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Guest Stories

Five To Seven

Brandi Siminov


Five o`clock . The afternoon stream of workers had turned into a raging torrent. Nobody wanted to stay a split second longer than needed , chained to their desks . Some headed straight to the subway station, some walked to the nearby gym . A handful made their way to a roving ice cream vendor, who knew exactly when to make his appearance. Two ladies got there at the same time .

` Gwen ! Gwen Mars, is that you ?`

` Katie, hi ! Yeah , it`s me. I tried calling you so many times, and we meet here. You work downtown now ? `

` Work and live, if you please. I have my own company now, and found this fan-TAS-tic flat , just by the plaza fountain . Say , you look just terrific, Gwen. I mean, like wow ! So, what`s the secret? Diet ? High intensity training? Tell me, tell me .`

` Some working out, for sure. Mostly dieting .You`re looking hot yourself, y`know.`

` Oh, I have this suit to thank for that . A bit of leg , a bit of boobs, that`s all it takes Shows what I want , hides what I want . But, how do you do that ? I mean, you have a figure now, girl. Oh la-la !`

` Mostly I have to stay away from fun foods. Will you stop ogling me ? I always embarrass easily .`

` Okay , okay , but I am so so jealous. But hey , why are you gorging on the ice cream if you`re watching your diet , hmm ?`

` All right , all right. I`ve been outed . But be real Katie. You don`t see ice cream on the streets in January , do you . Summer, girl. Now or never .`

Katie wagged her finger at Gwen , and smiled a crooked smile .

` Naughty , naughty . You know what happens to girls who cheat on their diets, do you ? `

` Mm, this is great. Okay , what happens to them ?

` They get a good spanking , that`s what . Oh, all right , I`ll have one also .`

So Katie bought the specialty ice cream, with cookie dough and chocolate chips .

`Oh, so now who`s cheating , huh ? All those calories .`

` I`m allowed ,because I`m my own boss. Hey , tell you what. Let`s walk over to my place. I`ll show you what I found.`

` No, I`m already late, Katie, maybe some other time, okay ?`

` Oh, come on, I`m only five minutes from here , see that clock, on the -`

Katie was gesturing with her ice cream when suddenly it became detached from the cone and deposited itself in the front of Gwen`s blouse and lodged itself just behind her blazer .

` Oh ! , oh , I am so sorry, Gwen, so sorry . oh, i cannot believe I did that . Oh, how could I be so stupid !`

` It`s okay , really . I`ll be home in no time, I`ll take care of it , Katie . really , don`t worry .` Gwen tried to fish the scoop out of her clothing , and made the mess even worse .

` Here, let me help you`, Katie offered, helping Gwen out her blazer , easing it off her shoulders.

` Don`t be silly , Gwen You are coming with me, changing into one of my outfits, and going home like a lady , not some slob. No question about that . Come on, come on, we`re only two minutes away .`

They walked quickly to Katie`s apartment ,and went up the elevator to the top floor. A few buttons pushed, and they were in.

` Katie, this..this is stunning ! What a view. The river, the bridge. You`ve really got it made here.`

`It does make life worth living , I`ll say that . Here, let me take your blouse. I still cannot believe what I did. Oh, look. Your skirt also. Well , if I`m doing one, then I`m doing both. Sorry about all this , Gwen. `

Gwen handed Katie the last of her ice cream, and undid her blouse . Then , she stepped out of her skirt . Katie gawked at her friend, who blushed . Katie took the clothing and dumped them in her washing machine, quickly set it , and returned to assess her friend`s new-found look .

` Oh, you have those thong-thingies ? That is so adorable !` Katie leaned in and fingered the elastic on Gwen`s thong, casually brushing her hip and butt .

` I got it near my place. Steve likes it , for sure .`

`Oh, he does ? Doesn`t surprise me,, not a bit. You sure look hot and kinky in that, I`ll tell you `

Katie let go of the thong , while still looking at Gwen .

` Kinky ? I hadn`t though of that . well, you never know .`

` Try everything once ,I say. Twice, just to make sure. You okay there, Gwen ?`

` Yeah, just.. do you have a robe here, Katie ? I just feel, you know, awkward.`

` If you want . There`s just the two of us here, Gwen, and if you haven`t noticed, I`m a gal , too. You did say that you go to the gym, right ? You shower there , don`t you ? You get naked ?`

` Yeah , I guess you`re right . Still ,it feels funny, you wearing your clothes, and me, well..`

` But you have a great body , Gwen. I envy you , honest . Those boobs, that long, blond hair . Plus , with that tush , you can keep any leg man happy , believe me. `

` Katie, you`re making me feel awkward. `

` But why ? I mean , aren`t you proud of your body ? Compared to you , I`m an ugly duckling. Besides –oh , look , your ice cream is melting. Wanna share ?`

` Share ? You mean, like, the same scoop ?`

` What did you think I meant ? here, let`s do it .`

Katie held the soft ice cream to Gwen`s mouth , inviting her to lick , and she did . Katie took a long, sloppy lick , watching for Gwen`s reaction .

` Bet you never thought it could be such fun, did you Gwen .`

` No, no, it really is -`

Katie cut her off by pressing it to her lips, gently but firmly , and herself licking it, bringing her tongue close to Gwen`s, ,and touching it . She pressed closer to Gwen, brushing her blouse against Gwen`s breasts , breathing on them , looking at them .

` This can be fun, Gwen. Wanna have fun ?` Katie half whispered, half breathed .

` I`ve never done this. I`m not sure .`

` Don`t worry . Just relax, Gwen, Just relax. And lose the undies, too.`

Katie undid her own shirt , then slipped out of her bra . Her breasts were smaller than Katie`s , but had a more firm look to them . Her red hair, and a dramatic slant to her brows gave her blue eyes an odd, riveting look .

Gwen unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Then she pushed down her panties, and faced Katie.

` Remember what I said, Gwen. Try everything once. `

Katie got right up against Gwen, holding her face in both hands and placing her lips own lips on Gwen`s mouth . Katie still had the taste of chocolate on her lips , and Gwen licked her lips .

Katie moved in closer, breathing in Gwen`s scent , from her face, her hair, with the scent of lemon . Her tongue pushed, probed deeply into her mouth , rolling around her tongue, catching some leftover chocolate, scoring a peanut crumb , too .

The , Katie stepped back just a half step. She had a sloppy, ropey thread of spit hanging between her lips ,and she looked at Gwen while she ran her hands down to Gwen`s hips ,and and up her chest , and her round over-sized breasts .

` You are making me so hot Gwen . So fucking hot . ` And Katie stared to play with her breasts, palming them , looking at them , then licking them . she placed the left nipple between her teeth biting just a touch. Then a bit more . A bit more .

` Oh` ! That hurt ! Gee I don`t know about this stuff, really . Steve is always gentle with me .`

` Well, fuck him. I`m going to show you stuff that your dear boyfriend never dreamed of. `

Katie took Gwen`s hand, and led her to a futon , still unmade. With one motion, she ripped off the quilt and laid herself down .

` Come down here , Gwen. Make me happy . Don`t be shy , I`ll help you out .`

Katie took a thick, firm pillow and stuck it under her ass . Then, she bridged her legs and spread them wide, inviting Gwen to play with her yawning , glistening pussy .

` Make me happy , baby. Make Katie happy .`

Gwen bent down, let her lips touch Katie`s pussy . Her lips licked, slowly at first , then more quickly , deeper, probing , pressing, teasing her clit , bringing out a trickle then a stream , then a gushing of juices. Katie rocked and moaned , grabbed long red Gwen`s hair and stuffed her head onto her cunt .

` That`s it that`s it , do it do it do it, come one come on come on make me cum make me cum ..`

Her free hand reached out and found Gwen`s bubble butt , and smacked it . once . Twice. Three times

Gwen didn`t react as Katie expected . Instead she paid more attention to Katie`s cleft, sucking in more juice while still arching her back, inviting more swats. Katie obliged , giving her ass a warm ,red glow.

` You`re good, Gwen. Very good . I didn`t think. Now, I have to reward you . Lean back. All the way , that`s a good girl . Mm , now let Katie do her thing ,okay sweetie ?`

Katie kneeled on top of her, as Gwen opened up her strong, muscular legs . She inserted her fingers into Gwen`s pussy, a little at a time, moving them around, pushing deeper, then pulling them out. She looked at Gwen, and offered up her wet fingers, to Gwen`s lips . She hesitated at first , the licked her own juice .

` That wasn`t so bad , now was it ? A bit sweet , a bit thick , hmm ?`

` It was okay , not bad.`

` Oh , it gets better. Much better . Hold on , I`ll show you .`

Katie resumed fingering Gwen`s snatch, but now she used three fingers. She pulled out her fingers, and smeared Gwen`s juice on her own breasts, smiling as she did it . Then she went back , this time with four . Gwen squirmed and groaned , just slightly .

` Oh, that`s big. That`s so big .`

` Oh, but you love it , I can see . You`re just gushing now.` And Katie smeared herself again .

` Gwen. Gwen. Know what I wish? Truly, truly wish ?` Katie asked, laying herself out on Gwen`s curvy body .

` No, what do you really truly wish ?`

` I wish that I had a cock . I wish I had a big , fat cock, so I could fuck you , good and hard. Better than you dear boyfriend could ever do . Oh, I would love it, to fuck your ass, to fuck your juicy cunt. And to fuck your mouth . Don`t you think you would love it too ? `

` I would , for sure. It sounds so kinky .`

` mm got that right . But since I don`t , this will have to do .`

Then she pulled all five fingers together tightly , made a fist and entered Gwen once more .

` OH ! , that hurts ! Katie, that`s too big , please stop, you`re hurting me .`

` Sshh , sh, you`ll be fine . Just relax, you`ll love this .`

And Katie plowed into her cunt again, past the wrist joint , and pulled back to enjoy the juice again . Then she re-entered , this time halfway up her forearm .

` Oh, oh, oh, it really hurts, please, it hurts, stop. Please`

` Poor baby. Well, if you can`t play any more , I understand. But you have to clean up before I let you go .`

` Clean up ? I don`t understand. I `m so sore I`ll never play this way again .`

Oh, sure you will. Right now , though. I want you to clean up this mess. Right here . see this ? On me ?`

` You mean, all that sticky , gooey stuff on your boobs ?`

` That`s right. Your sticky gooey stuff , on my tits. I want you to lick it up. Every little drop, you hear me ? You are going to use that cute tongue of yours to lick my tits perfectly clean. If you miss one bit , one teeny bit. Well you`re going to be in deep shit , let me tell you . Now get busy , girlfriend. `

Gwen slowly leaned forward and started to lick Katie`s boobs. Starting at the top, then to her cleavage, then underneath , over and over. She had no idea what Katie had in mind, only that it would be deeply perverse.

` My nipples. Don`t you dare forget my nipples . I want a perfect job from you , girlie.`

A few more minutes and Katie`s boobs were totally clean , and Gwen sat up again .

So ? Do I pass inspection ?`

` Let me check. They look okay let me see . No Not quite what I wanted.`

` No ? But I got all of it. You`re not being fair. `

` Fair , huh ? Try fun. This is all for fun. Mine, maybe yours too . Now just lie down on your stomach , I`ll be right back .`

Katie got up to bring something from her bathroom, and returned in a few seconds.

` See , when I want something done, it gets done my way . Not half way , not your way . My way ,understand ? `

` y-y-yes I understand. What`s that in your hand ?`

` Just lay down like I told you . It will become painfully obvious in a second . Oh, will it ever .`

Katie got up on the futon, and straddled Gwen . Then, she sat on her upper back, so that she faced Gwen`s legs .

` How old are you , Gwen ?`

` I`m twenty seven , why ?

` Just asking . By the way , that thing in my hand ? A mini cutting board, with a handle. Real bitch when it lands on your ass, trust me on that . Here we go. Ready..`

And she wound up and paddled Gwen`s full upturned ass, landing the blow on the crest .

` OWWW! Are you crazy ? that really hurt .`

` Hm, music to my ears. Hang on, here`s another .`

The second landed on top of the first with a thick report , and Gwen yowled in protest .

` Stop stop, you`re hurting me !.

Oh, don`t I know it . I warned you , this is what happens when you cheat on your diet . `

Then Katie spanked Gwen`s butt ten more times in quick succession. Gwen`s yelping was non-stop , a string of teary cries and pleas for mercy .And a pause. Gwen`s ass was a deep red, turning purple . In some spots, the skin was lifting off.

`ohhh, I `m so sore please, stop . I won`t be able to sit tonight . Please.

` You`ll be lucky if you can sit by next week, kiddo . Oh, look. You might be getting blisters.`

Gwen could feel Katie flowing as she sat on her back, she felt every move as Katie`s ass adjusted to her swings . After twenty spanks, Gwen dissolved in tears.

` Almost there. Seven more , and we`re done. Promise.`

` ` SEVEN !

` Please no..`

` SIX ! `

` Not another, no `

` FIVE !`

`Oh , oh, oh`

` FOUR ! `

` I can`t take it ,please`


` god, no, no

`TWO !`

I can`t believe this , I just.`

` `and , the last ONE !`

` Ohhh, my ass. I`m never going to sit again. Oh,, `

Katie goy off of Gwen, and then helped her up .

Gwen made her way to the mirror. Sure enough , her derriere was a mass of bruises and bumps . And pain as well .

` Aww, poor baby. Aunt Katie`s going to let go home now. Just remember, for next time , though . I never do what you expect , and I never ask twice. Okay , sweetie ?

` Okay. Okay. I`ll remember for next time . Promise.`

` Good. Now, kiss me bye-bye, and I`ll get your stuff. Okay ?`

Okay. Till next time , okay Katie ? `

` You bet , sweetcakes . Till then.`