Guest stories

Sarah's Story

By crumb

Chapter 1:

Sarah, age 30, 5 feet 3 inches, slim build, long dirty blond hair to her waist, a bank teller for the past 10 years of her life and still single. She had many dates, but no man could ever make her feel complete enough to commit. She's always felt something missing from her life. She hated her job. She had no idea what she wanted to do with her life any longer. Nothing satisfied her.
One Friday after work, she entered her apartment and stripped down right away. It was very hot and stuffy in her place. She walked around opening windows and closing blinds so she could feel free to roam around naked without having her neighbors spy on her.
She fixed herself a tall glass of iced tea and went into her computer room, flicked on the screen and began her ritual search with the subject heading BDSM. She ended up at a site where all there is are stories written by regular people wanting to share with the public. Sarah came across this one story title that caught her eyes, 'My slave'. She read the little blurb on it and decided that would be the story she would read tonight.
Sarah became quite hot and wet shortly into the story. She started playing with her clit and pinching her nipples while she read. After a half hour, she could no longer wait for her desperately needed climax and began fingering herself furiously. She had one of the best orgasms she'd had in a long time. Normally, Sarah wouldn't email any of the Authors of the stories she'd read, but this one intrigued her so very much and she wanted so much to let the Author know just how good his work was. She clicked on the link to email him. He went under the name of Master Erik. She told him of how wet her pussy became almost as soon as she started reading and how great of a climax she had. She explained to him that she hadn't finished reading it yet and couldn't wait to get back to it. She signed off the email… sincerely sarah xo.
Sarah went back to reading. After an hour passed, she decided it was time to go prepare supper. Just as she was about to shut down her computer when she heard the familiar sound of warning that she had incoming mail. She decided to check her mail before shutting down. It was a letter from him, Master Erik! She quickly opened it and began to read;

Hello sarah,
I am very grateful you found my story exciting. I enjoyed your comments and description of how you played with yourself while reading. You have me curious and now I would like some questions answered right away without haste. I will be waiting to hear from you, I will give you one half hour to complete this question list.
1. Are you married?
2. What do you look like? Describe to me in perfect detail and send a picture of yourself along with your response.
3. How old are you?
4. How long have you been interested in the world of BDSM?
5. How many people have used your body?
6. What holes have they used?
7. Have you ever been owned before or trained as a slave slut?
8. Where do you live?

That is all the questions for now. I will be waiting to hear from you. Don't make me wait too long, I do get angry easily.


Sarah was nervous, she'd never been told what to do like that in her life and she has certainly never been asked these personal questions. She became angry and basically muttered to herself, "screw you!" and promptly shut down her computer. She was hungry, after all and she had no intentions of bowing down to a complete stranger and especially one on the computer. Sarah went to prepare herself dinner and then off to bed, She had an exhausting day. All night long she had dreams of this stranger, Master Erik. Hot dreams, dreams of him ordering her to do things she never thought possible. She woke up very wet and very horny.


Chapter 2:

There was a cool breeze entering Sarah's room through her open window. She kicked off her blanket and stretched. She began massaging her nipples and slowly one hand crept to her most secret wet place. She began a slow rhythm of massaging her pussy. She put one finger in her vagina, pulled it out and slowly brought it to her lips for a taste of her sweetness. She did love to taste herself.
She began thinking of Master Erik again while she was pleasing herself and started to feel guilty. She stopped playing with herself abruptly even though she desperately wanted release. But the urge to contact this Master Erik guy was strong on her mind. She wanted to give him a piece of her mind. She got up quickly, grabbed her housecoat, and went to the bathroom to relieve herself. She then washed and went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, the whole time she was thinking she was going to tell this Master Erik guy just where he could go!
Sarah sat down at her computer and turned it on. She went directly to her mailbox and began writing to Master Erik. This is what she wrote.

Dear Master Erik,
I am terribly sorry I did not respond to Your email right away. To be honest, it threw me off guard and I, myself, was taken aback by Your questions. I have since, had plenty of time to think about how rude I was to You and apologize completely to You. In this letter, You will find out all there is to know about me and I have attached a photo of myself.
I am single. I weigh 110 lbs and ma 5'3. My measurements are 36 C, 26, 36. I have long dirty blond hair that reaches the small of my back. I am well toned and in perfect shape. I am 30 years old and have big dark brown eyes.
I think I was in my early 20's when I first learned about BDSM and have found it has always a turn on for me. I would have to say I am extremely submissive. I have had 10 lovers but none that have ever satisfied me enough to want to spend my life with them. My "holes" have never been used; I have been made love to in my ass, my pussy and my mouth and enjoyed every minute of it. I have never been trained as a "slave slut," nor owned in any way and I live in Austin, Texas.
Now I would like to ask You some questions. Do You own any "slave sluts?" How old are You? Where do You live? Do You have a picture You could send to me? Are You married?

Sarah attached her picture, did a spell check and clicked send. She waited, staring at the computer, not budging at all for a whole 2 hours before she finally received mail from Him. She looked at the time and was amazed at how long she just sat there, waiting. She was not herself for sure! How could she let some stranger get to her like this? No man has ever been able to do that to her. As soon as she saw the subject title, "Not pleased with you whore!" She felt a foreboding and a deep sadness that she had disappointed Him already. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath in, exhaled and opened his letter…


Chapter 3:


You are one lucky little girl that I am writing you back. You don't seem to know how to follow orders right away do you? Not too much going on in that little brain of yours is there? I detest being made to wait! Don't worry your little brains about it at the moment. You will see, soon enough, I don't mince my words and I demand results as soon as they are ordered.

Not that you deserve to know anything about me at this moment. I will indulge you just this once. I am not married. I have owned, in the past, 3 slaves. I have recently let the last one go due to her family obligations. I own my own business and it is high pressure. I am 46, 6'2 and athletically built.
Who knows? W/we just may be neighbors my little slut girl. I too live in Austin! I would say that is a lovely coincidence do you not agree? I will send you my picture as a reward when I feel you deserve it. You won't get it until then. So you'll have to work hard at pleasing me!

I will accept talking with you through the computer, but not more than 3 months after which time, if I feel you deserve it, W/we will meet. No need to panic, it will be in a public area and I am sure you can alert a friend or family member as to where W/we will be. Before I go any further, I should warn you, I am not into playing with wanna be sluts. This is my life style choice. I am a Master and you will always address me as such! If you want to continue to speak with me, you will always, at all times, do as I say.

I'm going to give you a little time to think about this, do you want to be my property, my little slave slut? If so, do you have a job and are you willing to quit to come and serve me if I so choose? Will you be willing to give up everything you own, everything you cherish?

Now, here's your first set of rules; you are never to touch any part of your body any longer without my permission. You will never call your cunt a pussy. It is a cunt. Only proper women have pussies. You will never allow any other person to enter any of your holes either for that matter. It is my decision as to when and who can use you! You will dress exactly as I tell you. If you don't have what I want you to wear, you will go out and buy it!

I hope I have made myself clear enough for you my little slut. You now have exactly one hour to respond to me. If I've heard nothing by then, I will no longer respond to your emails.


"Oh my, what have I got myself into?" Thought Sarah. She was breathing deeply and was quite turned on by what she read. She felt for her pulse and realized it was beating rapidly. She reached down to her cunt and felt that it was wet. She began stroking it and stopped abruptly. Remembering Master Erik's rules. She wanted him and worse of all; she wanted to belong to this complete stranger. She made up her mind then. It was time for Sarah to come out of hiding and admit who she was and what she wanted from life. Sarah began to type…


Chapter 4:

Dear Master Erik,
Thank You so very much for writing me back. I know I don't deserve such an honor. I will try and use my brains more often Master Erik. I am very grateful for all You have told me about Yourself and I picture You to be a very strong willed, handsome Master. I am very happy to hear we live in the same area Master Erik! I will work very hard at pleasing You so I can show You I am worthy of being owned by such a great man as Yourself.
I am very happy to know You are willing to get to know me and allow me to know You before we finally meet Master. I am not into playing games and I truly do want this in my life Master. I truly do want to earn the privilege of being Your slave slut. I promise to do everything You say at all times Master. I won't let You down. I do have yahoo messenger and a web cam if You need to keep an eye out on me Master.
I will, from this moment on, refer to my pussy as my cunt. I work in a bank as a teller Master and I am more than willing to give up my job for You if that is what You choose. From what I can gather from Your letter is that You are looking for a live-in slave, Master? I don't have any family left so that would not be a problem for me Master. I do have plenty of friends and would miss them dearly, but if all goes well between us, I can think of a reason or two for my absence from their lives so not to worry them.
I will not allow anyone to use any of my holes any longer Master unless it is what You choose for me. I will also dress in any manner You choose for me Master. I do have to confess, I did touch my cunt and rub it a little while I was reading what You sent me. I didn't mean to, it just happened and I was not paying attention. I did stop myself as soon as I realized what I was doing.
Sarah xo

Off the letter was sent. Sarah found herself to be quite anxious and didn't leave the computer for one second. She sat there, staring at the screen waiting. This time she got her response back more quickly. The subject read, "Good girl!" Her heart was in her throat and she felt butterflies in her belly. Just that little message sent her soaring with glee. She quickly opened it and began to read…

My dear sweet little slut,

That was a very appropriate letter you sent me. I do have to correct You on a couple of things first. It is not your cunt, it is MINE, they are not your holes, and they are MINE. I may not have collared you as of yet, but with time, that may be possible. For now, you do belong to me and all that you are and have is mine. You will think how I tell you to think, and behave like I tell you to behave. I am quite sure your little brains can comprehend that much. I can see W/we'll have to work on what little brains you do have won't W/we slut? From what I can tell, your cunt does the thinking for you and that will have to stop immediately!

Now, I want you to add Me to your yahoo and turn on your camera. I will, from this day forward, be watching you at all times when you are home. The camera is never to be turned off and I am to know where you go when you leave the view of the camera and what you are doing. I also have a web cam, but you have not earned seeing me yet. Oh, I do hope you have a mic? I find typing to be a bore when it is so much easier to talk. That too will be on at all times!

You do need to know one more thing. All of your mistakes have been written down and when the time comes, you will be punished for each error so I should warn you to try and be a little more careful what you tell me and how you speak. Keep your paws off my cunt! I expect to hear from you very shortly.


Sarah was extremely nervous at this point and with shaky fingers she quickly opened her Yahoo messenger and signed in. She added Master Erik's name to her list and blocked out all of her friends. Sarah had indeed seen that Master Erik was on line and typed to him right away. "Hello Master, it is I, sarah." Right away she heard his voice and he didn't sound pleased.


Chapter 5:

" Are you actually brain dead slut?" Master Erik's voice boomed from her speakers. Sarah quickly turned on her mike. "I am terribly sorry Master, I didn't mean to upset You. I just wanted to let You know I was on line." Sarah quivered.

Master Erik: "Yup, I can see I have a winner here. You are definitely going to be a lot of work, aren't you? Well, at least you have a mic that helps a great deal. Now, you silly little slut you, turn on the web cam as I ordered you to do earlier. You should not have tried to speak without me seeing you first!"

Sarah: "Yes Master, right away, I am very sorry!" Sarah turns on her web cam and keeps her head down until she hears from Master Erik again.

Master Erik: " That's much better my little slut. Now, I don't want you to say one word, just do as I tell you. Look into the camera my little one."

Sarah slowly lifts her head and looks into the camera.

Master Erik: "You have very pretty eyes my little one, now let me see a nice smile on your face." (Sarah smiles.) "Yum, yum! You are quite the pretty one! Now, stand up and turn very slowly, I want to see what is mine." (Sarah rises off the chair and backs up enough so that her whole body can be viewed in the camera for Master Erik.) "Stop! Did I tell you to wear anything? Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but I could have sworn I told you in a previous email that you are only to wear what I tell you!" (Sarah froze in her spot immediately and Master Erik was enjoying the sheer look of fright on her face as he wrote down her error in his little notebook.)

Sarah: " Yes Master, you did tell me I am to only wear what You say. Please forgive me Master, I did not know this was to start immediately."

Master Erik: (Grins.) "Strip immediately slut! From this day forward, you will remain naked at home unless I have chosen otherwise, do I make myself clear?"

Sarah: (Blushing) "Yes Master" she slowly undoes her robe and lets it drop to the floor at her feet. Her eyes are down cast and she is slowly turning for this unseen man, this stranger. She feels the heat deep in her womb.

Master Erik: "Okay slut. Now, face the camera, keep your eyes down, hands clasped behind your neck and legs spread wide. That is the position you will go into gracefully when I give the command 'inspection'. (' My but she is a looker' Erik thinks to himself. He can feel his cock getting harder by the minute. 'She's going to be putty in my hands!') " Very nice little one. Judging by your erect nipples, I can see you just love to do this for me don't you? Ah, don't say a word! Time for a new command; When I say show me, you will stick your finger in your cunt and bring it close to the camera so I can see how wet you are for me." (Eric lets her stand there for 5 minutes in silence. He's enjoying the way her knees are shaking a little and her arms quivering. He knows he's found the perfect toy finally.) " Show me!" (Sarah hesitates for a moment then quickly reaches down and shoves a finger in her cunt. Oh how she loved to have her finger in there. She was surprised at how wet she had become. She could feel the juices flowing from her cunt and dripping on her hand. Sarah played inside her cunt for a little while until she heard Master Erick yell. "Stop this instant and show me now cunt!" ('Tsk, the slut doesn't realize just how much punishment she is in for!' Erik thinks to himself as he writes down yet another error from her.) Quickly and with a start, Sarah had pulled her finger from her cunt and walked up to the camera to show Master Erik just how wet she was. " Well, you are the horny slut aren't you? Nice and wet, just the way I like sluts! Now, stick your finger in your mouth and clean off all that goop from it. When you are done, you will go kneel facing the wall with your hands behind the small of your back and do not move from that spot until I give you permission to move! Make sure you are in view of the camera and not one peep from your trap!"


Chapter 6:

Erik sat at his desk watching her, his cock throbbing for release. He was interrupted from his thoughts when the doorbell rang. "Christ! Who the hell would be coming here this early on a Saturday Morning?" Erik rose from his chair and wanted nothing more than to throttle the bastard at the door. He opened the door to see Joanna standing there, looking good as usual. Joanna was a beautiful woman of 40 with an hourly glass figure. Her dark complexion and black eyes had made her all the sexier to those who met her. She had a dominant air around her and it wasn't hard to tell who was in charge when she was around.
" Well hello Joanna, what brings you out in these neck of the woods so early in the morning?" Enquired Erik. " Hello Erik. I couldn't resist seeing your new toy! You really shouldn't brag about something like that to others…you know how some people just can't keep a secret!" Joanna laughed and reached up to give him a kiss on the cheek. " Hmmm, John and his big mouth. I told him she was just a test right now! Oh well, I do have a feeling the little slut will be meeting me shortly. She's so damn easy!" Erik laughed. " Well, judging by that bulge in your pants, so are you my dear friend!" Joanna laughed and winked at Erik. "Tell you what hun, you show me your little play thing and I'll help you take care of your little problem with your pants okay?" Erik laughed. "You've got yourself a deal! Follow me. I've got her kneeling facing a wall. You get to take a quick look at her and then we get to play. Afterwards, you can watch me play with the slut."
Erik and Joanna walked back to his den. Joanna took a seat on the computer chair and looked at the screen. "Well, you always did have good taste for sluts! I can't see her face yet, but so far so good, I can't wait till you have her here! I'm getting excited just thinking of all the fun we can have with that thing." Joanna's imagination was already roaming. How she would love to own a specimen like that! She was never too lucky in that department; Erik's always been the lucky one. Oh well, she thought to herself, at least I know Erik will let me have my fun with the slut.
Erik and Joanne have been good friends for the past 12 years. They had met at a mutual friend's BDSM party and hit it off right away. From time to time, when the need arose, they would screw each other good. Erik had wanted Joanne to move in with him and share any slaves he could get, but unfortunately, Joanna was not and still is not, ready for a big commitment such as that. Erik loves the way her dark body fits so perfectly with his white body. She was a black goddess of 5 feet 10 inches tall. The sexiest pair of long legs he's seen in a long time! Her tits and hips… he could never give them the compliments they deserved and as for her pussy. Well, let's just say, she knew how to use it. Yes, in a small way, Erik was putty in Joanna's hands and she knew it too. No, he'd never submit to her, but to have her with him at all times. That would be a dream come true. He truly loved the woman and wished she could see that.
Erik began a slow massage on Joanna's neck. He bent over and started nibbling on her neck. He knew that would get to her. Sure enough, she spun around on the chair, grabbed him behind his neck and stuck her tongue in his mouth. He lifted her up easily and placed her on the floor and began undoing her blouse. Slowly kissing her, down her neck to her nipples. He stuck a nipple in his mouth and began sucking. Joanna was going crazy and was literally ripping the shirt off Erik. Before you knew it, they were naked, rolling around on the floor and making love to each other. Neither of them had lasted long. They were both quite worked up and it had been a month since they were last together. Joanna was laying on top of Erik giving him little kisses on his neck and chin. Both were panting and sweating. "That didn't last long did it love?" Replied Joanna. "See what happens when you wait so long to see me?" Erik said with a sly grin. " Mmm, yes. Too bad your little slut isn't here to clean us up. Let's go have a shower together and then I can watch you play with your new toy."
Erik got up and helped Joanna to her feet. They held hands all the way to the washroom, which was down the hall and next to the kitchen. Erick's house was small, only 2 bedrooms, one den, a fairly large kitchen and medium sized living room. But his favorite place of all was his basement. Better known as the dungeon. It was fully equipped with all sorts of floggers, crops, chains, ropes, cuffs, collars, leashes, clamps dildo's, butt plugs and 3 large dog cages. If it was invented for his BDSM lifestyle, he owned it. Besides his basement he loved the privacy he had with his 50 acres. He loved outdoor games! He had a nice in ground pool and a screened in hot tub on his property.
Erik and Joanna helped each other wash. Kissed a bit more while they were in the shower, dried each other off and decided it was time to check on slut girl.


Chapter 7:

In the mean time, poor Sarah was kneeling, facing the wall for what must have been an hour if not more. Her knees were sore and she was tired of keeping her hands behind her back. She felt stiff all over her body. More so, was her need to go to the bathroom. It had been a long time since she'd gone for a pee and the coffee she drank earlier had got to her. She thought to herself; "Maybe he's not watching and I could just sneak away to the bathroom and come back without him ever noticing."
She took a quick glance behind her at her computer screen and then looked further up to the clock on the wall. Yes, it had been 1 hour and 15 minutes since she'd been on her knees like that. She desperately wanted to release the urge to pee. She thought better of it and decided to stay put. She was positive Master Erik would talk to her soon and she'd be able to excuse herself for a bit to get the release she needed.
Another hour went by and she could no longer hold her bladder any longer. She started to make a move to get up and quickly go to the bathroom. "For all I know, the bastard probably isn't even home!" She stopped herself. She felt guilty having those thoughts. She thought long and hard and decided she could always clean up the mess afterwards and she was positive Master would be pleased with her for staying put even though she was uncomfortable and desperately needed to relieve herself. Sarah could hold it no longer and allowed the waters to flow. She peed on her legs and on the floor and was kneeling in it. She was ashamed and embarrassed and knew Master would see the puddle but she also knew he would be happy with her. Or so she thought…

" This is too funny Erik! Look at that thing, pissing on herself and the floor like that!" Joanna was grinning broadly. " I take it you forgot to mention to the slut that she's not to do anything at all without your permission?" "You know, I honestly can't remember if I told her or not! Too bad, that is beside the point. Well, another notch in her punishment book. Looks like I'm going to have to take this slut much sooner than planned. I'm going to need your help doling out the punishments babe, look at the list she's managed to acquire so far!" Erik handed Joanna the pad. "Yes, I can see she is major need of training. I'll be more than happy to help you out!" Erik takes a seat on the computer chair, grabs Joanna around the waist and sits her on his lap. "Erik! Again? This slut sure does make you hard all the time!" Joanna sits up a little, takes Erick's cock and guides it into her pussy. She sits on his lap like that, very still so she could enjoy the feel of his fat, juicy 9-inch cock in her. "I wouldn't talk Joanna, from what I could feel, you've got the Niagara Falls in that sweet pussy of yours!" Giving her nipples a little tweak Erick adds, "Hush now and be still, I'm going to turn on the mike now." Joanna giggles.

Master Erik: "Slut!" He bellows loudly into the mike. "What the hell have you done?" He saw Sarah jump when she heard him. "Don't you move a muscle bitch. I want you to stay exactly where you are, turn slowly, face the camera and keep your eyes down. Make sure you take a good look at that puddle you have on the ground beneath you!" Sarah turns slowly keeping her hands behind her back. She almost toppled over, but regained her balance. Erik and Joanna grinned at each other; they knew she was quite sore and stiff. "I am going to ask you 2 questions and you are to answer them when I am done speaking. Did I give you permission, at anytime, to relieve yourself whenever you felt like it? Did I tell you how you could have your piss? Answer now slut!"

Sarah: With tears in her eyes and a very red face answers. "No Master, You did not give me permission to go for a pee whenever I feel like it and You did not tell me how I may go pee. I am very sorry Master I didn't kn.."

Master Erik: "Silence slut! I didn't tell you to say more. You have trouble following orders I can see. We are going to have to work on that brain of yours! This is what you are going to do now. You are going to get up, go to your closet, pick out the sexiest, sluttiest outfit you have and you are going to go shopping. You're going to go and buy a very tight, black mini skirt and they you are going to buy a very tight sheer black blouse. Then you will come back here and dress the way I like, which I am sure you are aware of. Tomorrow at 10:00 AM sharp, you will meet me at a place called Joe's Diner, wearing your new outfit. If you know where that is, just nod." Sarah nodded. "Very good then. You may shut down your computer, I have no further use of you today. You needn't worry about finding me, I will find you."


Chapter 8:

"I can't believe you let her off that easy Erik! What has gotten into you? You've changed, you've gotten soft." Exclaimed Joanna. "No my dear sweet one, she hasn't got off easy. I'm just taking my time. She'll be living here by Monday. Now, hang on a sec, I have to call Joe and make some arrangements."

"Hi Joe, it's me, Erik." (On the other end of the phone.) "Hey Erik, how ya doin' buddy? Long time no hear!" "Doing very well Joe, thanks. Listen, I need a favor from you. I need you to open your diner for me on Sunday at 10:00 AM." "Anything for you pal. What gives?" " I have a new sub I'm going to meet. I want total privacy so you'll have to keep the closed sign up, she'll be warned in advance to just walk through the door anyway." "Not a problem for me Erik. Anything for you buddy! You do have a good taste in sluts!" Joe is grinning from ear to ear on the other end. "Thanks a bunch Joe, I knew I could count on you. There will be a gift for you in all of this. One more thing, I want you to blindfold her any time before 10:20 okay?" "Not a problem, she'll be blindfolded. I'll see you tomorrow then?" Erik chuckles, "Yes, I'll be there by 10:30. Oh, I do plan on having a party within the next week or two so keep your weekends free. Talk to you later Joe, bye." Erik hangs up.

"Blindfolded?" Joanna questions Erik with a puzzled look on her face. Her eyes light up the next second. "She knows you! You sly devil!" Erik laughs. "Yes, she knows exactly who I am and that's why I'm positive she will be here by Monday. Especially after she loses her job." Erik says with and evil grin on his face. "Okay, now you have to tell me! You have to explain it all to me!" "No, not now. If you stay with me, you'll see on Monday and it will all make sense to you. For now, I do have a very hard cock in your very hot pussy and I think we need to fix our little problem."
Joanna giggled and started to slowly wiggle on Erik's cock. Erik grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up and brought her down on his cock with a vengeance. Joanna's tits were bouncing to the beat of his cock pumping in and out of her. Both were moaning. "Oh baby, I'm ready to cum are you?" Erik's breathing was rapid and labored. "Yes baby, yes!" Shouted Joanna. "I'm cumming now!" Erik yelled. Joanna was groaning loudly and panting. Both came at the same time. Breathing heavily Joanna said, "Once again, looks like we have to take care of this mess ourselves. Too bad you don't have that little slut here. I could use a good tonguing!" Erik laughed. "In all do time babe, in all do time." "Time to send the slut an email so she knows exactly what she's to wear and do." "Okay you sweet thing. I'll take advantage of the time and go wash, but first, You know how much I love the taste of your cock after it's been in a pussy!" Joanna gets off of Erik's cock and gets on her knees. Slowly she laps up the goop on Erik's cock. He sighs. Joanna takes his whole cock in her mouth and begins to suck. "Whoa there Joanna! I think that's enough for now… I have work to do!" Erik is grinning and gently lifts Joanna and kisses her deeply and full on the mouth. "Spoil sport!" Joanna teases and tweaks his nipples and turns quickly to go have a shower, but not before Erik could give her a little swat on her butt. Joanna, giggling, runs to the bathroom.
"Ah, this is going to be better than it ever was before", Erik thinks to himself. Now for the slut's rules, Erik turns to his computer and begins a letter to Sarah.


Chapter 9:


I am about to explain to you just what you are to wear tomorrow and how you are to behave. I had better not be disappointed in you. I have no patience for disobedience or insubordination. You will pay a very high price if you don't do exactly what I say.

First off. You are to wear your new outfit. Absolutely no panties and no bra and make sure to wear those heels! You will arrive at Joe's Diner at exactly 10:00 AM tomorrow morning and not a minute later. You will notice a closed sign on the door, ignore it and walk in. Joe is opening the diner especially for me. Because of his generosity, you will get on your knees in front of Joe and tell him you would like to thank him by giving him a blowjob. You will tell him I would prefer if he cums on your face when he is ready and not in your mouth. Explain to him that your Master deserves to be the first one to cum inside of you. Before you take his cock in your mouth, you will ask him to blindfold you so that you are not tempted to look a superior in the eyes while he is enjoying himself. Tell him you are a very bad slut and have a problem with keeping your eyes to the ground where they belong.

I suggest you memorize all of this. I do have a feeling your cunt will be taking over your brain and I will not accept that at all and will add another punishment if necessary. When you are back from shopping, you will email me right away and turn on your camera for the rest of the night. I won't be talking to you at all, but I will be watching you. For this one time, and one time only, you may use the washroom as often as you need. You will also put a blanket on the floor with a pillow where I can see and that is where you will be sleeping. You are to be naked at all times and are not to cover your body at all. Don't disappoint me slut!


Sarah managed to find a tight black mini skirt and knew she would not be able to bend over in it at all. It barely covered her ass as it was. She found a skintight see through blouse also. It did have long sleeves and she may end up being hot in it. She was hoping to find something a little more summery as the weather was quite warm this spring.

The first thing she did when she arrived home was take off her clothes. She was quite sweaty from the shopping and trying clothes on. She did get a lot of leers from men while she was out. One even had the nerve to approach her and asked if she'd go home with him for a good time. She was appalled and walked quickly away from him. She was wearing a light mini dress that was low cut and had a flowery print on it along with her black 5-inch heels. She did look quite sexy.

As soon as Sarah was naked and her clothes were put away she went to her computer and turned it on. She was so hoping Master Erik would be on line. She signed into her yahoo and right away got that tell tale message that she had mail. Her heart skipped a beat and was praying it was a letter from Master Erik. Sure enough it was. Sarah quickly opened it and read what he had to say. Her heart was throbbing and she became more wet and needy than she was before. At the same time, she was leery. "How could I tell some stranger all of those things? This will be very hard and very humiliating for me!" Sarah spoke softly to herself. " I need to do it though, gosh I wish I could have a little drink before I go! I really don't want to disappoint Master, I don't want to blow this chance with him." She convinced herself she'd do it and then started to try and figure out a way she would get to her car and from the car to the diner. The way she would have to dress, it was too warm to wear a jacket and she was afraid of being caught. The skirt wasn't so bad, but the blouse! She had no choice, she'd have to sweat a little and wear her black trench coat. At least she could turn on the air conditioner in the car.

She turned on her camera and was hoping Master Erik would speak to her. She didn't want to seem anxious, so she prepared her sleeping area as she was ordered and went to make herself dinner. She made sure to eat where Master could see her. She never heard a word from him and by 10:00 PM she decided it was time to go to sleep. She thought about turning off the light, but was sure Master would be upset if he could not see her. She fell asleep with dreams of this stranger she called Master Erik.


Chapter 10:

Sarah awoke the next morning feeling chilly. It did always seem to get nippy during the evenings and she forgot to close her window. She slowly stretch and her automatic reflexes brought one hand to her erect left nipple and she squeezed and pinched it. Her other hand went to her hot, wet cunt and she began playing with her clit.
"Stop this instant you stupid cunt!" Erik roared into the mike. Sarah was startled and immediately moved her hands away from her body. She had forgot where she was for a moment and forgot her camera was on. "I'm sorry Master Erik, I didn't reali…" "Shut the fuck up!" Erik was quite angry, he knew he would have to tie the slut up every night until she learned not to touch what was his. He once again put another note in his punishment book, as he liked to refer to it. He shook his head and said. "I've seen enough of you for now. Go wash your cunt and asshole well and come back here. Before I forget. I want you to shave off that ugly hair on your cunt. I detest hairy cunts! I'll inspect your holes when you're done. "Master, may I speak?" Sarah asked with a little shake to her voice. "What now, you don't understand what I am saying to you? Are you that dumb? What do you want slut?" Erik was irritated. "I don't have anything to wash my asshole with Master, I don't own any enema bags." Sarah whispered. "My gosh, you do have a lot to learn. Obviously I am going to have to tell the little girl how to wash now. You are quite infuriating and wasting my time with stupidity, but I'll tell you how to do it this one time only. Take your little itty-bitty finger, lather it up with soap and stick it up your ass. Then repeat that process with the water from your showerhead or tub of water. There, now did that help you're little brain out a bit you poor dear?" Erik was enjoying this little mind game and so was Joanna. She had to stifle a laugh. "Yes Master, thank You Master. I will go now." Sarah's face was flushed with humiliation at the way he thought of her as being a stupid child but at the same time was getting even hornier with his treatment of her. She quickly rose to go wash and shave. Within 45 minutes she was done and went back to the computer and stood in front of the camera for her Master to see that she had done as ordered. "hmmm, very nice job of shaving, bring the cam closer to your cunt so I can see better." Sarah brought the camera to her cunt. "Very good slut, it's getting late and I want you there on time, go get dressed and put on makeup I don't want you to be late."
Sarah had carefully applied makeup and got dressed. She examined herself in the mirror in her room and was impressed with how slutty and sexy she looked. Her nipples were hard and erect and the material of the blouse kept rubbing against them. She could feel her clit throbbing for attention but thought better of touching herself. She only had 15 minutes to get to the diner and quickly put on her coat and grabbed her keys and off she went.
Sarah arrived at Joe's Diner at exactly 10:00 AM. She was nervous and visibly shaking as she walked through the door. Joe was there, watching her. She stood there for what seemed like an eternity, looking at him and trying to judge his temperament. He was approximately 5'11 inches tall, a little pudgy around the middle; she guessed it was a beer belly. Brown eyes and mostly gray hair. She gave his age to be about 55. She watched the way he was leering at her and it seemed almost as if he was disgusted with her appearance, then she remembered she was wearing the coat and quickly took it off and placed it over a chair. Joe finally smiled and looked her up and down. She could tell he was hungry for her.
She walked up to him, got on her knees, eyes to the floor and said; " Hello Sir, I would like to show You my gratitude for opening Your diner for my Master by giving You a blowjob." She replied shakily and continued nervously. " Before I make You have an orgasm, I would like You to pull out of my mouth and have Your orgasm on my face Sir. Master has not had the opportunity to give me his gift yet and he would like to be the first one to do that if You don't mind Sir." Joe grinned slyly and told
Sarah that would be fine with him. "Also, if You would be so kind as to blindfold me Sir, I would appreciate that very much. I have a problem with keeping my eyes to the floor and often look my superiors in the eyes." "Ha, Ha, what a slut my friend has got here! Too precious! I already could tell you have a problem with that. The way you were checking me out when you came in. As if you could be anywhere near my equal! I may tell your Master about that, we'll see how good you are. If you're real good, it'll be our little secret, this time!" Joe was quite excited now and turned away to get the blindfold.
Joe quickly tied the blindfold onto Sarah and ordered her to open her mouth. He shoved his cock quickly in her mouth and began fucking her face with quick hard thrusts. She was trying to keep up and trying even harder not to gag. He was forcing his cock down her throat. She wanted it to be over, she began sucking harder and gagging at the same time. Sarah heard the door opening and heard 2 sets of footsteps. Joe pumped harder and then finally pulled out and his cock exploded all over her face and in her hair. Some of Joe's cum had dripped off her face, onto her blouse and the floor.
Sarah heard clapping next. " Good job Joe! Heh, heh." That voice! She knew that voice, but how and from where? He did sound different than how the computer mike made him sound


Chapter 11:

Erick and Joanne entered the diner hand in hand as quietly as could be. Erik did want to catch some of Sarah's performance. What a beautiful sight she made, on her knees with a cock shoved half way down her throat. He smiled at Joanna and she winked at him. As they walked close, Joe had pulled out and let loose his load all over Sarah. It was nice to see the cum dripping off her face and onto her blouse. Too bad she'd have cum stains on it when she went to work tomorrow dressed like that. Oh well he thought to himself. "Them's the breaks!" Both Erik and Joanna applauded Joe's work on the slut.
"Well thank you Erik, I did do a good job didn't I? Should we just let it dry up on her face like that?" " Of course Joe, but I do think you might want her to clean up your cock and then lick up the mess she made on the floor." "Ah yes, I do need my cock cleaned. My but she is sloppy; she did make quite the mess didn't she? Ha, ha! You heard your Master slut, get busy, lick my cock clean and then I'll point your face to the mess on the floor so you could clean that up to!" Joe sneered. He did love to watch sluts clean his floor with their tongues. Erik was one lucky bastard!
Sarah went to work on licking Joe's cock clean, when she was done, Joe grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face into the ground and told her to start cleaning his floor. Sarah found the cum and started cleaning it up off the floor with her tongue. She was totally humiliated by this act and her face was quite flushed. She was a little teary eyed. When Joe was satisfied with her job he pulled her up by her hair to her feet. "So, how'd she do in the cock sucking department Joe?" "Not good I'm afraid pal, she kept gagging every time my cock hit the back of her throat. I even made a little agreement with her right before she begged me to suck my cock." "Oh, and what agreement was that Joe?" Erik asked.
"Well, you see, the little slut here had the nerve to check me out, even looked me straight in the eyes when she got here, told her if she did a good job, I wouldn't mention that fact to you. I do know how you are about such things and I was feeling kind and thought I'd give the whore a break, but…the rest is history." "Thanks for telling me buddy, it is appreciated." Joe took out his notebook and added to it once again. "My but this list is getting bigger by the minute. I do realize slut will be making quite a few errors; unfortunately, the only way to teach her is through punishment. Tell you what Joe, I'll lean the slut over the table and you could be the first to whip her ass good for the way she treated you. That'll be one less punishment for me to deal with, I do have way too many as it is. Joanne, be a dear and hold the slut's hands on the other end of the table will you?" "Anything for you doll, but before I do, I just have one tiny little question… Joe dear, is this your trench coat here?" "Nope, the slut came in wearing it." " You stupid bitch!" Erik yelled at Sarah and slapped her across the face. Sarah began crying and shaking even more. She reached her hand to her cheek that now had a red handprint on it, but someone had grabbed her hand and stopped her. It was Joanna that stopped her.
" I distinctly remember telling you what to wear and a coat was not included in that list. My gosh this one is going to take a lot of work training! Well, instead of writing this one down, Joanna, you could do whatever you want to her after Joe is done with her and we'll call it forgiven but not forgotten." " Oh goody! I was so hoping to get to play with her today!" Joanna said excitedly. "Can I whip her now Erik?" "Go for it Joe, give her 10 thrashes each on each ass cheek." Erik led Sarah to the table and shoved her onto it. He kicked her feet aside so her legs would be wide open. Joanna went to the other end of the table and grabbed Sarah's hands and held them tight so she wouldn't move. Sarah's tits were pressed tightly against the cold table. She felt her skirt being raised above her ass. "Wait!" Joanna said. "Wouldn't it be better if the slut was naked." "I like your thinking Joanna, I'd love to see what's under those clothes." Joe sneered. Erik grabbed slut by the hair and pulled her off the table. "Strip bitch!" Sniffling, Sarah began to undo her blouse. Slowly she let it fall to the ground, she felt so embarrassed to be standing there, not seeing anyone and she could feel their eyes on her body. "Quicker!" Erik yelled at her. She quickly fumbled with the button and zipper on the back of her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Erik bent down and grabbed her shirt and skirt and tossed them aside. He shoved her into the table again as Joe was busy removing his leather belt.
"Now slut, after each thrashing, you will count them out loud, tell my friend here how sorry you were for your behavior and thank him for helping to punish you." Erick ordered. All three Doms were smiling brightly. Swoosh, the first hit on her left cheek. Sarah screamed, "Ahhhh!" A short pause, "One, I am sorry I was rude to You Sir, thank You for helping to punish me." This continued on for the 20 hits Sarah received. She didn't make a mistake at all with counting, much to Erick's disappointment, he was sure she would screw up and Joe could have a little longer with her. She was visibly shaking and bawling her eyes out now. Her ass had deep red welts on both cheeks and they burned like hell when Joe was done with her. Sarah was sweating heavily. When Joe was done, Erik reached into her cunt and brought out his dripping finger. "Well, well, will you look at this? I think the slut likes all this attention." Erick stood a very shaky Sarah up. He pulled off her blindfold and turned her to face him. "It's You!" Sarah exclaimed with a shocked look on her face. She did look him straight in the eyes; she didn't mean to, she just had to. Erik smiled broadly. "He is wonderful and he is my Master." Sarah thought to herself, she was excited to say the least.


Chapter 12:

Erik shoved his wet finger into Sarah's mouth and ordered her to clean. Sarah had seen Mr. Erik Johnson plenty of times at the bank. He was a regular client. She had often watched him out of the corner of her eye and hoped he would notice her. She found him to be quite handsome and she so wanted to get into his pants and see just how manly he was. She thought he had never even noticed her. Judging by the way he smiled and the lack of surprise when she blurted out that she knew him, he did know her and she was sure it was because of the bank. He had noticed her, but never, ever said so much as boo to her!
Erik had been watching Sarah for quite a number of years, 7 to be exact. He was just waiting for the right time to make his move. Sarah had made it easy for him; she's the one that made the move with her little letter she sent to him. Everything was going earlier than he planned, but it was going now and he was pleased. He knew he owned her the moment he received word from her. Collaring her was just a mere detail and he had plans on doing that tomorrow as soon as she entered his house.
"Well little miss sarah, you seem shocked. You needn't be, I have been planning on taking you for quite some time now. Actually, I had full intentions of making my move in a few weeks; you just helped speed the process up and made my life easier. I do like it when sluts make my work easier." Erik grins. "Before we continue with anything else, I want you to understand that you are now my property. This is your last chance to walk away sarah. The door is right behind you. Should you choose to leave, I won't bother with you any longer and my friends here won't try and stop you. Should you choose to stay, you are mine for as long as I choose to own you. You will have no say in anything. Anything you say and do, will be monitored 24/7. You will go through punishments, sometimes because of an error on your part or sometimes just because I feel like it. You will have strict rules to follow and obey. You have much to learn and I want to get started right away. Now little sarah, here is your opportunity. Put your coat on and walk out the door now or decide to be used and abused as I see fit and get on your knees right away." Everyone was silent, you could hear a pin drop. Sarah had thought to just take her coat and run but something stopped her. She needed Him in her life, every time she saw him before she would get butterflies in her belly. She knew right then, she belonged to him a long time ago. She looked him straight in the eyes once again. She saw love and caring in his dear sweet eyes. She melted right away, took a deep breath in, exhaled and got on her knees making sure to lower her eyes. She has submitted to him for however long he chose.
Erik also looked into Sarah's eyes at the same time; he wanted to make sure this is what she wanted. He wasn't offended that she took her time; he could tell she was searching his eyes for an answer. He felt the love she already had for him and he felt pride in her and knew she would kneel before him. She was now his treasure and he would take very good care of her. Erik smiled brightly, his eyes glittering with pride and happiness for his new slut. Joanna had noticed the way Erik had looked at her and whispered in his ear, "Don't start going soft on this one Erik, she's a keeper and the last one you went soft on, took advantage of you." "Yes, I know, don't worry." Erik did not whisper that, he spoke it out loud for all to hear.
"Okay little slut, you have made your choice now. There is no turning back. Tomorrow morning I will pick you up at your place and bring you to work. You will wear exactly what you are wearing today, no coat! I am quite sure you will be fired dressed in such a manner almost as soon as you walk in the door. I'll be waiting for you in the car. We'll discuss the other details later. For now, Mistress Joanna has been kind enough to help hold you down so you will thank her by pleasing her pussy. Joanna, have a seat and little slut here will crawl up to your pussy and give us a good show." "Well it's about time, I've been dying to have that sluts mouth take care of me. I want to see how good a pussy licker she is." Exclaimed Joanna.
Sarah hesitated. "Now Whore!" Erik yelled. "Please Master, I have never been with a woman before!" Sarah cried. "Okay slut, take your fucking coat and get the hell out of here!" Erik was visibly angry. Sarah hesitated for another moment, crawled in between Joanna's knees, taking a deep breath and squeezing her eyes shut tightly found Joanna's clit with her mouth. Slowly Sarah began licking her clit. Her tongue then moved to the opening of her pussy lips and found Mistress Joanna's sweet nectar. Sarah began to get excited. She was enjoying the taste of Mistress' juices. She was enjoying the moaning sounds coming out of Mistress Joanna. "Stop slut, go back to my clit and suck it hard till I cum!" Joanna ordered. Sarah went back to Mistress' clit and began sucking and slurping on it. Joanna started humping Sarah's face with fury. Finally, "Ahhh Yes slut! That's it, that's it…I'm cuuummmming!" Joanna came with a rush and she forced Sarah's head down so she could taste her sweet nectar. " That's a good slut, clean me up, make sure you get all of my gift to you in your mouth." Joanna said satisfied. Joe and Erik watched the little show with hard cocks.
Once Joanna was satisfied Sarah did a good job cleaning, she pushed her away with her feet on Sarah's shoulders. Sarah fell backwards and fell onto her back but stayed where she was. She dared not move until she was told to. "Okay slut, get dressed and go home. I'm keeping your coat, you don't need it anymore and I think it would look wonderful on Mistress Joanna." Joanna smiled at Erik. "Thanks hun, that is sweet of you!" Erik smiled back. "I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8 sharp. Be ready!" With that, Sarah quickly said "Yes Master", got dressed and ran to her car.


Chapter 13:

"That's how you know her! You sly little devil!" Joanna exclaimed. Erik, grinning, "yup, I've been watching her closely and watching her moves every step of the way for the past 7 years. I've got to get back home quickly and keep an eye on the slut, I'm positive she's going to try and play with herself! Are you coming Joanna?" "I'm afraid I can't, I have tons of work to do at home and an early meeting tomorrow morning. How can you be so sure she'll take care of her needs anyway? She seemed quite eager to please you earlier!" "She was in such a rush to get home, didn't even leave me her address. I would guess it is because she is thinking of her needy cunt." Erik smiled. "Christ, that's true, how are you gonna find out where she lives Erik?" Joe questioned. With a sly look, Erik had replied; "What didn't you understand about my statement I made about watching every move she made?" They all laughed. "Yup, got me there Erik, I did ask a stupid question didn't I!" "Okay folks, I gotta run. I can't trust that whore yet! Do you need a lift Joanna? "No, that's okay, you go have fun, I'll get Joe to bring me home. I'll come around sometime during the week to collect my car, maybe even stay a couple of days. After all, I never got a chance to use that slut of yours to my level of satisfaction and you owe me!" Erik laughed, "Okay Joanna." Leans in to kiss her good-bye. "Wait a minute guys! You're all making plans and I've got this major hard on problem!" Joe complained. "Ha, ha, it's okay Joe, you can come into my house and we'll deal with your little problem before I get to work" Joanna replied. "Hey! No fair! What about me?" "Now, now Erik, give Joe a break, he has no woman or any sluts around to help him out at the moment. It's the least I could do for him and besides, you'll have your toy soon enough!" Joanna said with a wicked grin on her face. "Fine!" Erik laughed and with a little pinch to Joanna's butt, he turned quickly, said his good-byes and out the door he went.
Sarah parked he car in front of her building and quickly ran in. Panting, she removed her clothes right away. She desperately wanted to wash them, but knew she couldn't. She folded them neatly and put them on top of her dresser to be ready for tomorrow morning. Walking around her apartment and looking at all of her possessions she would no longer have as of tomorrow, she realized it didn't bother her. Nothing she owned seemed to matter to her any longer. She thought about her actions earlier today, especially about what she did to Mistress Joanna. She couldn't understand her desire to please her. She's never been with a woman before and never had a desire, but she certainly got into trying to please Mistress Joanna. The more she thought about her behavior, the more wet she became.
Sarah stopped herself from taking advantage of no camera on. She was sure she would have plenty of time to take care of her needs as soon as she turned on her computer and web cam for Master. She had no idea where he lived, but she did know he didn't seem in a rush to leave when she did. One thing she knew for sure is he would definitely not catch her with her camera off and she would point it to the chair, while she lay on her blanket and played with herself. There is no way he would know that she satisfied herself and she had full intentions on doing just that. She couldn't stand the way her cunt was throbbing and she was going to fix that.
Once Sarah had everything set up, she lay on her little blanket and started fantasizing about Master and Mistress Joanna. Oh, how she desperately hoped she could taste Miss Joanna once again. Her hand went down to her cunt and she stuck a finger in it and started to swirl it around. She wanted to see the difference between her taste and Mistress Joanna's taste. She took her finger out and placed it in her mouth to taste her juices. She froze with her finger in her mouth at the sound of clapping and Master Erik's voice.
"Very nice show slut!" Erik said angrily. "Obviously you are not to be trusted at all! Has it ever occurred to you that I like my sluts to be kept needy at all times. It does make it easier for them to be ready for anything I want when I want it. I expect your cunt to stay in a state of neediness at all times. Now, since you have difficulties obeying me, it looks like I will have to spend the evening there. You'd better go eat now. You have half an hour and as soon as I get there, you'll be hogtied so I can rest knowing you'll keep your paws off my cunt!" Erik couldn't wait to begin the punishments his little slave needed, but he would, until tomorrow afternoon that is. "I am very sorry Master, please forgive me. I didn't know what I was thinking!" Sarah cried. "That's just it slut, you weren't thinking, your cunt was! Go eat now, I'll be there soon!" "But Master, I didn't give You my address." "Silly girl, did it not occur to you that I know all there is to know about you? Don't answer, get busy and eat. It'll be the last chance you get until morning." With that, Erik shut down his computer and got himself ready to spend the night at Sarah's
Sarah quickly prepared a large lunch for herself and made sure to make extra in case her Master got hungry and wanted to eat. Once she was done eating Sarah waited on her blanket for the doorbell and the sign her Master was there.
Master Erik arrived shortly after and with shaky fingers, Sarah unlatched her door and allowed him in. "On your knees slut!" Sarah quickly got on her knees. "No slut of mine will be walking on their feet unless otherwise told. Your place is on your hands and knees at all times except when preparing me dinner or cleaning places not easily done on your hands and knees. Is that clear slut?" With eyes down Sarah replied, "Yes Master." "Very good slut, now off to your room, I have to secure you for the day and evening." Sarah crawled to her room with Master behind her. He took out a length of rope and tied Sarah's wrists to her ankles behind her back. When she was secure, he rolled her onto his side so he could watch her discomfort. My how he loved seeing his slaves tied like that. Erik grinned and took a seat on Sarah's computer chair and thought something was missing with this picture…


Chapter 14:

Sarah was lying on her side, already feeling stiff and wanting to stretch out. She made sure to keep her eyes down and not risk looking at Master Erik. She knew he was sitting across from her. She could feel his eyes on her. "I know what's missing!" Erik said aloud. "A ball gag for slut girls mouth! Ha, ha." Erik got up and went to his bag and pulled out a ball gag. He walked over to Sarah, bending down he ordered Sarah to "open wide". Sarah complied and opened her mouth wide so her Master could place the gag in her mouth. That done, Erik rose looking down at his slut. "I do love it when my sluts drool for me. You won't be able to swallow your spit and should start drooling soon. You know what else I love my little slut dog? Judging by your actions yesterday, I'd hazard a guess you like it too! I just love it when my sluts are covered in piss, come to think of it, my bladder is kind of full." With that said, Erik chuckled as he undid the zipper of his jeans and pulled out his cock. Aiming his cock towards Sarah's tits he let loose his urine. He began peeing on her tits, went down to her crotch and buck up slowly towards her face. He pointed his cock at the ball gag, sure that some of his urine would find it's way passed the gag and into her mouth. Then up her face more, onto her nose. At this point, Sarah had closed her eyes tightly. She was groaning and gagging as Master peed in her mouth and on her face. He pointed his flow onto her eyes and into her hair. He was finally finished and walked closer to Sarah so the last drops would land on her face. He shook his cock over her face and when he was sure there were no more drips, he placed his cock back in his jeans and stood back to admire his work.
"Well now you look like the proper piss whore that you are! You smell too. Now then, you should thank me for allowing you such a privilege. I am being very generous to you I think." Erik laughed. He could tell she didn't like lying in piss like that, but he knew she'd get used to it and beg for his pee eventually. Sarah thanked Master Erik through her gag. Her voice was muffled, but he knew what she was saying. Erik sat down again and watched Sarah. He noticed she had started drooling and decided he would leave her like that until morning. He'd give her plenty of time to get washed up tomorrow morning.
Erik turned on slut's computer and her web cam, got up, opened the window, he knew once she became cold from laying in his pee that eventually she would have to go herself also, he did love piss whores, grabbed Sarah's house keys and left. Now he could go home and prepare for tomorrow without worrying about the slut.
Sarah had dozed on and off thought the day and afternoon. At one point, she had to release her bladder. She was drooling and shivering so much. She must have dozed again because her alarm clock went off. She couldn't reach it to turn it off, but saw that it was 5 in the morning. She just lay there waiting. After a while, Erik had arrived. He felt refreshed from a good night's sleep.
Erik walked over to Sarah and nudged her left tit with his booted foot. "Looks like you had a perfect sleep little on. Well, I guess it's time to get you untied and into the shower with you, you really do smell! It's amazing how much you love sleeping in piss!" With that said, Erik took off the gag and undid Sarah. Sarah was quite stiff and sore from spending most of her time tied up that way. Erik's cock grew and he thought to himself that she looked beautiful like that. "On your knees with your hands behind your back slut. Time for your breakfast." Erik shoved his cock in Sarah's mouth and right away she began sucking and licking. Erik grabbed her head and pumped his cock in and out of her mouth with great force until he was about to cum. When he started to cum he rammed his cock down Sarah's throat and held her head so she couldn't move. Sarah was having difficulty breathing and thought for sure she would pass out when she felt his hot juices hit the back of her throat. She tried swallowing as quickly as she could so she could take it all in. Some of his cum did spill out of her mouth and onto her tits. Erik pulled out of Sarah's mouth and told her to clean his cock. She did. He then stepped back a little and took another look at her. "My but you are sloppy when given a nice breakfast. You've got goop running down your tits and you smell like the worst possible whore ever to exist! Now, use your finger and wipe up the goop on your tit and stick it in your mouth where it belongs!" Sarah did as she was told. When Erik was satisfied he ordered Sarah to crawl to the bathroom and into the tub. She did so.
Once Sarah was in the tub Erik ordered her to sit pretty like the dog she is. Sarah felt embarrassed, but wanted to show her new Master that she would do anything if it pleased him. She sat up like a dog would. Erik turned on the cold water, grabbed the showerhead and let the icy cold-water splash all over Sarah's naked body. She screamed when the cold water hit her and Erik gave he a light smack to the back of her head and demanded she be quiet. Sarah complied and remained quiet and shivering. After about 5 minutes of that treatment, Erik turned off the water and told Sarah to stand and bend over. Sarah did as she was told and held onto the bar that held her washcloth. She didn't know what Master was doing, but she heard the water running in the sink. She dared not look at Master. She felt Master spit on her ass hole and insert something long. She groaned a little but when the thing was in her, she relaxed. She started to feel fullness in her belly and realized then that Master was giving her an enema. She was cold and wet, but didn't move a muscle or make a sound. When the bag was empty, Erik had told Sarah to stay as she is and to hold onto what was in her belly until further notice. Eventually Erik allowed Sarah to empty her bowels. She was then ordered to wash and get ready quickly. He was bringing her to work.


Chapter 15:

Erik had made Sarah sit in the front seat with her skirt pulled up. Sarah was extremely embarrassed to have to go to work in her sheer black shirt with white stains on it, black mini skirt and 5 inch black heels. She felt and looked like a whore. She thought at the same time how very strange it was that she was wet and quite excited. She was sure she was making a mess on Master's car set.
They had pulled up in front of Bailey's Bank, Sarah's work. Erik had told Sarah he would wait in the car for her, he was positive she would get fired immediately. Sarah began to pull down her skirt before getting out of the car. "No slut, keep the skirt up until I tell you to pull it down!" "Yes Master." Sarah's face grew red but did as she was told, opened the door and stepped out of the car and waited. She was hoping no one could see from the windows in the bank and that no one would walk by. Finally Erik had spoken. " Look at the mess you made on my seat! I can't believe how sloppy and messy you are slut! Before I allow you to pull the skirt down, bend over and lick up the mess now!" Sarah did as she was told and when she was sure it was clean, she stood again, eyes down and waited. "Very good slut, pull the skirt down and go. I'll be here waiting for you."
Sarah shakily walked into the bank; she kept her head and eyes down. She knew her face was red because she could feel the heat rising. She felt all eyes on her; trying to ignore the feeling she walked to her booth and began preparing for customers. Not even 5 minutes later she heard Mr. Bailey call for her. "Sarah, come to my office immediately!" Mr. Bailey shouted. Sarah felt like her knees would buckle if she so much as moved an inch. She was so very embarrassed and scared.
Sarah knocked on Mr. Bailey's door lightly and heard the order to enter. She entered, closing the door softly behind her. She was too afraid to look at Mr. Bailey and see the disgust with her in his eyes. "What the hell is this Sarah? Is it Halloween already? Why then hell are you dressed like a tramp? This is a respectable bank and I will not tolerate any of my employees dressing in such a provocative disgusting manner!" Mr. Bailey was shouting at the top of his lungs and Sarah just stood there, shaking, with tears forming in her eyes.
There was a knock on the door. "Who the hell is it?" Mr. Bailey shouted. "Erik Johnson." Came the reply. "Christ! Stay right there and don't move a muscle, I'm not finished with you yet Sarah! Come in Mr. Johnson." Erik entered. "Kneel slut!" he ordered Sarah, she did so right away. "You son of a bitch!" Mr. Bailey chuckled, all anger leaving him. "She's the slut you were talking about?" "That's right John and may I add, you don't know how to keep things to yourself do you?" Erik laughed. "Joanna was over at my place the second you told her!" both John and Erik were laughing as they shook hands.
"You sneaky bugger, I never even saw you put the moves on her. Hell, you've talked about wanting this one for a very long time now. Right under my nose and I didn't even notice! When the hell did you make your move?" John asked. "Ha, ha. I didn't, she did! Little slut here made it very easy for me." Erik grinned. "Well, I guess I have no other choice but to fire her now do I Erik?" "Nope, can't have your employees dressing this way at work. The slut begged me to allow her to dress like this!" Erik winked at John. "Well, we always did guess she was a whore waiting for the chance to strut her stuff didn't we Erik?" Both men laughed.
"To be honest, she's damn lucky I didn't fuck her the second she walked through that door, you know how much I've been dying to get my claws into her too!" John said with lust in his eyes. "Well I'm glad you didn't, you do know how much I hate it when people use my sluts without my okay." Erik stated and John nodded. "Tell you what John, after all these years she's worked for you, she does owe you. Slut, go and give my friend here the best blowjob you can muster and make sure to eat all of his cum. I don't want any messes. My friend here is a busy man and doesn't need to waste time waiting for you to clean up!" Sarah crawled to over to where Mr. Bailey was standing. He was about 5 feet 9 inches tall, in his late 50's, bald but in very good shape.
Sarah had stared to slowly undo John's belt buckle and then his Zipper. John was impatient and pulled down his own pants and underwear. In the mean time, Erik locked the office door and took a seat at John's desk. He wanted to see how good a cocksucker his little slave slut was. Sarah's eyes opened wide when she saw John's cock. It was at least nine inches long and extremely wide. She didn't think she could get it in her mouth. Before she could even try, John grabbed a handful of Sarah's hair and rammed his hard cock into her mouth and started fucking her furiously. Sarah's eyes were watering and she had difficulties to keep up with his thrusts and the odd time gagged on his cock.
"So John, how's it doing?" "Eh, it could be a better cock sucker, I think you'll have to train it better." With that said, John let out a big grunt and spurted his gift into Sarah's mouth and down her throat. When he was sure he was done, he pulled out, still holding her hair and said, "Clean slut!" Sarah cleaned his cock with her tongue and mouth. She was humping the air; she was extremely turned on and wanted a cock in her cunt badly. Erik and John laughed and shook their heads. "She is a needy slut isn't she Erik?" "Ha, yup! Looks that way. She'll learn soon enough her needs mean nothing to me." Erik got up, walked over to Sarah and looked down on her. "Be a good girl, thank Mr. Bailey by kissing his feet and go wait for me in the car." Sarah did as she was told and left the building.
"Okay Erik, I'll see to it all of her money is transferred to your account, see you soon!" "Thanks John." They shook hands and Erik left the building.