Guest stories


By Toran's soft

In a place between darkness and light
Gossamer jewel on winged glory
The soul takes its flight
Resting gently precarious in your care
Glamorous in a time of newness
Shine it softly with love over time
Wiping away the aching of its toils
Let not the discords of time cause grief
Nor allow the to past tarnish its glow
Cherish each dent and chip
A temple of achievements
A concerto to life
They do not mar its tenderness
But give it depth and richness
Lay it upon the stars
Help it to believe in tomorrows
Caressing its thoughts
That pain may take ease
In your warming arms
There lies understanding
Nourish it with your courage
Till life feels whole again
And it laughs at the clouds
Picking the stars and chasing them
With all the pleasure that it offers
Full again with warmth and desire
As comfort comes in your reach
And you complete it
With so many possible memories
Yet to become