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Guest Stories

Movie Time

By Cattywumpuss

We met at the movie theater for an afternoon matinee. It was busy, but not too crowded. I had asked you to wear a short skirt and button up blouse and you were wondering why. We got our tickets and then went to the concessions stand for some popcorn, before heading over to the actual theater where our movie was screening.

As we passed the restrooms, I stopped. “I want you to go in and remove your bra” I told you, motioning at the restrooms. “Take it off and come and place it in my hands when you come out” I told you. You gave me a look and hesitated slightly before disappearing in to the restroom to carry out my wishes. When you emerged, you placed your folded-up bra in my hands, suddenly conscious of your breasts being more visible under your blouse. I placed your bra in my jacket pocket

As we continued walking down towards our screen we passed a little passage way that led off to some room down the side of one of the screens. I stopped again. Another couple were walking by so I asked you to come over to me so I could lean in and whisper in your ear. “Once this couple have passed by, I want you to pop down that passage way and remove your panties for me.” Your eyes widened as you stared at me after hearing my order. “I can just go back to the restroom” you said, pointing to where we had just come from. I told you no, the passage way was fine and that you had better hurry up before anyone else comes along and catches you. “Oh, and look at me while you remove them and bring them back to me!” I called out to you as you headed off in to the passage way. You obeyed and came back and placed your panties in my hand. I tucked them away with your bra.

We went in to our screen and settled down near the back of the theater, behind the other people that were already seated. We started munching on our popcorn as the trailers started playing. I watched the trailers with you and then our movie started. I wasn’t really paying too much attention though, as I was there for a different kind of entertainment.

After we were 15 or 20 minutes in to our movie and were done eating our popcorn I turned and stared at you, with a smile. You caught me gazing at you and stared back at me. “What?” you whispered at me, in a hushed voice so the other people would not hear us. “You look a little warm” I whispered back, as I reached over with a smile and slowly un-buttoned the top two buttons of your blouse. I could clearly see down your blouse now and had a wonderful view of your breasts being that you no longer had your bra on. You glared back at me, partly watching the movie, partly watching the other people in the theater to make sure they didn’t see. You went to button your blouse back up. “Leave it” I whispered sternly at you, and with a sheepish look you obeyed and put your hand back down.

I waited until you were re-engaged with the movie and then slowly, so as not to be noticed by you until it was too late, I reached over and slipped my hand down your blouse. You jumped a little as you felt my hand enter your blouse and slide down over your chest. I slowly cupped your left breast in my hand, gently squeezing and massaging it. Your squirmed slightly, trying not to get aroused or give in to the sensations in public. You stared at me, and I just smiled back. I gave your other breast a rub too, before removing my hand and going back to the movie for a bit.

Further on in to the movie I proceeded with the next piece of entertainment I had planned. Unknown to you, I had brought a small vibrator in to the theater with me in my jacket pocket. I got it out and poked your arm with it to get your attention. You looked over at me and nearly jumped out of your seat when you saw what I was waving around. You immediately put your hand out and covers it up and forced my hand back down on to my lap. “What?” I asked, as you glared at me again. “What the heck is that?” you whispered at me, as loud as you dared. “Just a little fun” I whispered back, as I pushed it over in to your lap. “I want you to use it, and cum for me before the end of the movie” I told you as I let you take it from my hand. “No” you whispered back . . . . “Too risky” . . . . “Too noisy”. I glared back at you and repeated “Use it before the end of the movie and do as you are told!” in a voice that you felt was so loud somebody else might hear. You could tell I wasn’t going to back down, so you gave in.

I watched you staring around the theater as you slowly hitched up your skirt a bit and placed the vibrator down between your legs. You freaked out again when you slowly turned it on and heard it start to buzz. Staring at me with a worried look on your face. “It’s fine” I reassured you. The movie was loud and I didn’t think the other people in there could hear it . . . although I as getting too distracted watching you to care.

I saw your breathing start to deepen as the vibrator went to work on your moist pussy. You opened your legs a little more as you probed yourself with it, starting to lose yourself in the warm feelings it was producing down on your crotch. You jumped a little as I caught you off guard when I reached over and slid my hand in to your blouse again.

I fondled your breasts some more as you continued to use the vibrator, increasing the sensations and feelings of arousal that were starting to engulf your body. You let out a gasp and wriggled in your seat as I found your nipples and started to play with them. Feeling them harden between my fingers as I pinched them and twisted them. You bit down on your lip as you tried not to make any noise, squirming in your seat. I reached over and placed my other hand over your mouth to help keep you quiet, oblivious to whether anybody else in the theater was watching anymore.

I saw and felt your body tense up as you reached your climax and began to orgasm. Grabbing my hand that was over your mouth and squeezing it tight as your other hand continued to work the vibrator between your legs. You started bucking slightly, making muffled moans and groans. I looked around and luckily the other people seemed to be engrossed in the movie still.

You melted back in to your seat as your climax subsided. Spent and worn out, no longer caring who saw. I took the vibrator from your hand and tucked it back in to my jacket pocket. Smiling at how it felt warm and wet. I buttoned your blouse back up for you, straightened up your skirt and got comfortable back in my seat to watch the end of whatever movie it was we were supposed to be watching.