Guest stories

Savage Fury

By babe (LR)

The castle is huge. Blue granite stones built atop the rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. The full moon is shining silvery on the ocean water. She is standing at the tall windows watching the storm rather in the distance. She can feel the wind cool her hot body as it billows in the soft sheers along the tall windows. She feels His presence as He enters the room but she doesn't move.

"Beloved", He whispers in her ear as He presses against her back. He takes her by the shoulders and turns her slowly to face Him. He smiles into her eyes and feels her body begin to tremble. He knows she cannot resist His
will and loves her all the more for her submission to Him. He also feels the storm gathering and is charged by its power. He kisses her forehead and says, "Come".

She follows Him unquestioningly. He is her Lord and Master. He pulls the cleverly hidden lever in the wall and the panel opens slowly revealing the staircase. It is dim, lit only with torches. The stairs lead up and up. He takes
her hand to steady her as she follows Him up to the top of the castle. When she reaches the top He offers her the view. It is breathtaking!!!! The gathering storm has the ocean crashing along the rocks and she can see for

"Master, it is magnificent", she gasps in delight. He smiles in quiet acknowledgement. He motions for her to look at her surroundings. She turns and looks in the center of the roof at a platform with two large stone
columns, spaced nearly four feet apart. There are two iron rings mounted in the columns. At the base of the columns are two lengths of chain with leather shackles attached. Gently He takes her hand and moves her between the columns. He kisses a delicate wrist softly and places a shackle on her wrist. He raises her arm and attaches the chain to the ring in one column. He takes
her other wrist kissing it gently and repeats the action on the other column. He breathes the charged air and feels the moisture from the sea. He steps away and smiles at His possession. She looks so beautiful. The wind is
blowing her soft ivory silk gown caressing her body lovingly. Tendrils of hair are blowing gently around her face. He feels the power of the coming storm fill him.

"You are mine", He cries out to her. He grasps the neckline of her gown and rips it from her body. She gasps and feels the air against her naked flesh. Her skin glows in the moonlight. She feels His power surround her and shivers with anticipation. He caresses her neck, His fingers sliding down her shoulders to her firm breasts. He feels her nipples harden under His palms. He weighs her breasts in His hands then pinches her nipples hard, causing a delicious warmth to begin to spread deep in her belly. She lets a tiny gasp escape her lips and He smiles. His knowledge of His power over her filling His soul with joy. She is His to enjoy. His hands caresses her belly and she trembles at His touch. Her mind racing wondering what He is about. She can sense the change in His mood. The storm is charging His energy. He moves behind her cupping her buttocks, filling His hands with her soft bottom.

"What are you?", He demands.

"I am Yours, Master", she replies quickly.

He reaches for the long leather whip at His hip and slowly uncoils it. He raises His arm and draws it slowly and gently up her belly, across her breasts, and along her neck. She closes her eyes and shivers. She feels the texture of the fine leather along her naked skin. He draws His arm back quickly and snaps the whip delicately across her buttocks. Her body arches and she gasps, knowing what He wants and craves, just as she needs it. CRACK!!!!!!!! the whip lashes across her bottom again, causing her to strain against her restraints. She feels the pain and her body warms. Her nipples are like two hard buttons.

WHOOOSH!!!through the air the whip strikes her helpless body. He watches His beauty revel in her pain. Her grace and beauty as she endures the pain for Him alone. He is moved by her perfect submission to Him. He watches
the storm approaching and His shaft is rock hard with her beautiful gift. He knows her need and gives it to her joyously. CRACK!!!!!!He raises His arm again and again, carefully whipping her, bringing her closer and closer to her edge. She is writhing, gasping, the pain and the storm has her near her climax, but she knows she is to wait for His permission.

She is covered in a fine sheen of moisture from her exertions. He is so proud. He throws the whip down suddenly and reaches for her, pressing His hard shaft along the burning cheeks of her bottom. He feels the heat radiating from her and knows she is ready for Him. Grabbing her hips tightly He slides His full length into her hot sweetness in one fluid motion. She cries out in pleasure. He is not gentle this night. He uses her savagely, as this is her need. He makes her His as no words could. He feels her body arch to receive Him. The muscles inside her clinging to His hard shaft. Harder and
harder He rams into her.

"Ohhhhh!", she moans nearing her climax.

"CUM FOR ME NOW!", He shouts above the roar of the approaching storm.

"AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!", she screams to the heavens as He fills her with His hot juices.

"Mine!", He roars arching against her. Her body shuddering hard against Him. He holds her close to Him as He quickly releases the shackles that have held her. Gathering her close, He picks he up into His arms and wraps her tenderly in His cloak. She lays her cheek against His shoulder He tenderly carries her back into the castle as the first drops of rain begin to fall…......babe{LR