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Guest Stories

On My Knees

By Cattywumpuss

I was on my knees at your feet, arms cuffed behind my back looking at the floor. My ass hurt, my balls were bruised, my cock was dribbling down my leg and my face was scraped up. I had scratch marks down my back, bite marks on my shoulders and neck and a sore lip. I hurt all over and felt drained . . . . but in a good way and was happy to be at your feet.

The day had started like most others. We had met up and done some window shopping in the neighborhood near our hotel. We were on our way back to our room when we passed by a long narrow alleyway. It looked secluded and fairly private so with a chuckle you grabbed my hand and pulled me off away from the sidewalk and down the alleyway. I smiled and followed you as you led me away.

Once we got down the alleyway and out of sight from the sidewalk, you caught me off guard. I figured you had dragged me down there for some fun kissing and making out . . . I was wrong. Instead of letting go of my hand, your grip tightened and you also grabbed my other wrist and slammed me back against the wall holding both of my hands back over my head. Seeing you take charge like this always instantly aroused me . . . . so I did not put up any fight.

After you had me backed up against the wall you leaned in to kiss me, aggressively . . . . forcing my head back in to the brick with yours . . . kissing me really hard and biting my lip in the process. I cried out slightly as the pain as the salty taste of blood washed in to my mouth.

I wriggled beneath you, turned on and also slightly afraid at what you were going to do to me. “Hold still!” you snapped at me, as you pushed your knee hard in to my groin to make me obey. I managed a grunt as I felt your knee dig in to my soft fleshy groin and start to grind up against my balls. It hurt, but I was so aroused. I let out another soft moan as you started to nuzzle and kiss my neck, still forced against the wall by your knee and body. I surrendered.

Just as I started to relax and give in to the kisses on my neck you suddenly let go of my arms and moved away from me. I moved away from the wall slightly and put my right hand up to my lip to see if it was still bloody where you had bit me. Quick as a flash, you grabbed my other hand, spun me around and had it wrenched up behind my back. “Ow” I instinctively cried out, surprised at the swiftness of your maneuver. “We’re not done yet” you gruffly said to me as you wrenched my arm tighter and slammed me back against the wall face first.

I exhaled as you squashed me tightly against the wall, the air escaping me as I tried to stand on my toes so the arm you had jammed behind my back would hurt less. “Please, you’re hurting me . . . “ I half whined at you, realizing you probably didn’t care in the moment and that I probably didn’t too given how turned on I was. With your free hand you reached up to grab the back of my head and pushed my face hard in to the wall. “Be quiet” you growled at me as you ground my face and cheek in to the dusty brick work. I winced as I felt the sharp brick edges scratching me.

“Loosen your belt” I heard you say, as you relaxed your grip on my wrenched-up arm just a little. I hesitated, not too sure why you were asking me to do that . . . . unsure for a moment whether to continue obeying or not. I was falling in to my sub space though, starting to feel used by you and wanting to give myself over to whatever sensations you had in store for me. I loosened my belt with my one free hand.

“No, just your belt” I heard you say as I went to undo the button on my jeans. Your voice brought me back in to the present. I felt you let go of my head and tug on the back of my jeans to loosen them slightly, and then without warning your hand slid down the back of my jeans down in to my boxers. I jumped slightly but had nowhere to go as you had me pinned so tightly against the wall. I ended up scraping my cheek more as I tried to move my head to see what you were doing behind me. I couldn’t move far though as you were keeping the pressure up on my arm you had jammed behind my back.

I suddenly felt your hand on my ass, you squeezed me roughly and hard, as hard as you could, digging your nails in to my soft ass cheeks. I gasped, half in shock and half in excitement . . . . as I tried to helplessly get away from your nails and the pain by standing on my toes again. “It hurts” I whimpered, as I tried to move me free hand behind me to push your hand back off my ass a bit. “Stay still!” you commanded in my ear, as I gave up and obeyed. You let go of my ass cheek, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

However, my relief was short lived. You slipped your hand down between my cheeks now searching out for my ass hole. I could tell where you were headed and immediately started to beg you to stop . . . . “Please don’t, you don’t have any lube . . . stop please it will hurt me . . . please” but you were having too much fun. I tensed up as I felt your finger find my hole, then you started to poke at me, forcing your way in. I tried to concentrate and relax, knowing it would hurt more if I didn’t . . . . I felt you roughly penetrating me, pushing your finger in to my dry hole. It burned, the friction was painful, I closed my eyes as I let out a whimper, trying not to wriggle too much for fear of making it hurt worse.

You probed me until I felt your finger rub near my prostrate, pain started turning to pleasure, I wriggled less and relaxed more. I let out a moan, as I heard you whisper in my ear “Aren’t you my good little fuck toy?” “Mmmm” was all I could manage as the waves of pleasure started to spread from my prostrate. My cock was soaking wet, my boxers were a mess of my pre-cum by now. You abruptly pulled your finger out of my ass. The pleasure stopped, I felt you loosen your grip on my arm as I peeled myself off the wall. “God you look a mess” you said staring at me, as I tried to regain my composure and clean myself up a little.

My arm was sore, it had been bent behind my back so long. My lip and crotch still felt bruised, and now my ass was sore too. “Come on” you said as you took off down the alley way headed back to the street. I straightened my clothes and re-fastened my belt and hurried after you. My face was stinging me from being ground in to the brick work.

I followed you back to the hotel, aware that some of the people we passed kind of looked at me a bit. Maybe my face was more messed up than I thought. When we got upstairs to our room I went to the bathroom to check my face. My lip was a mess, and it looked like the scratches on my face had almost drawn blood. No wonder people were staring. I came out the bathroom and stared at you across the bed . . . . glaring at you. You saw me staring and chuckled. “What?” you shrugged at me, “It will heal!”.

I went back to undressing, removing my shirt and pants as I stood beside the bed. You had undressed too and came around to my side of the bed in your bra and panties. I thought you were going to cuddle me so I was about to turn and face you when you placed your hands on my hips and twirled me around so you were behind me instead. “We are not done” you said to me, and you pushed me toward the bed.

Standing as close to the bed as I had been, I could not stay on my feet and fell face first on to the bed. I felt you hop up on top of me, straddling my ass so that you were pinning me to the mattress with your body. I tried to get up and shift you off of me, but you remained on top of me and told me to quit moving. I tried twisting to force you off, but then I felt your hand on the back of my head again, pushing it in to the mattress. “Quit it!” you demanded, as you squished my face down in to the duvet. I surrendered again, not for the first time that day, and stopped wriggling.

I sunk in to the duvet and mattress, going limp beneath you. Knowing there was little point in fighting you. I was your play thing again . . . . “Why are you doing this to me today?” I asked, trying to figure out if I had upset you or done something else to deserve being treated like this. “You’re my bitch, I own your ass” you replied, matter of factly. Then laughing, you added “ Literally!” as you slapped my bottom. I let out a sigh. “Don’t you ever forget it!” you exclaimed as you raked your nails down my back. I screamed out, shocked by the unexpected pain and bucked underneath you arching my back up. “Please stop hurting me” I begged, trying to move out from under you again.

You leaned forward over my back, pinning me to the mattress even more. “In a minute” you whispered in to my ear, as I felt your hands slide down my arms forcing them out in front of me on the mattress and flattening me back out. You started nuzzling and kissing my neck again, making me calm down and relax. My breathing deepened as I started feeling aroused again. You sucked on my ear tenderly, and licked at the scratches on my face, I groaned softly in response. I felt your mouth move back down my neck and on to my shoulder. Then, out of the blue you bit down, into my shoulder, sending sensations of pain coursing through my body crashing in to the sensations of arousal you had been stirring up only seconds ago.

I started to open my mouth and move, but you told me to shush as you went back to tenderly kissing my neck and nuzzling in to me. I was confused . . . . feeling so much at once, the sensations starting to overwhelm me as I retreated in to my sub space. You bit me again, on my other shoulder . . . . and then went back to kissing and caressing me . . . . I lay there, my head and mind still, just being your toy, your play thing, just feeling what you were making me feel, pain and pleasure mixing and mingling until they became one.

You bit me on my neck, I moaned in response, as you shifted your weight slightly on to your own knees letting me up off the mattress slightly. You slid your hand around my waist and under me, reaching for my hard, wet cock. You stroked it gently, hearing my moans getting louder as you worked me. I started to pant softly as you whispered in my ear, “What a good little fuck toy you are” as you continued to pump my cock, my body starting to tense up under you as I got closer to orgasm. I groaned louder, my cock starting to throb in your hand as I started to cum, shooting my load in to the duvet. You continued whispering encouragement in to my ear as my cock drained itself, my hands gripping the duvet tightly as I climaxed.

Spent, I felt you climb off me. I just lay there unable to move for the time being. Sore and worn out. I felt you moving at the edge of the bed again by my feet. You reached out and took one of my wrists and gently placed it in a cuff. I became faintly aware of what you were doing but was in no state to offer even the least bit of resistance. You reached out and took a hold of my other wrist, cuffing that too. Then I heard you snap the cuffs together behind my back, my one shoulder hurting slightly from earlier in the alley way. You pulled me off the bed and down on to my knees on the floor beside you. I looked at the floor, exhausted but satisfied.