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Guest Stories

Making Brownies

By Cattywumpuss

We were in the kitchen baking. It was a quiet Saturday and we were taking it easy in our pajamas. The oven was on and we had a bowl full of brownie mix. We had made enough for 2 batches but couldn’t find our second pan so we were cooking one batch at a time. We put the first batch in and I watched you bend over to put the pan in the oven. Seeing your ass in the air like that made me horny.

As you stood back up I surprised you and wiped some of the remaining mixture across your face and cheek. I laughed and you laughed back at me as you put your hands on your hips and stared. I grabbed your face in my hands and started to kiss and lick the brownie mixture off your face. “Mmm, you taste good”, I said as you playfully tried to get away from my tongue. You dipped your fingers in the bowl and wiped some of the mix across my face, laughing as you did so. “Come on!” I said as I grabbed you by the hand and led you out of the kitchen to the lounge with the bowl of mix in my other hand.

Once we were in the lounge I ordered you to strip. You obeyed, smiling, letting your pjs fall to the floor in front of me. With a smile I dipped my fingers in the bowl of mix again and rubbed brownie batter all over your breasts and nipples. You smiled as my wet sticky fingers fondled your breasts and played with your nipples. You moaned softly as they grew hard under my touch. You tried to cuddle up to me to smear the brownie mix back on to me, but I pushed you away gently. I told you to stand still, and you did.

I undressed myself and took a seat on the couch and spun you around to face me. Grinning at you I placed my hands on your hips and pulled you closer to me, placing my mouth on your breasts. I playfully licked at the brownie mix, flicking at your hard nipple with my tongue. You writhed a bit and groaned softly as my warm wet tongue went to work. I reached up and grabbed your breasts in my hands, squeezing and groping them as I continued to suck and lick on your nipples, moving from one to the other tasting the brownie mix and feeling you respond to my hands and mouth.

I sucked harder, making your nipples really erect, and then bit down on them with my teeth making you jump in my hands slightly as you suddenly felt my sharp teeth bite in to your soft nipples. You tried to pull away slightly, but I held you tight and close to me with my hands so you could not move. You moaned as I eased up my jaw and let your nipple escape my teeth.

I pushed you back slightly and got up from the couch. I walked around behind you and pushing the small of your back I told you to kneel down on the couch facing the back of it. You obediently obeyed. “Spread” I commanded, as I pushed my hand roughly between your thighs forcing yours legs apart. “I want to be able to see your pussy” I told you, as you spread your legs open for me. I ran my hand up your thigh, tickling you momentarily before I cupped your pussy in my hand making you groan softly. I could feel how wet you were already, your pussy wet and sticky from me playing with your breasts and nipples. “Keep those hands on the back of the couch” I ordered, as I saw you going to move and twist around.

I let go of your pussy and took a swing at you with my open hand. The smack surprised you, and you jumped as my hand made contact squarely on your bottom. I lifted my hand off and admired the red imprint of my hand that was starting to form. You gasped and stared at me as my hand landed a second time, on your other cheek. Stinging you again, making your ass red on that side too. I brought my hand back once more and smacked you hard on the other side again, over my first hand print. You cried outta your ass started to burn. I told you to be quiet.

I continued to spank you, alternating between your ass cheeks making them red and sore. Your crying out started to bug me though, so I reached in to the bowl and grabbed the wooden spoon and pushed it in to your mouth between your teeth. “Here, bite down on this and keep the noise down” I told you as I grabbed your ass cheek in my hand and dig my nails in to it as hard as I could. Your screamed out but the spoon in your mouth muffled the sound so I didn’t pay much attention. I continued, alternating between spanking you and squeezing and pinching your ass cheeks until they were glowing red and really hot to the touch. I wasn’t sure if the noises you were making were from pleasure, pain, or a mixture of both. I stopped as my hand and arm we’re growing tired.

I went back to playing with your pussy, it was really wet now and your juices had started to dribble down your leg. After fingering you and feeling how wet you were I knelt down on the floor behind you, my head facing your ass as I buried my face in to your wet pussy lips. I probed you with my tongue, tasting you, feeling how warm and soft your lips were. You moaned loudly as I slid my tongue up between your lips to find your clit. You started to wriggle when I ran my tongue over and around your clit, I grabbed your hips to steady you and to stop you from moving so much.

I continued licking you, running my tongue up and down your pussy, poking it inside you, sucking gently on your clit making you moan and groan in response. By this time I was starting to dribble myself, I was so turned on. I let go of your hip and reached down with my right hand to my cock and covered my finger in my own sticky pre-cum. After getting my finger all wet and covered, I reached back up to you and caught you off guard by pushing it in to your ass hole.

You let out a loud moan and a gasp as the wooden spoon dropped from your mouth. I continued to lick you and play with your pussy using my tongue, as I rubbed my finger around inside your ass, probing and stretching and filling it. Your groans grew louder as I felt you start to push back against me, driving my face deeper into your pussy . . . . my finger further in to your ass. I continued working, speeding up how quickly my tongue was flicking at your clit, sucking on it a bit harder each time. As I massaged your ass I felt your body start to tense up and I heard your breathing quicken. You were moaning louder, as you started to orgasm.

I continued until I felt you start to buck and twitch. “I’m cumming” you cried out as I felt your pussy start to pulse and felt your ass start to tighten around my finger. You buried your head in to the back of the couch as you screamed and warm jets of your cum sprayed out of your pussy and in to my face, soaking me and making me splutter. I continued licking you as I slowly withdrew my finger from your ass, causing your orgasm to intensify as you squirted even harder. Your cum was literally filling my mouth and spraying off my face.

I coughed and spluttered and stopped as I felt your orgasm end and your pussy stop quivering. I fell backwards on to the floor and sprawled out. I looked up and saw you still kneeling on the couch, Your head buried in the top of the back cushion, I heard you panting and groaning. I chuckled and lay there, worn out myself, staring up at the ceiling. After a little while I heard you move. I was still looking at the ceiling and couldn’t really see what you are doing. I jumped a little though when I suddenly felt you down on the floor between my legs, but then you put your hand on my stomach and pressed gently to indicate you wanted me to stay put.

Next thing I know, I felt some thick liquid fall in to my crotch and over my cock. “Opps, I spilt some of the brownie mix” I heard you say, laughing. You placed the bowl down on the floor next to my head. “I’d better clean that up” you said, as I felt you settle down between my legs and wrap your hand around my cock.