Guest stories

My First Experience of D/S


By Aurey


my first experiences of D/s was after my divorce,,i always enjoyed spankings and often had fantasies about much more,i read many a "Variations" magazine to know that D/s scenes made me wet to read about,,out of curiosity {this is where it gets tricky,follow closely,,lol} i called up my ex-husbands wife's ex-husband and asked to meet with him,,not knowing at that time he was D/s,,oh he was a very nice looking man,a bit on the short side for a male but he was very attractive,,about 5'6" slightly salt & pepper brown hair,trim and defined body,,we had a few drinks and talked about our exes,,as we left,he walked me out to my car,standing there and still wondering what that woman gave up to take my kids father,,{i knew what she was getting but had to know what she had had} so i asked this guy if i could kiss him,,he smiled and said yes,we kissed,,he was a good kisser for a male,,and then he asked me back to his place,,we got to talking there about different lifestyles,and the subject came around to D/s,,He told me that He was actually a Dom and my forwardness {asking to kiss him} He took as a challenge,,*blushing*,,He told me that if i was interested to be at His home the next night at 6pm {that's another story} so our affair began,,,a few weeks after many scenes and much time together,,the Trust was solid,,
It was a wonderfully nice summer afternoon we went to the lake,Master had told me to find a secluded spot for us to enjoy a picnic,,i found the perfect spot,i wasn't aware just how perfect,,lol,,Master had a fetish with ropes i had learned,,and He always carried some sort of rope with Him,,the spot i had picked was a quiet cove,it was out of the way of the lake traffic,boats and ski-dos and such,,the sun was warm but the breeze off the water was cool,,there was a tree off to the side near a bend in the cove,,as soon as we got there i was ordered to strip,as was normal,i was not allowed to wear clothes in the presence of Master unless it was absolutely necessary,,He walked up to me and kissed me deeply ,He was wearing His thong bathing suit,and His cock was already hard and peeking out of the top,,Master was very well endowed,He was a solid 9ins and i swear at least 3ins around,,,Master had taught me to take His whole cock down my throat during the time we had been together,,He was a very patient Trainer,,i had been a bit sassy on the drive out,,and had already had my thigh smacked several times for it in the car,,i decided to go into the water and swim for a few moments while Master surveyed the area,,finally He deemed the area acceptable and went to get His ropes,,i was watching Him yet trying not to let Him see that i was,,lol,of course He knew ,,He always knew what i was doing before i even did,,lol,,He tested the tree limb with His ropes and found the branch to be acceptable,He anchored several what appeared to be small nooses to the branch,and then loudly stated "COME!" Master always spoke in short simple sentences,i came out of the water up to where Master was standing on the beach,,Master grabbed both of my wrists in His hand and swatted my ass several times hard,i whimpered but stood still,Master then bit my earlobe,,i knew i was in trouble then,He always did that it seemed when He was displeased with me,,i cried owwwww,and Master then asked me who gave me permission to swim,,my eyes got big and i stuttered out an excuse of trying to stay out of the way of whatever He was trying to do,,Master then led me over to the baby nooses and slipped each of my wrists into one,,Master had used His silk/nylon ropes for this,,they feel smooth but i have learned they can burn the skin of one tries to resist too much,,Master checked the adjustment several times,,He was like that always checking things,making sure i was safe,,*smiles*
ok,so i am strung up nearly standing on my tip toes,naked,,the sun was warming my body while the breeze cooled me,,Master got out His rope flogger and rubbed it along my body,swatting at me as He walked around my body hanging on display,,Master never really aimed it seemed,,He would remind me that i was His property and He would strike where He desired,,the knots on the rope flogger bit into my skin everywhere they landed,,after about 15minutes of speckling my body with His marks,,He walked out into the water,,taunting me,telling me how i had missed the chance of being fucked in the water since i wanted to swim before Him,,i moaned thinking about that hard cock shoving into me and the water splashing between us,,,after about 5-10minutes Master came back to me and kissed me hard,again telling me that i was His,and He would use me as He saw fit,,my head was spinning,,Master reminded me of our safe word {which i never ever did use with Him} and then He went and stripped a switch off the tree,, Master cleaned all the stems off the switch that could break my skin,,and proceeded to remind me with the switch that i was His Property,,i had criss-cross marks all over my body from the switch and was moaning softly,tears streaming freely down my cheeks,,Master then got His rope flogger again and marked each criss-cross with bites of the flogger,,i whispered to Him that i thought i was going to pass out,He stopped for a moment and gave me a drink of water,after swallowing the water,i felt a sharp sting on my face,,Master slapped me several more times and told me that i would only be aware of Him and nothing else,i must say it did bring my senses back,but everything seemed fuzzy,like far away,i watched as Master took off His thong oh my god He was rock hard and seemed even larger,, Master spanked my ass with His cock smearing the pre-cum on my red hot fiery ass,,i wiggled my ass back to Him moaning,i was beyond flooded between my legs,it had dripped down to my ankles i had so much juice pouring from my pussy,,Master rubbed His cock back and forth in my wetness,getting it all lubed up to fuck me,,i was whimpering wanting to cum but i knew better then to ask or even beg for such a thing,Master stroked my clit a few times with that hard prick and then slowly began the assault on my ass,Master took His time burying that huge cock deep into my ass,,when Master started fucking my ass i met with sub-space for the first time,,i knew nothing only the desire to fuck,,i could see and feel everything even the pain of Him grabbing my nipples as His anchors,but the pain was PURE pleasure it only fueled my desire to fuck more,my whole body was on fire,yet i only wanted more,,Master shot His load deep into my ass while now slapping my titties,He then bit the back of my neck and ordered me to cum,,i screamed like an animal in heat as i released the pent up cum,,Master then walked around and got us both a drink and wiped my forehead before He started working on my front,,Master started sucking and pulling my breasts hard,biting them and leaving marks all over them,His cock never going soft seemed to be getting even harder as He pressed it into my flesh,{slipping on a condom}Master released me from the ropes that held me standing on my tip-toes just enough so that i was now standing flat on my feet,,Master then started rubbing that hard cock against my clit and slipped it deep into my cunt,,oh my god it was tight,seemed even tighter then when that huge member was in my ass,,Master fucked me until He came again,stripping off the condom,Master walked out into the water and cleaned off,bringing back a small bucket of water with Him and poured it over my shoulders and back,,it was odd,as still in sub-space i felt something on me but could not tell if it was liquid or solid at that moment,,lol,,Master then released me from my confines and put some suave on my wrists after laying me down on the blanket a few feet away,,Master was hard yet again, and straddled my face,,still hungry for sex i gobbled His huge cock ,giving Him the best head {Master said later} in His life,i deep throat ed Him,milking His prick with my throat muscles,sucking on His balls and back lashing at the underside of that awesome cock,trying to shove the tip of my tongue into His slit before taking Him deep into my mouth so He could shoot all the cum He had left into my belly,,i knew not to loose a drop or i would regret it,,Master lay spent and pulled me into Him as i started to slowly be able to focus again,,oh my god it was awesome,,i described my experience and the sensations and that's when He smiled and told me that was today's goal,to take me into the twilight zone,,,hmmmm it was so intense and incredible,,i begged Master to allow me to experience it again and often,,which i probably shouldn't of been so eager as it became a reward for being a very good girl,,lol,,,which i am a good girl but it sure is hard being a very good girl,,lol,,we ate lunch and discussed with each other that we had thought we had heard some noises in the bushes about 100yards away during our play,but we dismissed it as animals{rabbits or prairie dogs which were in the area}after we had lunch Master rubbed sunscreen all over my body,also checking for any broken skin,,Master was very good about after-care,and then Master told me to relax and cum when i desired as He settled between my legs and feasted on dessert,,slowly and softly Master licked my cunt,using only His tongue deep into my cunt and lapping at my clit i came two more times,,melting into the sand,,lol,,it was a wonderful day,i knew Master was only my Trainer but that day i also discovered that He was my Owner as well,,we left the lake and went home just as the sun was setting,,,about 3months later{just before Master left-due to military} we read "our" experience in "Variations" it seems as those noises we heard that day in the bushes wasn't wild rabbits or other animals,it seems that a couple vacationing from another state had been hiking and stumbled upon us,,LOL,,after watching us up until we ate our picnic,they snuck away and had some hot sex of their own,,,LMAO