Guest stories

More Then A Fire Sizzling

Chapter 8

By Aurey


the girl could not see who her Mistress had opened the door to and had to wait to hear Haylaee's and Reid's voice before knowing it was them,the girl also heard another males voice that she was not familiar with and wondered to herself what the purpose of everyone being here was,,she heard her Mistress and Haylaee talking about the weather and heard the sound of something heavy being set down in her Mistress' bedroom,,,

"girl,fix Our drinks,Now!"

the girl said as she quickly went to the bar trying to glance around to see who the other male was without being noticed,it was the Man that complimented her at the Brunch,He was fully dressed so she knew it wasn't a slave and wondered if He might be a Master,,

"Mistress?" she spoke softly


"Your guest,,His drink? what shall i fix?"

her Mistress turned to the gentleman and inquired,she did not catch His quiet response,,

"the same as I,girl" her Mistress told her

"yes,Mistress,thank You"
the girl made another drink and carried it to where They stood,keeping her head bowed she offered her Mistress the first drink,,her Mistress smiled and introduced her to the Man,,

"girl,you remember the gentleman that complimented you this morning while you were daydreaming,I am sure?"

"yes Mistress",the girl blushed softly

"Cyle,this is one of the best slaves there is,although she forgets that she is owned from time to time and needs a firm reminder"

"as most do "Cyle chuckled

the girls face flushed crimson,

"Shall We relax before tonight's event or do You two wish to get started right away?" her Mistress asked,,

Cyle and Haylaee both agreed that sitting by the fire for a drink or two would be good,,the girl and Reid followed Them into the den,the girl knelt beside her Mistress' left side not sure what was in store for her,,

"Mistress? shall i kneel here or resume my position?"

"no,girl,go have your dinner and then shower and return " as She turned to continue speaking with Her guests,,

"go with her,Reid,and watch your manners,boy!" Haylaee ordered,,

Reid blushed and followed the girl into the kitchen,they both tried to listen to the conversation in the other room,so not much was spoken between them,although the girl did whisper to Reid and ask if he knew what tonight's purpose was,,he answered that he hadn't a clue,,neither could glean from the current conversation as to what was in store for either of them,or if it was only a friendly visit,,which the girl doubted since her Mistress was still naked,,

the girl finished with her dinner and went to take a shower,Reid followed her into the bathroom,,

"are you crazy boy?,not in here you don't!" she whispered in a raised voice,,

"i was told to go with you,plus its not like i will see anything not already exposed" Reid grinned at her,,

the girl glared at him but knew he spoke the truth,,quickly she cleaned up and they both returned to the den where their Mistress' and Cyle were all sitting naked and talking,,the girl kept her head bowed and felt her cheeks flush,she did not have a good feeling about tonight and knew that she better get herself in check or find herself sleeping out on the porch,,Reid knelt to the right of his Mistress as the girl knelt to the left of hers,,

"girl,since you wish to grab My wrist as I touch you,you will not touch or be touched tonight,do you understand?"

"yes Mistress" the girl stuttered stealing a glace at the smirking Reid

"and you WILL watch everything and NOT cum,is that understood?"

"yes Mistress" the girl bit her lower lip feeling the jealously creep in,,,

Reid lost his smirk when he heard his Mistress instruct him to kneel at Cyle's side,,,

the girl saw Cyle's cock grow as Reid knelt beside Him,and Reid's face paled as his mind started thinking of what may be requested of him,,Haylaee smiled at the girls Mistress as She got up and walked over and sat down in Her lap,,the girls face flushed but she held her tongue,,,

"you shall mirror My movements,on Cyle,understand boy?" Haylaee spoke harshly to Her slave,,

"yes Mistress" Reid hesitantly spoke,,,

Reid climbed up in Cyle's lap,,the girl saw Cyle's cock become rock hard when Reid sat on His leg,,,the girl tried focusing on Cyle and Reid rather then what was going on with her Mistress right next to her,but Her moans and scent filling the room caused the girl to glance back and forth between the two couples,,
the girl saw Reid pause a few times to look at his Mistress with pleading eyes,Haylaee was to into the girls Mistress to even notice Her boys begging eyes,,

Cyle kissed Reid deeply and rubbed His cock against Reids leg,His other hand had already grasped Reids prick and was stroking it,,Reid groaned as his dick hardened in the Mans hands,,
the girls Mistress gently pushed Haylaee up and She slumped down in the chair so that Her sweet ass nearly hung off the end of it,Haylaee dropped to Her knees and began kissing Her thighs,working Her way up slowly to the swelling bud,,,
Reid dropped to the floor on his knees,whimpering as he tentatively licked his tongue out at the solid dick in front of him,he had never had Cock before and was a bit timid,,,
Cyle sighed softly as His head laid back against the cushion of the recliner,His legs spread wider as He brought His ass to the edge of the chair so that His sac was hanging for Reid to show it some attention,,,
the girl grinned at knowing that Reid was not happy with his orders but her grin soon faded when she heard her Mistress moan and saw Haylaee's head going up and down between her Mistress' legs,,,
the girl felt a mixture of conflicting emotions but knew she was flooded in spite of it,,Reid leaned down and licked at Cyle's nuts,tenderly washing them with his tongue,sucking first one and then the other into his mouth,
the girl saw the glistening of pre-cum on Reids cock and knew that he wasn't allowed to cum either from his previous punishment,,but knew that he could and wanted to, even if his mind was in protest of his actions,,
Reid licked up the full length of Cyle's rod,,it was long and slender,the girl wondered if it would find a home in Reids ass before the night was over,,Reid lapped his tongue over Cyle's swollen head cleaning off Cyle's pre-cum that had oozed out,Reid then slowly,teasingly milked Cyle's shaft into his mouth,his tongue massaging the underside while his teeth gently scraped the top of the Man's cock,his hand slowly pumping the meat into his already full mouth,,,
Reid finally had Cyle's hard prick in deep so that he had to resist the urge to gag,and began bobbing up and down eagerly sucking the cock as One could see that he wished was being done to him,,,,
the girl felt her Mistress' hand in her hair and it being tugged as She screamed Her orgasm to the room,,,the girl whimpered softly and feeling more humbled then she ever thought possible,as Haylaee licked Her own lips and leaned up to kiss her Mistress deeply and passionately,,
all three women glanced at the to males when Cyle grunted His release,,the girl could see the surprise on Reids face as his mouth was flooded with the hot white salty cum,

"Swallow IT boy!!" Haylaee shouted at him,,Reid whimpered softly as he did what he was instructed,trying not to let any of the hot man juice escape,,the Ladies laughed at him,,,

"girl,another round of drinks,please" her Mistress said breathlessly

"yes Mistress" the girl stood and did as she was told while trying to hide her disappointment of her Mistress being with another,,

the girl returned next to her Mistress,Reid went back next to Haylaee as They made small talk before wrapping the night up,,,the girl was excused to do as she needed after their company left,she made a pallet beside Her bed and turned the bed down for her Mistress before kneeling back at Her side,,the girl could see that any comments that she wished to make would have to wait for their next Dinnertime together,if it would be allowed at all,,,

"All in all it has been a good weekend,hasn't it,girl?" She asked

"yes Mistress" the girl poutingly replied

"Come let us go to bed,we will leave early for home" She petted the top of Her girls head as She got up and headed for Her bedroom,,

the girl glanced around the cabin,tenderly rubbing her ass and knew that this weekend More than a Fire had been Sizzling.