of the female motivation, interest or boredom with the topic cannot be pretended because the writer of this story is a lowly male with little understanding, but only dreams, urges, frustration, wishes and commitments that greatly limit his sexually depraved and very busy schedule pleasing a Woman that is taking his levels of submission to higher levels every day.

Let me first tell you about myself. I am university-educated, well-travelled, was well-read until 2005, used to peak at women’s bottom with my wife present. There are those that would have called me a playboy, seducer, poet, philosopher with good taste for real estate, winning legal cases and beautiful women here in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal. But that was just five years ago.

Since then, my outlook on life has definitely not changed. ..or has it I am just so thoroughly and utterly mind scrambled by my longings for some ersatz-sex and my most basic and depraved instincts..Frankly, I no longer know wether I am coming or going...

The center of my universe and the focus of my attention is my wife-goddesses honey pot and ass , right there north of her beautiful and shapely legs. Today, my Goddess buys extravagant latex or leather outfits and my gaze is limited up to her ass, no higher.. often much lower.

I spend part of my days on my knees , cleaning the house, the bathroom , the kitchen and I look forward to the tick-tuck of those sexy heals on the wood floor in that ornates our luxurious and comfortable home in a wealthy neighbourhood riddled with Mercedes, Jaguars and SUV’s generally with women being chauffeured in them by their slaves or husbands. One day everything changed for me!

Once my glasses had been been smashed by the heels of my Life-Partner /Wife/ Mistress after I once brought her the wrong color of roses when she shouted: Why the hell do you need glasses anyway for. You can’t even bring me the mauve roses I so adore. The word wife was officially deleted in 2008 and replaced by DLP-Demanding Life-Partner and SLP-Submissive Life-Partner.

She shouted at me at the top of her lungs ‘’What mediocrity. ! You are incapable of making decisions. I’ll grow to expect it from you but what I prefer even more is a constant and lowly state of Obedience , while your brain emits only those mediocre beta waves but you are still in need of a lot of training to help me redefine our relationship. Your chastity has made you a bit more responsive but the sperm you deliver is insufficient and thr foreplay sessions are still lacking in true slc, submissive loving care!

You must learn from talking back to me when I emit my wishes and commands. You can spare me your lecturing about your Globe and Mail articles and reviews that make you sound more learned than you truly are. No more of your time wasted on this when you should be peeling the potatoes or ironing my shirts…or down on your knees making the floor shine . Total Ignorance for you shall be bliss.

All you need to know is that I ll decide from now on when you ll eat, sleep, shit , urinate or eat pussy, wimper or jerk off. Our relationship will be one of total freedom for me, freedom to sleep, to eat, to fuck , to whip you, to humiliate you and to degrade you as I and when I wish.

‘’ . I was quite troubled by what she said but deep down somewhat excited as what devilish plans she was up to so I just said. ‘’Yes Mistress’’..I said with my usual degree of sarcasm and cynicism..

No more Satellite TV and lounging for you either. ..just some instructional videos from my Introductory submit and obey (ISO 9005) series. She read aloud the contents of a brochure which has been mailed to her. The envelope was marked ‘’Confidential’’ FOR DLP USE ONLY. She rambled on…

1- Always choose Obedience over self-doubt, dont hesitate to choose Instinct and emotion over reason, have him focus on hope for pleasure instead of self-respect .;then trade Pleasure for Fantasmic abstinence to and ultimately for veneration for your Mistress;

2- 5 exercises on applying these principles and help cement his new identity as a SLP or SLA - slave to Another.

3- Teach him to Live Down there...the life of a sex-starved insect. Teaching him the life of an insect. Restraining him and Have him Focus solely on your Ass, Toes and Pussy.No more wall Street More Globe&Mail. Over are those days of smug passivity... Limit eye contact to Discipline or Sodomy sessions . 4 exercises that bring home the meaning of the word Humility and submission..

4- Have him become more and more dependent on you- his Owner or Mistress. You shall become his Sole provider of News of the World ,of Shelter, of Affection, of Food, of Discipline , of Tears, of his Pain and Punishment...of his fantasies and maybe occasionally on some hard-earned release..

5- The slave shall learn to take nothing for granted but a Good whipping . You will tell him the tasks he is to perform for you, the time of day, your expectations …for the Ersatz-sex, the Eternal Hope and Illusion of sex...and to tell you whether you’re coming or going! .

6- 5 exercises that illustrate what is meant by Blind Obedience and Medicated Pussy essential in the initial formative years.

7- Dull his memory skills , learning skills and IQ in line with his new station in life! Evacuate all thoughts and habits from his previous life when the slave was a husband, lover or boyfriend. Reward stupidity, senility and passivity. Discourage and punish initatives, plans and/or any assumptions.

8- Have the Slave responding to all the triggers and Conditioning training.Understanding the tools, cool high tech devices, instruments, agents and other tried and proven baser technologies to help the SLP accept and focus on his role and graduate with humiliation into the slavedom, subservience and blind obedience..that he so craves.

9- Most of these mind-control tools had been developed and used successfully by the US Army. The New Vocabulary called SLP language was international and in the transition in the early 2005 had been around 500 words of English and French mixed with Latin. The challenge was to have the older males unlearn the bad words forbidden for their use. Continual efforts had been made to reduce this vocabulary to a less than 100 words...ensuring the SIMPLETHINK and PAVLOV100 training programs.


Those included and made it clear that a SLP should never expect, hesitate, pretend, communicate, assume, undertake, stare (eye-contact) , doubt, question, read, motivate, order, eavesdrop, stand tall, talk back or own, feel entitled, or otherwise formulate, plan ,organize or purchase any articles or services.Those words and concepts had to be unlearned and were strictly VERBOTEN. They were now for the exclusive use of DLPs and various penalties existed for first-time offences and the TV shows like ‘’Slave on Train’’ or Train your Slave were used to entrench these edicts and their key words were things like request, beg,fear, deliver, execute, repair, clean, cook, kneel, bow, lick, hurry, lift, deliver, carry and otherwise perform orders of his DLP.


Practical exercises and rituals to destabilize and rid the SLP of ego, equilibrium and frames of reference...maturity or judgement. Learning the meaning of the word’’ precarious’’. Trade promises of work and sacrifice in exchange of smiles, suggestions, dreams and Ersatz-sex.

In 2009, my Life-Partner registered me in the Love-dreamer Academy as pretence to help me lose weight and help me discuss my inadequate loving patterns with other men with similar problems.

The Academy was run in a very efficient manner by a corps of 10 women, each methodically acting with an air of assurance, of superiority and of humour and mischief that bordered on the devilish at times. All of these women irradiated a rare sexiness and seductive power that brought the males at this remote house in the Quebec Laurentian Mountains to an area where they become very eager to please those women’s unquantifiable whims and fantasies..

In a nutshell, the three-week training dealt with the following topics and men were encouraged to contribute as long as the comments were helpful to the others, served in the process of transformation in the spirit and was supportive of the main thesis that women were superior and were created to direct men into pleasing and worshipping them.