Guest stories

Sonia's awakening Morning

By t

Well Sonia could hardly sleep all night from her experience with Mohey. It was so amazing well she never ever got up at five thirty am before. She put on the coffee and started to do a little laundry bored and tired from lack of sleep. She decided to go on the internet to kill some time before she knew Mohey said he might come again. Well she played popit her balloon game all morning when it was time to go out to the garden she wore just a twp piece bathing suit pink was her favorite color. It was trimmed in lace. She sat down on her stoop and it was very hot same as yesterday not long was she there that the black jag came back and out stepped Mohey. With his bag of toys this time and to her amazement a woman. She was a bit thinner then she was blonde hair and the most tiny tits she ever saw. She thought to herself what now. Mohey introduces her as Samantha. And says she will be joining us in our play time it is a suprise that I have brought for you. He takes out a blanket and lays it on the grass and asks us to sit down on it. Then he takes out cuffs and dildo's of different sizes and to my amazement a movie camera. Meanwhile I sit and squirm and he motions to Samatha to show my new pet what to do please. She takes me and pats her knee beside her and then she brings me close with a long wet hard kiss. Again to my surprise I enjoy it a little to much feeling my panties get damp and wet and. I moan while he is filming the whole time. She the gropes my breasts making my nipples hard and taking my hand she then makes me do the same. So naturally it came to me to feel her tits and. She then said layback my pet. That is your name now pet. You are my slut. She took off my top and my panties and then took the biggest dildo ever out. And slid it in and out of my cunt I could see Mohey feeling his cock as the camera was rolling still. And then the most wonderful thing happened she then took her tongue and ate me made me cum so much and then she took the dildo again and told me now to be quiet and not squirm at all. And behave pet. I hated the name pet. But loved what she did to me how she made me feel in one soft motion she then took my ass. God it hurt at first but then it felt so tight and full and god made me move my hips grinding and everything. I wanted to eat her out to to lick her pussy she just said maybe next time. Oh and by the way pet she said you can't fuck Mohey today. I almost died inside you get to hold the camera and watch as I fuck him. You are now part of our threesome. You are sub, to me, and him. I liked it so much all I could barely do was nod yes. Shaking while holding the camera I watched as he mounted her with his thick cock and watched as she bucked and squirmed and I could tell she came with each thrust of his wonderful cock I went closer with the camera and I wanted to feel him a little and he growled with such harness and said back pet do your job. I noticed he used no toys with her and told her he loved her I wanted him to tell me that he loved me and call me his princess. Then when he was ready to cum to my surprise he stopped and said pet open mouth and give camera to Samatha. And he shot the hot cum in my mouth. And told me not to drop anything that it was an honour to have his seed. Then he patted my head and said good pet. Now listen to me you will obey and serve us and leave your husband and come and stay with us and be our pet our sex slave. My eyes widened. And I still nodded to my supprise because I wanted Mohey so much anything was better then nothing. I will decide eything for you in life when to pee food clothing chores to be done when I want to please and when you will please Mistress. You will wear this collar at all times and you will stay with us for one whole year and a Day. Until that time comes U then can decide if you want to stay with us or be realeased In exchange for your submission you will have a wonderful life. And be well kept groomed and fed. My pet. Take my hand now and leave everything from this life hear and just come. I take their hands and begin a new journey.