Guest stories


By Sweet Christi


She arrived in Houston right on time. She had never been there before and was not only excited to look around, but to see him again. It had been several weeks and between the phone calls, emails and his nightly "homework", she had worked herself into a sexual frenzy to rival a man just out of prison.

He had sent her emails every day requiring her to take herself to the peak of passion, but not to go over the edge. She was frustrated and in a state of constant arousal just waiting to explode.

She made her way through the throngs of people searching for their loved ones. Only sparing slight glances at the many husbands waiting on wives and children waiting on parents, as she continued on her own quest. She saw him patiently waiting with his arms crossed over his chest beyond the crowd. He had a quiet smile touching his lips and softening his sometimes stern features. As she approached him, he held out his arms to envelope her. This was one of the things she missed the most. His embrace always made her feel safe and protected. With one final squeeze, he released her and took her bag.

Taking her small hand into his, he led her away from the airport to his waiting car. It was almost midnight and the garage was eerily silent and dark. She quietly followed him as he walked purposefully through the parking garage. They had been walking for awhile and she wondered how far away he had parked. He had yet to speak to her so she simply respected the silence keeping quiet too.

They had finally reached the car. It was parked in a dark quiet corner of the garage. He released her hand, opened the trunk of the car and deposited her small suitcase. He then turned around and took her hand again. Pulling her to the area between the wall and the car, he leaned her back against the car and took her mouth. It started as a soft, gentle, almost tentative kiss. When she boldly wrapped her arms around his neck and turned it into something searing, passionate, needy, and wild he allowed her this knowing it was her last display without his permission. It was a kiss that in itself was as hot as two naked bodies writhing in desire.

He slowly pulled her arms from around his neck. Without a word, he turned her in his arms so that she was facing the car. He placed her hands on the top of the car. He whispered into her hair "Don't move your hands and open your legs for me". She was already wet and wanting him to fill her…his voice almost driving her over the edge. She opened her legs. The skirt she wore hiding nothing from his reach without the barrier of panties. Reaching around her, he slid his hands under her blouse. He took her hard nipples between his fingers and rolled them into hard peaks. She moaned in the silence of the garage then looked up quickly to make sure no one was watching. He flicked and played with her hard little nipples. She ground her rear into his hard cock as he played with her tits. Squeezing her breasts hard one last time…he removed his hands and lifted her skirt. Pleased that she had done as she was told, he found no panties when he got there.

Suddenly both of their heads shot up. Someone was coming. He silently placed his hand on her back. She stilled, keeping her hands as he had placed them. He stood beside her but left her skirt above her waist. A part of him hoped she would be seen in this position. She had always been a bit of a closet exhibitionist and he loved showing off his perfect little prize. The smiling couple came closer. Neither Christi nor David moved. Both just stood waiting…she with her head down and he, tall and smug. The approaching couple seemed to have some idea that something was going on but made no attempt to say anything. They got into their car and pulled away.

David turned back to her. He smiled seeing that despite her obvious embarrassment, she never moved her hands. She deserved a reward. He slid his hand over her round ass. He pulled his hand back and slapped her hard on her perfectly ivory skin. The sound resonated throughout the garage. Her breathing became heavier in the silence. Bringing his hand to his mouth, he stuck out his tongue and licked his large hand. Bringing it back again, he brought it back down on her firm ass. She winced from the sting but loved every second of it. Sliding his hand down, he found her hot and soaking wet…she was so ready for him. He unzipped his slacks and let them fall. When he finally slid into her, she groaned with pleasure and need. David took her hips into his hands and drove hard into her. He could tell that she was already close to cumming. Knowing that they could get caught at any moment, he fucked her hard and fast. It excited him knowing that they could be seen. It excited him that she was his…to do as he pleased. And it excited him that he could turn her into jello with just a touch. He whispered into her ear again "cum for me my little slut…cum all over my hard cock". His voice was just what she needed as she felt her orgasm pushing her up and over. She bit her tongue trying to keep herself from being too loud as the warm liquid spilled out of her. He found himself following her happily over the cliff as he shot himself inside of her. He placed his forehead on her back as he tried to catch his breath. Slowly they both came back to earth together. She smiled as he pulled her skirt back down and pulled up his pants. As he opened the door for her, she worked her skirt to cover and protect his car seat.

The drive to his house was pleasantly filled with talk and laughter. What a great three days it was going to be…